3Q September 2021 AFC Ranking

AFC Asia – the KA Leagues & Club Rankings – September 2021

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the KA Leagues & Club Rankings, set for September 30, 2021

the KA Leagues Ranking

3Q 2021 Performance ranking of Asian leagues in international matches – derived ELO method

September 30, 2021
League (s)ClubsClubsRPSex RPSex pos.diff.Zone/Region
1South KoreaKOR🇰🇷


3Saudi ArabiaKSA🇸🇦

713,60587,583Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

599,51550,214Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)


552,48380,897+1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

466,87379,428+1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)


355,16272,2819+10Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)


300,58286,2916+5Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

297,50352,3010-2Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

280,16282,0417+4Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

278,67188,6324+10Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

275,76292,2813-2Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

258,42360,889-7Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)
17Hong KongHKG🇭🇰




21SingaporeSIN🇸🇬 🇯🇵


164,79223,7121-1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)
23India / ISLIND🇮🇳


160,12290,8815-9Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)
25Korea DPRPRK🇰🇵





100,60159,0929Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)


75,48101,5432+1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)

56,9680,7234+2Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)


35Chinese TaipeiTPE🇹🇼





40Sri LankaSRI🇱🇰

41Brunei DarussalamBRU🇧🇳



Club Ranking

ELO AFC – International Matches Leagues & Clubs Performance Rankings
So far, in the field of continental rankings, matrix-structural rankings with averaged historical result have been used. We believe such rankings give the complete picture of what we can call reputation, which also includes an assessment of quality and strength and they are the best if they well-designed. Nevertheless, due to the introduction of the third tier of games in Europe, as well as the widespread confusion that is commonly taking place in the competitions around the world due to the COVID epidemic (canceled competitions, phases or matches), it is more and more difficult to apply out the matrix-structural rankings. The answer to this problem is the ELO method, which will be evolutionarily introduced into the KA system at the level of continental rankings (rankings relating to continental competitions). The ELO is not perfect, nevertheless we have taken all care to keep the same level of accuracy and adequacy. Each of the continental rankings covers international matches arranged or recognized by FIFA or the continental federation. For Asia, this includes the Champions League, AFC Cup as well as the FIFA Club World Cup.
Multinational Leagues
Some countries have more than one flag displayed (on desktop screens: the small one in the corner of the bigger). This means that clubs from other countries can participate in the league systems of these countries, although only those countries where foreign clubs are usually present in the first or second division are marked in this way.
Australia / New Zealand
New Zealand club Wellington Phoenix competes in the Australian A-League.
Singapore / Japan
Albirex Niigata Singapore FC is a football club which compete in Singapore Premier League. The club is a satellite team of Albirex Niigata of Japan.
I-League shares the top spot in the Indian football system with the Indian Super League (ISL) – franchise-based league. The ISL has been granted official recognition by the AFC, meaning there are two collateral top divisions in India from 2017/18. Currently India clubs agreed to work together on league roadmap, according to it, among others, since season 2019-20, the ISL will attain the status of premiere league competition in Indian football and not later then season 2024-25, it will be implemented of a fully promotion and relegation system into the top league, and there will be an abolition of two parallel leagues.
Palestine is a member of FIFA & AFC. Due to political reason the football division system is parted into two: the West Bank league system, with the West Bank Premier League, as the top division, and the Gaza Strip system, with the Gaza Strip Premier League as of the highest level division on this territory.

Leagues Ranking ➝

the KA Club Ranking

3Q 2021 Performance ranking of Asian clubs in international matches – ELO method

September 30, 2021
ClubCountryCountryLeagueRPSIC3prev. pos.diff.Zone/Region
1Ulsan HyundaiKOR 🇰🇷

KOR312,1301,5741AFC East Asian
2Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsKOR 🇰🇷

KOR275,4701,3892AFC East Asian
3PersepolisIRN 🇮🇷

IRN265,7511,3413AFC Central Asian
4EsteghlalIRN 🇮🇷

IRN230,1441,1625+1AFC Central Asian
5Al-SaddQAT 🇶🇦

QAT221,3131,1224-1AFC West Asian
6Al-Ahli Saudi FCKSA 🇸🇦

KSA216,9991,0956AFC West Asian
7Al-Nassr Saudi FCKSA 🇸🇦

KSA210,6491,0638+1AFC West Asian
8Al-DuhailQAT 🇶🇦

QAT202,9001,0267-1AFC West Asian
9Al-Hilal Saudi FCKSA 🇸🇦

KSA201,2351,01711+2AFC West Asian
10Kawasaki FrontaleJPN 🇯🇵

JPN184,7960,93216+6AFC East Asian
11Shanghai PortCHN 🇨🇳

CHN176,8660,8939-2AFC East Asian
12Al Wahda Abu DhabiUAE 🇦🇪

UAE174,1600,87812AFC West Asian
13IstiklolTJK 🇹🇯

TJK170,5280,86013AFC Central Asian
14GuangzhouCHN 🇨🇳

CHN162,1590,81910-4AFC East Asian
15PakhtakorUZB 🇺🇿

UZB145,1960,73214-1AFC Central Asian
16Al-AhedLIB 🇱🇧

LIB144,3530,72818+2AFC West Asian
17Daegu FCKOR 🇰🇷

KOR141,9270,71624+7AFC East Asian
18Kashima AntlersJPN 🇯🇵

JPN141,7190,71515-3AFC East Asian
19United City F.C.PHI 🇵🇭

PHI141,2470,71217-2AFC Southeast Asian
20Cerezo OsakaJPN 🇯🇵

JPN136,1630,68723+3AFC East Asian
21Suwon Samsung BluewingsKOR 🇰🇷

KOR125,1680,63119-2AFC East Asian
22KitcheeHKG 🇭🇰

HKG114,6070,57830+8AFC East Asian
23Zob AhanIRN 🇮🇷

IRN114,0220,57521-2AFC Central Asian
24Al AinUAE 🇦🇪

UAE114,1550,57722-2AFC West Asian
25Beijing GuoanCHN 🇨🇳

CHN110,5440,55820-5AFC East Asian
26Pohang SteelersKOR 🇰🇷

KOR104,0660,52547+21AFC East Asian
27Nagoya GrampusJPN 🇯🇵

JPN103,3290,52138+11AFC East Asian
28Sharjah FCUAE 🇦🇪

UAE103,0830,52028AFC West Asian
29Altyn AsyrTKM 🇹🇲

TKM102,6480,51825-4AFC Central Asian
30Al-KuwaitKUW 🇰🇼

KUW102,2020,51532+2AFC West Asian
31Tractor SaziIRN 🇮🇷

IRN97,5350,49234+3AFC Central Asian
32Al-Jazeera AmmanJOR 🇯🇴

JOR97,1380,49026-6AFC West Asian
33April 25PRK 🇰🇵

PRK95,8030,48327-6AFC East Asian
34Bangkok GlassTHA 🇹🇭

THA92,8400,46863+29AFC Southeast Asian
35Melbourne VictoryAUS 🇦🇺

AUS92,8250,46829-6Australia and Oceania
36Shabab Al-Ahli DubaiUAE 🇦🇪

UAE91,0370,45931-5AFC West Asian
37Chiangrai UnitedTHA 🇹🇭

THA89,8620,45445+8AFC Southeast Asian
38Al-Jaish DamascusSYR 🇸🇾

SYR87,5110,45433-5AFC West Asian
39Nasaf QarshiUZB 🇺🇿

UZB86,6080,45442+3AFC Central Asian
40Yangon UnitedMYA 🇲🇲

MYA85,1710,45436-4AFC Southeast Asian
41Tampines RoversSIN 🇸🇬

SIN84,3780,45435-6AFC Southeast Asian
42Buriram UnitedTHA 🇹🇭

THA81,3050,45437-5AFC Southeast Asian
43Johor Darul Ta'zimMAS 🇲🇾

MAS78,0990,45439-4AFC Southeast Asian
44Al-RayyanQAT 🇶🇦

QAT76,1530,45440-4AFC West Asian
45KayaPHI 🇵🇭

PHI75,1170,45453+8AFC Southeast Asian
46Sydney FCAUS 🇦🇺

AUS75,0000,45441-5Australia and Oceania
47Urawa Red DiamondsJPN 🇯🇵

JPN72,6230,45443-4AFC East Asian
48Sanfrecce HiroshimaJPN 🇯🇵

JPN72,6040,45444-4AFC East Asian
49Al-Zawra'aIRQ 🇮🇶

IRQ72,0220,45446-3AFC West Asian
50Gamba OsakaJPN 🇯🇵

JPN71,8930,45473+23AFC East Asian
51Port F.C.THA 🇹🇭

THA71,2240,45479+28AFC Southeast Asian
52Yokohama F. MarinosJPN 🇯🇵

JPN69,5420,45448-4AFC East Asian
53Al-Quwa Al-JawiyaIRQ 🇮🇶

IRQ67,9740,45449-4AFC West Asian
54Al-WehdatJOR 🇯🇴

JOR67,9620,45450-4AFC West Asian
55Al-IttihadKSA 🇸🇦

KSA68,0910,45651-4AFC West Asian
56Tianjin Tianhai F.C.CHN 🇨🇳

CHN67,2780,45652-4AFC East Asian
57AhalTKM 🇹🇲

TKM66,4010,45465+8AFC Central Asian
58Vissel KobeJPN 🇯🇵

JPN66,6370,45754-4AFC East Asian
59Lokomotiv TashkentUZB 🇺🇿

UZB64,4890,45456-3AFC Central Asian
60Al-Faisaly AmmanJOR 🇯🇴

JOR64,6780,45655-5AFC West Asian
61DhofarOMA 🇴🇲

OMA63,7180,45458-3AFC West Asian
62Al-QadsiaKUW 🇰🇼

KUW63,6840,45457-5AFC West Asian
63FC TokyoJPN 🇯🇵

JPN63,0260,45459-4AFC East Asian
64Shanghai ShenhuaCHN 🇨🇳

CHN62,7920,45460-4AFC East Asian
65PSM MakassarIDN 🇮🇩

IDN62,4290,45461-4AFC Southeast Asian
66Home UnitedSIN 🇸🇬

SIN61,8510,45462-4AFC Southeast Asian
67Shandong Luneng TaishanCHN 🇨🇳

CHN61,1100,45464-3AFC East Asian
68Al-TaawounKSA 🇸🇦

KSA58,0820,45466-2AFC West Asian
69Bashundhara KingsBAN 🇧🇩

BAN57,3110,45474+5AFC South Asian
70Persija JakartaIDN 🇮🇩

IDN54,8620,45467-3AFC Southeast Asian
71Al-JaziraUAE 🇦🇪

UAE53,7240,45468-3AFC West Asian
72Bengaluru FCIND 🇮🇳

IND52,1330,45476+4AFC South Asian
73Dhaka AbahaniBAN 🇧🇩

BAN52,0460,45469-4AFC South Asian
74Al-ShortaIRQ 🇮🇶

IRQ51,9670,45470-4AFC West Asian
75Al-AnsarLIB 🇱🇧

LIB50,8290,45471-4AFC West Asian
76Al-GharafaQAT 🇶🇦

QAT50,1100,45872-4AFC West Asian
77Hà Nội F.C.VIE 🇻🇳

VIE49,2380,45475-2AFC Southeast Asian
78Gyeongnam FCKOR 🇰🇷

KOR42,3320,45478AFC East Asian
79KhujandTJK 🇹🇯

TJK42,3290,45477-2AFC Central Asian
80MalkiyaBHR 🇧🇭

BHR40,4800,45480AFC West Asian
81DordoiKGZ 🇰🇬

KGZ40,1550,45481AFC Central Asian

UZB40,1520,45482AFC Central Asian
83VIE12ViVIE 🇻🇳

VIE39,8640,45497+14AFC Southeast Asian
84ManamaBHR 🇧🇭

BHR39,7360,45483-1AFC West Asian
85Becamex Bình DươngVIE 🇻🇳

VIE39,5090,45484-1AFC Southeast Asian
86Ho Chi Minh City FCVIE 🇻🇳

VIE39,1570,45485-1AFC Southeast Asian
87SepahanIRN 🇮🇷

IRN37,7480,45486-1AFC Central Asian
88Lee Man FCHKG 🇨🇳

HKG37,3470,45487-1AFC East Asian
89FooladIRN 🇮🇷

IRN36,9840,45488-1AFC Central Asian
90FC SeoulKOR 🇰🇷

KOR36,9160,45489-1AFC East Asian
91Bali UnitedIDN 🇮🇩

IDN36,8070,45490-1AFC Southeast Asian
92Al-MuharraqBHR 🇧🇭

BHR36,4890,454104+12AFC West Asian
93Al-Wasl F.C.UAE 🇦🇪

UAE33,9300,45491-2AFC West Asian
94Ratchaburi Mitr PholTHA 🇹🇭

THA32,5510,454109+15AFC Southeast Asian
95Chennaiyin FCIND 🇮🇳

IND32,3310,45492-3AFC South Asian
96Al-Salt SCJOR 🇯🇴

JOR31,9120,45496AFC West Asian
97Kashiwa ReysolJPN 🇯🇵

JPN30,9250,45493-4AFC East Asian
98Hilal Al-QudsPLE 🇵🇸

PLE28,960,45494-4AFC West Asian
99Tai PoHKG 🇨🇳

HKG28,7940,45495-4AFC East Asian
100Jeju UnitedKOR 🇰🇷

KOR28,4040,45498-2AFC East Asian
101New RadiantMDV 🇲🇻

MDV28,1510,45499-2AFC South Asian
102Sông Lam Nghệ AnVIE 🇻🇳

VIE27,9240,454100-2AFC Southeast Asian
103Al-Wahda DamascusSYR 🇸🇾

SYR27,7200,454101-2AFC West Asian
104Benfica de MacauMAC 🇲🇴

MAC27,5010,454103-1AFC East Asian
105Than Quảng NinhVIE 🇻🇳

VIE25,4830,454105AFC Southeast Asian
106GlobalPHI 🇵🇭

PHI25,1350,454106AFC Southeast Asian
107Al-WathbaSYR 🇸🇾

SYR24,6620,454107AFC West Asian
108Al-RiffaBHR 🇧🇭

BHR24,1560,454108AFC West Asian
109MaziyaMDV 🇲🇻

MDV23,9670,454102-7AFC South Asian
110Shan UnitedMYA 🇲🇲

MYA23,6760,454110AFC Southeast Asian
111FC GoaIND 🇮🇳

IND23,2370,454111AFC South Asian
112Chennai CityIND 🇮🇳

IND23,0410,454112AFC South Asian
113EasternHKG 🇭🇰

HKG22,1560,454113AFC East Asian
114FLC Thanh HóaVIE 🇻🇳

VIE21,1130,454114AFC Southeast Asian
115Shahr KhodroIRN 🇮🇷

IRN20,6820,454115AFC Central Asian
116Boeung Ket AngkorCAM 🇰🇭

CAM20,2210,454116AFC Southeast Asian
117Al-Najma Sports ClubBHR 🇧🇭

BHR19,8210,454117AFC West Asian
118Minerva PunjabIND 🇮🇳

IND19,6510,454118AFC South Asian
119ATK Mohun Bagan FCIND 🇮🇳

IND17,4810,454145+26AFC South Asian
120Hougang UnitedSIN 🇸🇬

SIN17,0430,454119-1AFC Southeast Asian
121Perth GloryAUS 🇦🇺

AUS16,4600,454120-1Australia and Oceania
122Al. WehdaKSA 🇸🇦

KSA16,4420,454121-1AFC West Asian
123Al-SuwaiqOMA 🇴🇲

OMA16,3960,454122-1AFC West Asian
124HwaebulPRK 🇰🇵

PRK15,5530,454123-1AFC East Asian
125Svay RiengCAM 🇰🇭

CAM15,1380,454124-1AFC Southeast Asian
126Saipa FCIRN 🇮🇷

IRN14,2120,454125-1AFC Central Asian
127TishreenSYR 🇸🇾

SYR13,6710,454126-1AFC West Asian
128Lao Toyota FCLAO 🇱🇦

LAO13,4480,454127-1AFC Southeast Asian
129AizawlIND 🇮🇳

IND12,7560,454128-1AFC South Asian
130Kedah FAMAS 🇲🇾

MAS12,4800,454129-1AFC Southeast Asian
131Alay OshKGZ 🇰🇬

KGZ12,3290,454130-1AFC Central Asian
132Al-NasrUAE 🇦🇪

UAE11,0970,454131-1AFC West Asian
133BunyodkorUZB 🇺🇿

UZB10,5570,454132-1AFC Central Asian
134Al.-SailiyaQAT 🇶🇦

QAT10,4360,454133-1AFC West Asian
135Ravshan KulobTJK 🇹🇯

TJK10,4210,454134-1AFC Central Asian
136Saigon FCVIE 🇻🇳

VIE9,8690,454135-1AFC Southeast Asian
137Hang YuenTPE 🇹🇼

TPE9,6950,454136-1AFC East Asian
138NejmehLIB 🇱🇧

LIB9,6570,454137-1AFC West Asian
139TC SportsMDV 🇲🇻

MDV9,5660,454138-1AFC South Asian
140Muangthong UnitedTHA 🇹🇭

THA8,9310,454139-1AFC Southeast Asian
141Brisbane RoarAUS 🇦🇺

AUS8,7800,454140-1Australia and Oceania
142Al-Ittihad AleppoSYR 🇸🇾

SYR8,3640,454141-1AFC West Asian
143Al-HiddBHR 🇧🇭

BHR8,3570,454142-1AFC West Asian
144Geylang InternationalSIN 🇸🇬

SIN8,0580,454144AFC Southeast Asian
145Lion City SailorsSIN 🇸🇬

SIN8,0540,454143-2AFC Southeast Asian
146Persipura JayapuraIDN 🇮🇩

IDN7,6840,454146Australia and Oceania
147NagaworldCAM 🇰🇭

CAM7,6650,454147AFC Southeast Asian
148Markaz BalataPLE 🇵🇸

PLE7,5030,454148AFC West Asian
149Bangkok UnitedTHA 🇹🇭

THA7,0980,454149AFC Southeast Asian
150TerengganuMAS 🇲🇾

MAS7,0760,454150AFC Southeast Asian
151Lalenok UnitedTLS 🇹🇱

TLS7,0190,454151AFC Southeast Asian
152Newcastle JetsAUS 🇦🇺

AUS6,8680,454152Australia and Oceania
153Melbourne CityAUS 🇦🇺

AUS6,7430,454153Australia and Oceania
154Tainan City F.C.TPE 🇹🇼

TPE6,7350,454154AFC East Asian
155Perak TBGMAS 🇲🇾

MAS6,3880,454155AFC Southeast Asian
156VisakhaCAM 🇰🇭

CAM6,2860,454156AFC Southeast Asian
157Manang Marshyangdi ClubNEP 🇳🇵

NEP6,1040,454157AFC South Asian
158Markaz Shabab Al-Am'ariPLE 🇵🇸

PLE5,8430,454158AFC West Asian
159Chao Pak KeiMAC 🇲🇴

MAC5,0610,454159AFC East Asian
160Club EaglesMDV 🇲🇻

MDV4,9890,454164+4AFC South Asian
161TatungTPE 🇹🇼

TPE4,8190,454160-1AFC East Asian
162Sur SCOMA 🇴🇲

OMA4,7660,454161-1AFC West Asian
163RyomyongPRK 🇰🇵

PRK4,6910,454162-1AFC East Asian
164Athletic 220MNG 🇲🇳

MNG4,5580,454163-1AFC East Asian
165Hanthawaddy UnitedMYA 🇲🇲

MYA3,7760,454165AFC Southeast Asian
166FC NeftchiKGZ 🇰🇬

KGZ3,5870,454166AFC Central Asian
167Al-Nasr SalalahOMA 🇴🇲

OMA3,5380,454167AFC West Asian
168Saif Sporting ClubBAN 🇧🇩

BAN2,7020,454168AFC South Asian
169ErchimMNG 🇲🇳

MNG2,6310,454169AFC East Asian
170Taiwan Power CompanyTPE 🇹🇼

TPE2,3700,454170AFC East Asian
171ColomboSRI 🇱🇰

SRI1,9990,454171AFC South Asian
172Ulaanbaatar City FCMNG 🇲🇳

MNG1,8440,454172AFC East Asian
173Master 7LAO 🇱🇦

LAO1,6820,454173AFC Southeast Asian
174Indera SCBRU 🇧🇳

BRU1,5800,454174AFC Southeast Asian
175Nepal Army ClubNEP 🇳🇵

NEP1,2740,454175AFC South Asian
176Paro FCBHU 🇧🇹

BHU1,1260,454176AFC South Asian
177Transport UnitedBHU 🇧🇹

BHU1,0360,454177AFC South Asian
178Kasuka FCBRU 🇧🇳

BRU0,9030,454178AFC Southeast Asian
179DefendersSRI 🇱🇰

SRI0,5590,454179AFC South Asian
180Thimphu CityBHU 🇧🇹

BHU0,5560,454181+1AFC South Asian
181Sri Lanka PoliceSRI 🇱🇰

SRI0,5370,454180-1AFC South Asian


IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) – the indicator based on continental ranking points, taking into account the index of the continent (Power Index Federation). The IC3 is 50 % of a weight of the club coefficient within the KA Football Club Global Rating.


RPS (Relative Point Score), the score obtained in the ranking converted into the common formula used in the KA system, which allows you to compare values from different rankings and combine these values to determine global rankings.

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