Górnik Zabrze – Big Jump to the Chamber from the Yard

4Q 2017 the KA Club Rating

In the KA Football Club Global Rating established at the end of the calendar year, the biggest jump upwards was for the Polish Górnik Zabrze. From the lowest class the Pitch, they advanced to the Advanced Athletic class , moving 648 places up. In the middle of the regular 2017/18 season (5th November 2017), Górnik took 1st place in the Ekstraklasa.

Górnik Zabrze is a team of mostly young footballers, which in the last season was in the second Polish league (the 1st Legue). In the middle of the season, it was in the 6th place and the promotion to the Ekstraklasa was achieved by taking 2nd place at the end of the season.