AS Cavaly


Full name

Associacion Sportif Cavaly

Nickname(s)/Other names

Cheval Rouge


Short name


the KA Football Club Global Rating

the KA RatingPositionClass
2024 1Q March1001*the Pitch Class ❖
2023 4Q December658the Pitch Class ❖
2023 3Q September661the Pitch Class ❖
2023 2Q June673the Pitch Class ❖
2022 4Q December732the Pitch Class ❖
2022 3Q September715the Pitch Class ❖
2022 2Q June663the Scarf Class ⌘
2022 1Q March731the Pitch Class ❖
2021 4Q December848the Pitch Class ❖
2021 3Q September855the Pitch Class ❖
2021 2Q June885the Pitch Class ❖
2021 1Q March890the Pitch Class ❖

The club has never been ranked above the lowest class of the global ranking (the Pitch Class). Until the end of 2023, clubs in the Pitch class were registered in one aggregated position, which was marked as one position lower than the last position in the ranking table. Starting in 2024, the ranking table includes 1,000 positions, which means that higher ranked clubs from the Pitch class may appear in the table. Only clubs that don’t meet the conditions to be counted among the world’s top 1000 clubs are registered in one aggregate position marked as 1001.

The club’s position can possibly be tracked in the continental ranking, where only matches played in continental (international) competitions are taken into account. The continental ranking is based on the ELO method.

the KA Continental Performance Club Ranking →


0 - 3
CONCACAF Caribbean Cup / Caribbean Club Championship
Estadio Olímpico Félix Sánchez Santo Domingo

Final CONCACAF Caribbean Club Championship 2021

Country / Competition
CONCACAF Caribbean Cup / Caribbean Club Championship, HAITI