Ligue 1 C么te d’Ivoire

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Country: C么te d’Ivoire 馃嚚馃嚠

Country Clubs: C么te d’Ivoire 馃嚚馃嚠

Name: Ligue 1 C么te d’Ivoire

Sponsor Name: (formerly:聽Ligue 1 Orange 2004 – 2007, MTN Ligue 1聽1960 – 2004)

Other Name: Ligue 1, Superdivision,聽Championnat de C么te d’Ivoire de football

Level: 1st

Country League Professional System: Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) Site 鈫

the KA Football Leagues Global Rating

2023/2024 聽place聽69/159* / Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary聽聽/ DMN_0,397_0

Open 2023 聽place聽70/99*聽/ Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary聽 / DMN_0,410_0

2022/2023 place聽73/123*聽/ Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary聽 / DMN_0,406_0

Open 2022 聽place 71/126*聽/ Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary / DMN_0,400_0

2021/2022 聽place 72/171*聽 /聽Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary / DMN_0,454_0

Open 2021 place 74/177*聽/聽Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary / DMU_0,467_0

2020/2021聽–聽place 77/164* /聽Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary / DMU_0.467_0

Open 2020聽–聽place 81* / Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary 聽/ DMN_0.467_0

2019/2020place 80* / Tier: Domestic / Class: Elementary 聽/ DMN_0.436_0

2018/2019聽place 87聽/聽Tier: Domestic / Class: Secondary 鈱聽/ DMS_0.415_0

2017/2018聽place 61聽/聽Tier: Domestic / Class: Intermediate <> / DMI_0.467_0

2016/2017 place 64聽/聽Tier: Domestic / Class: Intermediate <> / DMI_0.467_0

*Within the Elementary Class 鉂 , two kind of spots are recognised: a place in the Continental Mode, CM (the first number) and a place according to the global mode in the Aggregated Table, AT (the second number). Continental Mode (CM) and Aggregated Table (AT) are components of the Yard Table. How to operate with the Yard Table you can see in this聽pdf file. AT 聽for Elementary Class has been carried out since the 2020/21 season (before CM was working only).聽