National Team – Club Strength Index (FWC Russia 2018)

Club Strength Index (CSI)

This methodology allows you to calculate the strength of representation through the prism of the strength of clubs in which members of a specific national team play. Each player is assigned the same coefficient as his club in the KA Football Club Global Rating. Then there are taking into account - 14 best scores (11 + 3) and sets the average. We set the Club Strength Index based on the squads submitted to the FIFA at the start of the World Cup Russia 2018. A more accurate Index can be calculated at the moment when the match squad is known. In this case, the average of 12 values is taken into account: 11 club coefficients assigned to the footballers of the first squad and the score of the bench (as the average of all players coefficients from the bench). This methodology allows to determine the static value of a national team and to assess the tournament odds of  specific teams, before the tournament starts. Check the CSI Ranking FWC 2018.