Nations Football Reputability Index

Nations Football Reputability Index

Nations Football Reputability Index (NFRI, formerly CFRI) – is a supplementary indicator for the calculation of the KA Leagues Rating.

The index shows the position of the country in the football world, from the perspective of its overall recognition, reputation, prestige and quality of players. It is updated every quarter and additionally determined at the end of the season (mid-year).

The list includes all FIFA members, as well as non-FIFA members but belonging to continental federations / confederations, including associate members (independent states, dependant and associated territories or parts of a country).

This ranking is used throughout the KA system, both in the Global League Ranking and the Global Club Ranking, however its impact on the final ranking results is not large. The ranking is technical in nature, and its importance lies in the fact that it differentiates the positions of leagues or clubs that have achieved a similar ranking result, based on basic data and inputs.

The Index is based on the results of national teams, in accordance with the ELO method  (in similar way as in the FIFA Ranking), which are adjusted by the Long-Term Reputation Coefficients. The Coefficients are constructed based on general track record in the last four proper (tournament) parts of the FIFA World Cup, continental championships and olimpic tournaments and also take into account the role of the host in these tournaments (12-16 years back). This means that the current high form of the national team does not always mean a high position in the ranking. To get a high reputation rating, one need to have both good results in present matches and a good history.

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