3Q September 2021 UEFA Ranking

Europe – the KA Leagues & Club Ranking – September 2021.

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the KA Leagues & Club Rankings, set for September 30, 2021

the KA Leagues Ranking

3Q 2021 Performance ranking of European leagues in international matches – derived ELO method

September 30, 2021
League (s)ClubsClubsRPSex RPSex pos.diff.Zone/Region

1 140,19903,541Europe - British Isles and Nordics

977,96654,013+1Europe South

949,47819,262-1Europe South

834,60625,294Europe West

561,33443,845Europe West

527,31430,766Europe South

454,41325,197Europe West

298,57303,779+1Euro-Asian UEFA

286,04262,4812+3Europe West

277,97304,608-2Europe Central and East

259,65277,7910-1Europe Central and East

234,02220,6616+4Europe West

210,54211,9719+6Euro-Asian UEFA
14Czech RepublicCZE🇨🇿

210,18226,8714Europe Central and East

209,09218,0818+3Europe South

204,99220,2417+1Europe South

175,80275,8511-6Europe - British Isles and Nordics

175,26245,7813-5Europe South

140,70222,8515-4Euro-Asian UEFA

126,8052,2042+22Europe Central and East

113,82185,6921Europe - British Isles and Nordics

113,66177,8322Euro-Asian UEFA

111,75167,7223Europe - British Isles and Nordics

109,54197,1620-4Europe - British Isles and Nordics

96,80151,4724-1Europe South

89,76137,6325-1Europe Central and East

86,30127,1326-1Europe Central and East

79,89122,4527-1Euro-Asian UEFA

77,21100,7132+3Europe Central and East

70,29117,7728-2Euro-Asian UEFA

66,64114,3129-2Europe Central and East

61,36109,9630-2Europe South

60,49107,0231-2Europe Central and East
34Republic of IrelandIRL🇮🇪🇬🇧

50,9455,4038+4Europe - British Isles and Nordics
35Bosnia and HerzegovinaBIH🇧🇦

43,1564,1935Europe South

36,4051,5743+7Europe Central and East

35,5867,7134-3Europe West
38Faroe IslandsFRO🇫🇴

35,4636,4547+9Europe - British Isles and Nordics

35,4273,8233-6Europe Central and East

34,9854,3739-1Europe South

32,5242,8846+5Europe - British Isles and Nordics

31,8925,0252+10Europe Central and East

29,0448,0644+1Euro-Asian UEFA

28,0132,6948+4Europe - British Isles and Nordics

26,4953,4841-4Euro-Asian UEFA

26,1332,3949+3Europe - British Isles and Nordics

24,8829,2151+4Europe South

24,7043,1745-3Europe South
49Northern IrelandNIR🇬🇧

24,1653,9940-9Europe - British Isles and Nordics

19,8332,1850Europe South
51North MacedoniaMKD🇲🇰

19,6056,0937-14Europe South

17,9758,6136-16Europe South

17,3124,9353Europe South
54San MarinoSMR🇸🇲

13,181,9354Europe South

Club Ranking ➝

ELO UEFA – International Matches Leagues & Clubs Performance Rankings
So far, in the field of continental rankings, matrix-structural rankings with averaged historical result have been used. We believe such rankings give the complete picture of what we can call reputation, which also includes an assessment of quality and strength and they are the best if they well-designed. Nevertheless, due to the introduction of the third tier of games in Europe, as well as the widespread confusion that is commonly taking place in the competitions around the world due to the COVID epidemic (canceled competitions, phases or matches), it is more and more difficult to apply out the matrix-structural rankings. The answer to this problem is the ELO method, which will be evolutionarily introduced into the KA system at the level of continental rankings (rankings relating to continental competitions). The ELO is not perfect, nevertheless we have taken all care to keep the same level of accuracy amd adequacy. Each of the continental rankings covers international matches arranged or recognized by FIFA or the continental federation. For Europe, this includes the Champions League, Europa League, Conference League as well as the FIFA Club World Cup.
Multinational Leagues
Some countries have more than one flag displayed. This means that clubs from other countries can participate in the league systems of these countries, although only those countries where foreign clubs are usually present in the first or second division are marked in this way.
Great Britain & Ireland
Parts of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a separate membership in UEFA / FIFA and have their own leagues. 

Despite the Welsh Premier League – Swansea City and Cardiff City play in the English Premier League or EFL Championship. Newport County is a club in Newport, South Wales. The team competes in the English football league system (lower level).

There are also other cases on the lower level, when clubs form Wales, Scotland and England play in the leagues of the system belonging to other country in the UK. There are also some examples dealing with border issues e.g. the New Saints F.C. is a club representing Oswestry in England and at the same time Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain in Wales plays in Welsh Premier League.

Derry City F.C. based in Northern Ireland, plays in the league of Ireland Premier Division.

British Crown Dependencies: Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man have separate leagues and national teams and they are not member of UEFA / FIFA. Some of clubs from theese countries participate in the lower divisions of English league system (Jersey Bulls F.C., Guernsey F.C., F.C. Isle of Man). The Priaulx League (Guernsey), the Jersey Football Combination (a league of Jersey) and the Isle of Man Football League are affiliated with the English FA, but they do not form a part of the English football league system. The Isle of Man is also a member of the FA, as county football assocciation. People born in the Isle of Man are eligible to play for official UK national teams.

Following British overseas territories have separate membership in FIFA and/or continental federations: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, and Turks & Caicos Islands.
France & Monaco
Monaco is not a member of UEFA/FIFA and does not have a professional league. AS Monaco FC plays in the French football league system.

Following French overseas territories have separate a membership in FIFA and/or continental federation: French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Martin and Tahiti (French Polynesia).
Following Dutch overseas territories have separate a membership in FIFA and/or CONCACAF: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.
Liechtenstein / Switzerland
Liechtenstein has a membership of UEFA/FIFA but all clubs in Liechtenstein play in the Swiss football league system. FC Büsingen is a German club based in the exclave of Büsingen that competes in the Swiss league system.
Spain & Andorra
FC Andorra is a club based in Encamp, Andorra. Although based in Andorra, they compete in the Spanish football league system (in lower divisions), not in the Andorran Primera Divisió.
The Faroe Islands, autonomous territory within Denmark are a full member of UEFA and FIFA. They have Faroe Islands Premier League and national team. Other autonomous territory Greenland has no international recognition (according to FIFA rules), but Football Association of Greenland is a member of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations.

Leagues Ranking ➝

the KA Club Ranking

3Q 2021 Performance Ranking of European clubs in international matches – ELO method

September 30, 2021
OKClubCountryCountryLeagueRPSIC3prev. pos.diff.Zone/Region
1FC Bayern MünchenGER 🇩🇪

GER243,1392,3321UEFA Central Western Europe
2Manchester City FCENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG233,1942,2382UEFA British Isles
3Liverpool FCENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG226,8042,1764+1UEFA British Isles
4FC BarcelonaESP 🇪🇸

ESP214,7722,0603-1UEFA Iberian Zone
5JuventusITA 🇮🇹

ITA214,3042,0567+2UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
6Paris Saint-GermainFRA 🇫🇷

FRA213,6562,0505-1UEFA Western Continental Europe
7Real Madrid CFESP 🇪🇸

ESP208,2781,9986-1UEFA Iberian Zone
8Chelsea F.C.ENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG204,9321,9668UEFA British Isles
9Club Atlético de MadridESP 🇪🇸

ESP187,4631,7989UEFA Iberian Zone
10TottenhamENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG184,0051,76510UEFA British Isles
11Manchester United FCENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG177,2661,70111UEFA British Isles
12Borussia DortmundGER 🇩🇪

GER173,1781,66113+1UEFA Central Western Europe
13FC PortoPOR 🇵🇹

POR168,9161,62012-1UEFA Iberian Zone
14Sevilla FCESP 🇪🇸

ESP161,0201,54414UEFA Iberian Zone
15AS RomaITA 🇮🇹

ITA150,5111,44315UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
16RB LeipzigGER 🇩🇪

GER141,2261,35516UEFA Central Western Europe
17SSC NapoliITA 🇮🇹

ITA133,1751,27818+1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
18AFC AjaxNED 🇳🇱

NED130,4541,25121+3UEFA Western Continental Europe
19Atalanta BCITA 🇮🇹

ITA129,6181,24420+1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
20Arsenal FCENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG128,3851,23117-3UEFA British Isles
21FC Shakhtar DonetskUKR 🇺🇦

UKR128,0371,22819-2UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
22SL BenficaPOR 🇵🇹

POR124,7831,19725+3UEFA Iberian Zone
23Olympique LyonnaisFRA 🇫🇷

FRA116,3751,11622-1UEFA Western Continental Europe
24FC SalzburgAUT 🇦🇹

AUT114,7771,10124UEFA Central Europe
25SS LazioITA 🇮🇹

ITA109,4961,05023-2UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
26FC Internazionale MilanoITA 🇮🇹

ITA101,7261,01926UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
27Villarreal CFESP 🇪🇸

ESP96,9501,00427UEFA Iberian Zone
28Club BruggeBEL 🇧🇪

BEL95,7721,00435+7UEFA Western Continental Europe
29GNK Dinamo ZagrebCRO 🇭🇷

CRO94,2181,00528-1UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
30FK Crvena ZvezdaSRB 🇷🇸

SRB93,3321,00030UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
31FC ZenitRUS 🇷🇺

RUS93,6671,00531UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
32Bayer 04 LeverkusenGER 🇩🇪

GER92,1191,00933+1UEFA Central Western Europe
33SK Slavia PrahaCZE 🇨🇿

CZE89,5241,00429-4UEFA Central Europe
34AC MilanITA 🇮🇹

ITA87,4351,00834UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
35BSC Young BoysSUI 🇨🇭

SUI82,3901,00045+10UEFA Central Western Europe
36Valencia CFESP 🇪🇸

ESP81,6041,00532-4UEFA Iberian Zone
37FC Basel 1893SUI 🇨🇭

SUI78,4731,00038+1UEFA Central Western Europe
38SC BragaPOR 🇵🇹

POR77,7861,00039+1UEFA Iberian Zone
39FC Lokomotiv MoskvaRUS 🇷🇺

RUS77,4871,00337-2UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
40Olympiacos FCGRE 🇬🇷

GRE76,9641,00141+1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
41Sporting Clube de PortugalPOR 🇵🇹

POR75,2141,00436-5UEFA Iberian Zone
42FC Dynamo KyivUKR 🇺🇦

UKR71,6061,00843+1UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
43FC SheriffMDA 🇲🇩

MDA69,9791,00096+53UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
44Beşiktaş JKTUR 🇹🇷

TUR69,5091,00442-2UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
45PSV EindhovenNED 🇳🇱

NED69,3181,00649+4UEFA Western Continental Europe
46PFC CSKA MoskvaRUS 🇷🇺

RUS66,9811,00340-6UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
47Celtic FCSCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

SCO64,0911,00347UEFA British Isles
48TSG 1899 HoffenheimGER 🇩🇪

GER63,8621,00844-4UEFA Central Western Europe
49Eintracht FrankfurtGER 🇩🇪

GER62,8871,00850+1UEFA Central Western Europe
50VfL Borussia MönchengladbachGER 🇩🇪

GER62,1441,01346-4UEFA Central Western Europe
51Rangers FCSCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

SCO58,5121,00548-3UEFA British Isles
52FC KøbenhavnDEN 🇩🇰

DEN57,3491,00454+2UEFA Nordic Zone
53FC Viktoria PlzeňCZE 🇨🇿

CZE55,7541,00051-2UEFA Central Europe
54AZ AlkmaarNED 🇳🇱

NED54,8781,00253-1UEFA Western Continental Europe
55Olympique de MarseilleFRA 🇫🇷

FRA54,0581,00455UEFA Western Continental Europe
56Real Sociedad de FútbolESP 🇪🇸

ESP53,1861,00357+1UEFA Iberian Zone
57Maccabi Tel-Aviv FCISR 🇮🇱

ISR52,1451,00060+3UEFA Asian Middle East
58PFC Ludogorets 1945BUL 🇧🇬

BUL51,1521,00059+1UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
59LASK LinzAUT 🇦🇹

AUT50,9541,00061+2UEFA Central Europe
60İstanbul BaşakşehirTUR 🇹🇷

TUR50,6701,00252-8UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
61RennesFRA 🇫🇷

FRA48,9681,00463+2UEFA Western Continental Europe
62Malmö FFSWE 🇸🇪

SWE47,9071,00067+5UEFA Nordic Zone
63FC Schalke 04GER 🇩🇪

GER47,4641,00556-7UEFA Central Western Europe
64FC KrasnodarRUS 🇷🇺

RUS46,5991,00658-6UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
65FeyenoordNED 🇳🇱

NED46,0291,00366+1UEFA Western Continental Europe
66KAA GentBEL 🇧🇪

BEL45,6501,00464-2UEFA Western Continental Europe
67SK Rapid WienAUT 🇦🇹

AUT43,4911,00062-5UEFA Central Europe

GRE43,2300,99772+4UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
69AEK Athens FCGRE 🇬🇷

GRE42,7990,98370+1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
70Galatasaray AŞTUR 🇹🇷

TUR42,5720,97468-2UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
71Qarabağ FKAZE 🇦🇿

AZE41,6790,95579+8UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
72VfL WolfsburgGER 🇩🇪

GER41,9670,94883+11UEFA Central Western Europe
73LOSC LilleFRA 🇫🇷

FRA41,6620,93171-2UEFA Western Continental Europe
74FC AstanaKAZ 🇰🇿

KAZ40,8790,91273-1UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
75FK PartizanSRB 🇷🇸

SRB40,7390,89776+1UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
76R. Standard de LiègeBEL 🇧🇪

BEL40,1150,88365-11UEFA Western Continental Europe
77AS Monaco FCMON 🇲🇨

FRA40,5040,87584+7UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
78Molde FKNOR 🇳🇴

NOR39,0270,85474-4UEFA Nordic Zone
79Leicester City FCENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG40,0290,85275-4UEFA British Isles

CYP38,8270,82669-11UEFA Asian Middle East
81KRC GenkBEL 🇧🇪

BEL37,9730,81877-4UEFA Western Continental Europe
82Real Betis BalompiéESP 🇪🇸

ESP37,3840,80487+5UEFA Iberian Zone
83FC Spartak MoskvaRUS 🇷🇺

RUS37,0330,78880-3UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
84Ferencvárosi TCHUN 🇭🇺

HUN36,1520,77285+1UEFA Central Europe
85WolverhamptonENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG34,8770,76478-7UEFA British Isles
86CFR 1907 ClujROU 🇷🇴

ROU32,7210,74081-5UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
87GranadaESP 🇪🇸

ESP32,6960,72682-5UEFA Iberian Zone
88FC BATE BorisovBLR 🇧🇾

BLR31,0300,71190+2UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
89HNK RijekaCRO 🇭🇷

CRO29,8240,69794+5UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
90Rosenborg BKNOR 🇳🇴

NOR29,8190,68395+5UEFA Nordic Zone
91Wolfsberger ACAUT 🇦🇹

AUT28,7290,66986-5UEFA Central Europe
92FC MidtjyllandDEN 🇩🇰

DEN28,8810,65792UEFA Nordic Zone
93West Ham United FCENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG29,2300,649OFF+340UEFA British Isles
94GetafeESP 🇪🇸

ESP28,0170,62688-6UEFA Iberian Zone
95Apollon Limassol FCCYP 🇨🇾

CYP27,8570,61197+2UEFA Asian Middle East
96EspanyolESP 🇪🇸

ESP27,4460,59789-7UEFA Iberian Zone

ROU26,7520,583101+4UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
98Royal Antwerp F.C.BEL 🇧🇪

BEL26,7140,56898UEFA Western Continental Europe
99RSC AnderlechtBEL 🇧🇪

BEL26,3530,554104+5UEFA Western Continental Europe
100Hapoel Beer-Sheva FCISR 🇮🇱

ISR26,0600,540100UEFA Asian Middle East
101NK MariborSVN 🇸🇮

SVN25,8990,526102+1UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
102FC Zorya LuhanskUKR 🇺🇦

UKR25,8790,51191-11UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
103Athletic ClubESP 🇪🇸

ESP25,5860,49793-10UEFA Iberian Zone
104Legia WarszawaPOL 🇵🇱

POL24,5100,485125+21UEFA Central Europe
105OGC NiceFRA 🇫🇷

FRA24,1390,47299-6UEFA Western Continental Europe
106Vitória SCPOR 🇵🇹

POR22,0950,454103-3UEFA Iberian Zone
107Fenerbahçe SKTUR 🇹🇷

TUR21,6660,457112+5UEFA Asian Middle East
108FC LuganoSUI 🇨🇭

SUI21,2450,454105-3UEFA Central Western Europe
109Dundalk FCIRL 🇮🇪

IRL21,2050,454108-1UEFA British Isles
110Videoton FC/MOL Vidi FCHUN 🇭🇺

HUN21,3500,456107-3UEFA Central Europe
111AC Sparta PrahaCZE 🇨🇿

CZE21,0450,454110-1UEFA Central Europe
112AC OmoniaCYP 🇨🇾

CYP19,8690,454106-6UEFA Asian Middle East
113VitesseNED 🇳🇱

NED19,3760,454120+7UEFA Western Continental Europe
114PFC CSKA SofiaBUL 🇧🇬

BUL18,7640,454119+5UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
115FK JablonecCZE 🇨🇿

CZE18,6360,454115UEFA Central Europe
116Östersunds FKSWE 🇸🇪

SWE17,5440,454109-7UEFA Nordic Zone
117FC Girondins de BordeauxFRA 🇫🇷

FRA16,7790,456111-6UEFA Western Continental Europe
118FC ZürichSUI 🇨🇭

SUI16,0800,454113-5UEFA Central Western Europe
119FK Austria WienAUT 🇦🇹

AUT15,9170,454123+4UEFA Central Europe
120Everton FCENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG16,8040,464114-6UEFA British Isles
121F91 DudelangeLUX 🇱🇺

LUX15,6810,454121UEFA Western Continental Europe
122FC Spartak TrnavaSVK 🇸🇰

SVK14,8070,454126+4UEFA Central Europe
1231. FC KölnGER 🇩🇪

GER14,6040,454117-6UEFA Central Western Europe
124Hertha BSC BerlinGER 🇩🇪

GER15,0860,459116-8UEFA Central Western Europe
125AEK Larnaca FCCYP 🇨🇾

CYP14,5860,454118-7UEFA Asian Middle East
126Aberdeen FCSCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

SCO14,3880,454130+4UEFA British Isles
127ŠK Slovan BratislavaSVK 🇸🇰

SVK14,0620,454128+1UEFA Central Europe
128FK SūduvaLTU 🇱🇹

LTU14,0070,454131+3UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
129The New Saints FCWAL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

WAL13,4960,454141+12UEFA British Isles
130FC Slovan LiberecCZE 🇨🇿

CZE13,4610,454122-8UEFA Central Europe
131SK Sturm GrazAUT 🇦🇹

AUT13,0350,454140+9UEFA Central Europe
132HNK Hajduk SplitCRO 🇭🇷

CRO13,0070,454134+2UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
133HJK HelsinkiFIN 🇫🇮

FIN13,0020,454162+29UEFA Nordic Zone
134AS Saint-ÉtienneFRA 🇫🇷

FRA12,9050,454124-10UEFA Western Continental Europe
135SV Zulte WaregemBEL 🇧🇪

BEL12,5590,454127-8UEFA Western Continental Europe
136NK OsijekCRO 🇭🇷

CRO12,3180,454135-1UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
137BurnleyENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

ENG12,1780,454129-8UEFA British Isles
138FC Kairat AlmatyKAZ 🇰🇿

KAZ11,9750,454163+25UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
139KonyasporTUR 🇹🇷

TUR11,6310,454132-7UEFA Asian Middle East
140SivassporTUR 🇹🇷

TUR11,6040,454139-1UEFA Asian Middle East
141FC OlexandriyaUKR 🇺🇦

UKR11,2300,454133-8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
142Clubul Sportiv U CraiovaROU 🇷🇴

ROU10,3480,454147+5UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
143Union BerlinGER 🇩🇪

GER10,0950,454OFF+290UEFA Central Western Europe
144Rio Ave FCPOR 🇵🇹

POR9,9300,454136-8UEFA Iberian Zone
145Sarpsborg 08NOR 🇳🇴

NOR9,9250,454137-8UEFA Nordic Zone
146FC VaduzLIE 🇱🇮

SUI9,7940,454146UEFA Central Western Europe
147KKS Lech PoznańPOL 🇵🇱

POL9,7770,454138-9UEFA Central Europe
148Torino FCITA 🇮🇹

ITA10,0330,460142-6UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
149FK SarajevoBIH 🇧🇦

BIH9,4280,454154+5UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
150FC Flora TallinnEST 🇪🇪

EST9,2930,454184+34UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
151FC Vorskla PoltavaUKR 🇺🇦

UKR9,2910,454157+6UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
152FC Dinamo BrestBLR 🇧🇾

BLR9,2760,454160+8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
153HŠK ZrinjskiBIH 🇧🇦

BIH9,2200,454143-10UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
154Trabzonspor AŞTUR 🇹🇷

TUR9,2700,456169+15UEFA Asian Middle East
155Aris SalonikiGRE 🇬🇷

GRE8,9050,454171+16UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
156Budapest Honvéd FCHUN 🇭🇺

HUN8,6040,454144-12UEFA Central Europe
157FK SutjeskaMNE 🇲🇪

MNE8,4890,454172+15UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
158FC LuzernSUI 🇨🇭

SUI8,3910,454158UEFA Central Western Europe
159NK Olimpija LjubljanaSVN 🇸🇮

SVN8,3830,454145-14UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
160FK Bodø/GlimtNOR 🇳🇴

NOR8,2860,454226+66UEFA Nordic Zone
161FK Žalgiris VilniusLTU 🇱🇹

LTU8,1780,454164+3UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
162Brøndby IFDEN 🇩🇰

DEN8,0200,454159-3UEFA Nordic Zone
163KÍ KlaksvíkFRO 🇫🇴

FRO8,0170,454179+16UEFA Nordic Zone
164KF SkënderbeuALB 🇦🇱

ALB7,9420,454149-15UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
165FK KukësiALB 🇦🇱

ALB7,7590,454151-14UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
166SC FreiburgGER 🇩🇪

GER7,6940,454153-13UEFA Central Western Europe
167AIKSWE 🇸🇪

SWE7,6890,454152-15UEFA Nordic Zone
168Anorthosis Famagusta FCCYP 🇨🇾

CYP7,6240,454206+38UEFA Asian Middle East
169FC UtrechtNED 🇳🇱

NED7,6010,454155-14UEFA Western Continental Europe
170FC ViitorulROU 🇷🇴

ROU7,5590,454156-14UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
171Shamrock Rovers FCIRL 🇮🇪

IRL7,4590,454190+19UEFA British Isles
172Maccabi Haifa FCISR 🇮🇱

ISR7,4330,454177+5UEFA Asian Middle East
173NŠ MuraSVN 🇸🇮

SVN7,3860,454278+105UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
174DAC Dunajská StredaSVK 🇸🇰

SVK7,2830,454192+18UEFA Central Europe
175Lincoln FCGIB 🇬🇮

GIB7,2200,454214+39UEFA Iberian Zone
176Riga FCLVA 🇱🇻

LVA7,2030,454201+25UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
177Alashkert FCARM 🇦🇲

ARM7,1250,454150-27UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
178AEL Limassol FCCYP 🇨🇾

CYP7,1150,454208+30UEFA Asian Middle East
179Valletta FCMLT 🇲🇹

MLT7,1000,454161-18UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
180ReimsFRA 🇫🇷

FRA6,9070,455165-15UEFA Western Continental Europe
181Hibernian FCSCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

SCO6,8040,454224+43UEFA British Isles
182FC MariupolUKR 🇺🇦

UKR6,7920,454166-16UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
183FH HafnarfjördurISL 🇮🇸

ISL6,7740,454203+20UEFA Nordic Zone
184Willem IINED 🇳🇱

NED6,7520,454167-17UEFA Western Continental Europe
185Santa ClaraPOR 🇵🇹

POR6,7020,454OFF+248UEFA Iberian Zone
186FC Paços de FerreiraPOR 🇵🇹

POR6,6440,454OFF+247UEFA Iberian Zone
187StrasbourgFRA 🇫🇷

FRA6,6090,454170-17UEFA Western Continental Europe
188FK VojvodinaSRB 🇷🇸

SRB6,5840,454200+12UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
189Hammarby IFSWE 🇸🇪

SWE6,5690,454308+119UEFA Nordic Zone
190FC Progrès NiederkornLUX 🇱🇺

LUX6,5040,454175-15UEFA Western Continental Europe
191Akhisar BelediyesporTUR 🇹🇷

TUR6,4960,454178-13UEFA Asian Middle East
192FC Dinamo MinskBLR 🇧🇾