UK Dominator

United Kingdom Leagues

The highest-ranked league in the world according to the 2016.2017 KA Rating is the English Premier League. Although, based on the results of football clubs in the Champions League and the Europa League (having in mind the last 4 seasons), England places itself at the 3rd place in Europe, the really high value of the AIF (Attraction and Impact Factor) indicator causes the English league to outrun the Spanish and German league. The English leagues at the last World Cup in Brazil have been represented by 120 footballers and taking into consideration all of the football continental championships in recent time, the English leagues have been represented by 234 footballers!


Besides the Premier League, in the Rating, we can also see other british leagues: the EFL Championship - 2nd level English league (29th place), and also the Scottish Premiership (25th place).

The UK is the most-represented country among all countries whose clubs are classified in the KA Footbal Club Global Rating. The Rating set for the first quarter of 2017 classifies as many as 58 clubs from the UK: 2 from Northern Ireland, 3 from Wales, 11 from Scotland and 42 from England. The highest ranked club in the UK is Arsenal (6th place).