the KA Continental Rankings


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The KA Continental Rankings are key components of the KA Global  Ratings. 

Continental rankings are designed to assess the performance of football clubs on the basis of their results in international matches (mainly continental competitions). The rankings are created separately for each continent (federations) as a result of which it arises six components that next are together form a contribution to the Global Ranking of Football Leagues and the Global Ranking of Football Clubs.

The basic product of the continental club ranking is the IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) assigned to a given club. The basic product of the continental leagues ranking is the ICLP (Inter-Continental League Points) assigned to a certain league.

Both IC3 and ICLP  are based on continental ranking points, taking additionally into account the index of the continent (Power Index Federation). 

The IC3, as well as ICLP constitute 50 % of weight of the global coefficient within the KA Football Club Global Rating or the KA Football Leagues Global Rating.  

In the global rankings, in addition to the inter-continental indexes, additional factors are used. In the case of the club ranking, these are factors relating to the club’s position in the national league and the league’s rating value. In the case of league ranking, these are the AIF and CFRI  factors. 

Find out more about the global rankings and their coefficients on the global rating pages (leagues / clubs)

the KA Continental Rankings have been calculated on the basis of the results of clubs in the continental competitions from the last 4 (four) seasons, and sometimes also from the 5th previous season (depending on how advanced the current season is). In this case, the universal historical matrix structure has been used. Currently, the procedures are undergoing changes and some rankings are presented under the ELO method.

The competitions which are taken into account are: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, CAF Champions League, CAF Confederation Cup, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, CONCACAF League, Leagues Cup, CONCACAF Caribbean Club Championship, OFC Champions League, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. 

AFC / Asia

AFC Champions League & AFC Cup

CAF / Africa

CAF Champions League & CAF Confederation Cup

CONCACAF / North & Central America

CONCACAF Champions League, CONCACAF League, Leagues Cup & Caribbean Club Championship

CONMEBOL / South America

Copa Libertadores & Copa Sudamericana.

OFC / Oceania

OFC Champions League

UEFA / Europe

UEFA Champions League,  UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League