1Q March 2023 CAF Ranking

CAF Africa – the KA Leagues & Club Rankings – March 2023

CAF Champions League & CAF Confederation Cup

the KA Leagues & Club Rankings, set for March 31, 2023

the KA Leagues Ranking

1Q 2023 Performance ranking of African leagues in international matches – derived ELO method

March 31, 2023
League (s)ClubsClubsPtsRPSex pos.diff.Zone/Region

48,5471432,282+1Africa North

38,7031141,851-1Africa North

37,6871111,883Africa North

31,294923,274Africa North
5South AfricaRSA🇿🇦

27,782819,656+1Africa Sub-Saharan
6Congo DRCOD🇨🇩

24,508723,065-1Africa Sub-Saharan

20,991619,309+2Africa Sub-Saharan

18,047532,447-1Africa Sub-Saharan

15,863468,018-1Africa Sub-Saharan

13,538399,4111+1Africa Sub-Saharan

9,212271,7810-1Africa Sub-Saharan

6,902203,6315+3Africa Sub-Saharan

6,277185,1912-1Africa Sub-Saharan
14Côte d'IvoireCIV🇨🇮

6,092179,7313-1Africa Sub-Saharan

5,333157,3414-1Africa North

3,497103,1716Africa Sub-Saharan

3,458102,0220+3Africa Sub-Saharan

3,16793,4417-1Africa Sub-Saharan

2,71179,9821+2Africa Sub-Saharan

2,69179,3918-2Africa Sub-Saharan

2,60976,9719-2Africa Sub-Saharan

1,65248,7424+2Africa Sub-Saharan

1,45242,8423Africa Sub-Saharan

1,24336,6722-2Africa Sub-Saharan

1,05631,1626+1Africa Sub-Saharan
26Burkina FasoBFA🇧🇫

0,71721,1528+2Africa Sub-Saharan

0,71621,1229+2Africa Sub-Saharan

0,61918,2625-3Africa Sub-Saharan

0,59517,55OFFAfrica Sub-Saharan

0,49514,6030Africa Sub-Saharan

0,44113,0132+1Africa Sub-Saharan

0,41612,2727-5Africa Sub-Saharan

0,2617,7036+3Africa Sub-Saharan

0,1444,2533-1Africa Sub-Saharan

0,1103,2531-4Africa Sub-Saharan
36Equatorial GuineaEQG🇬🇶

0,0421,2435-1Africa Sub-Saharan

0,0341,0037Africa Sub-Saharan

0,0330,9734-4Africa Sub-Saharan
39Sierra LeoneSLE🇸🇱

0,0130,3839Africa Sub-Saharan

0,0040,1241+1Africa Sub-Saharan

Club Ranking ↓

Meaning of the continental ranking versus global ranking
The continental rankings are technical in nature, as they only show the position of a league or club from the perspective of international cups, such as the Champions League. If you want to find a more accurate ranking in terms of actual football soccer strength and quality, you need to look at the KA Football Leagues Global Rating or the KA Football Club Global Rating

What makes global rankings different from continental rankings is the consideration of more factors. 

A global league rating takes into account, in addition to the performance of clubs in international competitions, the level of attractiveness and reputation as measured by the number of players from a given league appearing in top national teams (AIF). In addition, we take into account a country’s overall football soccer reputation, as measured by national team historical results and the most prestigious individual football soccer awards (NFRI).

The global club ranking shows the difference from the continental ranking to an even greater extent. The global club ranking takes into account a club’s position in domestic league competitions in conjunction with the global league rating. This means that clubs that play in highly ranked leagues but rarely participate in continental competitions can also appear in the global club ranking, sometimes in decent places.
ELO CAF – Leagues & Clubs Performance Rankings
Every club receives the points for match outcomes according to the ELO method.

The points are determined by the relative strength of the two opponents where the factor of an expected outcome is calculated and with using the factors related to completed match: importance match factor, the outcome factor and the difference goals factor.

Each of the continental ELO ranking covers international matches arranged or recognized by FIFA or the continental confederation. For Africa, this includes the Champions League, CAF Confederation Cup, CAF Super Cup as well as the FIFA Club World Cup, and possibly also the Arab Club Champions Cup or regional associations’ cups.
CAF MembersDepreciation Algorithm
As a general principle the ranking includes all CAF members (56), including two CAF associated countries (non-FIFA). However, not all CAF members are listed in the ranking according to a club football performance.

Because leagues receive points as derivated values of club points, so if clubs do not collect any points leagues don’t have positive score and not appear in the ranking.

Being ranked therefore demands clubs activity in the area of international competitions. Whereby it is not sufficient to have points by a club picked up in any past time. ELO rankings in the KA system have a depreciation algorithm. It consists, in short, in the fact that the point value of a club not playing matches is gradually reduced. As a result, such a club after some time acquires a zero or negative value and drops out of the ranking. This can also translate into the national league and, as a result, the league can also get a zero or negative value. This is other reason that some countries are not shown in the league table, even if they appeared in the past.
the Ranking Points, RPS and IC3
Ranking points (ELO points) are calculated according to the ELO method. In terms of leagues, these points are derived from the values obtained by clubs.

The tables also show values labeled RPS and IC3.

RPS (Relative Point Score) is a value that results from the fact that the ELO points obtained in a ranking are converted according to the same formula used throughout the KA system, which allows values from different continental rankings to be compared and combined to determine global rankings.

IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) is an indicator dedicated only for clubs and it is based on the continental ranking points, taking into account the index of the continent (Power Index Federation), as well as AIF value. It is very important indicator for the KA Football Club Global Rating.

Leagues Ranking ↑

the KA Club Ranking

1Q 2023 Performance ranking of African clubs in international matches – ELO method

March 31, 2023
1Al-Ahly SCEGY 🇪🇬

EGY96,3561,559CAF North Africa
2Wydad CasablancaMAR 🇲🇦

MAR83,7891,356CAF North Africa
3Mamelodi SundownsRSA 🇿🇦

RSA79,5831,286+1CAF Southern Africa
4Espérance STTUN 🇹🇳

TUN78,1901,263-1CAF North Africa
5Raja CasablancaMAR 🇲🇦

MAR71,5071,155CAF North Africa
6TP MazembeCOD 🇨🇩

COD51,5950,834CAF Central Africa
7Al Hilal OmdurmanSDN 🇸🇩

SDN51,3660,830+4CAF East Africa
8Horoya ACGUI 🇬🇳

GUI47,9340,776-1CAF West Africa
9RS BerkaneMAR 🇲🇦

MAR47,2590,764CAF North Africa
10ZamalekEGY 🇪🇬

EGY45,9180,744CAF North Africa
11Étoile du SahelTUN 🇹🇳

TUN41,9510,678-3CAF North Africa
12CR BélouizdadALG 🇩🇿

ALG40,6690,657+3CAF North Africa
13SimbaTAN 🇹🇿

TAN39,4650,638+3CAF East Africa
14Petro LuandaANG 🇦🇴

ANG38,8260,627-1CAF Southern Africa
15ES SétifALG 🇩🇿

ALG37,4050,604-3CAF North Africa
16Jeunesse Sportive de KabylieALG 🇩🇿

ALG35,3650,571+4CAF North Africa
17Pyramids FCEGY 🇪🇬

EGY34,5050,559-3CAF North Africa
18AS Vita ClubCOD 🇨🇩

COD30,5380,493-1CAF Central Africa
19Al-MerreikhSDN 🇸🇩

SDN26,8270,433+5CAF East Africa
20CS SfaxienTUN 🇹🇳

TUN24,7690,410-1CAF North Africa
21Al-Masry SCEGY 🇪🇬

EGY23,6570,410-3CAF North Africa
22Orlando PiratesRSA 🇿🇦

RSA22,8540,410CAF Southern Africa
23ASEC MimosasCIV 🇨🇮

CIV19,5800,410CAF West Africa
24EnyimbaNGA 🇳🇬

NGA19,1720,410-3CAF West Africa
25Primeiro de AgostoANG 🇦🇴

ANG16,1680,410CAF Southern Africa
26Coton SportCMR 🇨🇲

CMR15,7120,410+6CAF Central Africa
27Rivers UnitedNGA 🇳🇬

NGA15,3670,410CAF West Africa
28USM AlgerALG 🇩🇿

ALG13,9320,410+1CAF North Africa
29ZanacoZAM 🇿🇲

ZAM12,9590,410-3CAF Southern Africa
30AmaZuluRSA 🇿🇦

RSA11,9960,410-2CAF Southern Africa
31ZESCO UnitedZAM 🇿🇲

ZAM11,4880,410CAF Southern Africa
32MC AlgerALG 🇩🇿

ALG11,1660,410-2CAF North Africa
33VipersUGA 🇺🇬

UGA10,9330,410+7CAF East Africa
34Kaizer Chiefs JohannesburgRSA 🇿🇦

RSA10,2560,410-1CAF Southern Africa
35Al-Ahli TripoliLBY 🇱🇾

LBY10,1100,410+1CAF North Africa
36Motema PembeCOD 🇨🇩

COD9,6450,410-2CAF Central Africa
37Plateau UnitedNGA 🇳🇬

NGA9,1690,410+1CAF West Africa
38Hassania US AgadirMAR 🇲🇦

MAR8,2890,410-3CAF North Africa
39Gor MahiaKEN 🇰🇪

KEN7,9640,410-2CAF East Africa
40Jeunesse Sportive de la SaouraALG 🇩🇿

ALG7,8130,410-1CAF North Africa

MAR7,5520,410+11CAF North Africa
42Young AfricansTAN 🇹🇿

TAN7,1180,410+9CAF East Africa
43US MonastirTUN 🇹🇳

TUN6,8000,410+10CAF North Africa
44DjolibaMLI 🇲🇱

MLI6,0010,410-1CAF West Africa
45Al-Ittihad TripoliLBY 🇱🇾

LBY5,6880,410-4CAF North Africa
46Future CairoEGY 🇪🇬

EGY5,5700,410+11CAF North Africa
47Club AfricainTUN 🇹🇳

TUN5,4660,410-3CAF North Africa
48OtohôCGO 🇨🇬

CGO4,9500,410-1CAF Central Africa
49FC PlatinumZIM 🇿🇼

ZIM4,4210,410-7CAF Southern Africa
50NouadhibouMTN 🇲🇷

MTN4,2800,410+5CAF West Africa

NIG4,2140,410-3CAF West Africa
52ASC JaraafSEN 🇸🇳

SEN4,1110,410-7CAF West Africa
53CS ConstantineALG 🇩🇿

ALG4,1050,410-7CAF North Africa
54Marumo GallantsRSA 🇿🇦

RSA4,0520,410+7CAF Southern Africa
55Jwaneng GalaxyBOT 🇧🇼

BOT4,0470,410-6CAF Southern Africa
56Hearts of OakGHA 🇬🇭

GHA3,7550,410-6CAF West Africa
57Diables NoirsCGO 🇨🇬

CGO3,5040,410+8CAF Central Africa
58ASN NigelecNIG 🇳🇪

NIG3,1920,410+2CAF West Africa
59Sagrada EsperançaANG 🇦🇴

ANG3,0470,410-3CAF Southern Africa
60Saint-Éloi LupopoCOD 🇨🇩

COD2,8550,410+2CAF Central Africa
61Al-Nasr SC BenghaziLBY 🇱🇾

LBY2,8180,410-2CAF North Africa
62Real BamakoMLI 🇲🇱

MLI2,4870,410+8CAF West Africa
63NkanaZAM 🇿🇲

ZAM2,4690,410-9CAF Southern Africa
64Rail Club du KadiogoBFA 🇧🇫

BFA2,3850,410+2CAF West Africa
65Al AkhdarLBY 🇱🇾

LBY2,2770,410+7CAF North Africa
66AS Maniema UnionCOD 🇨🇩

COD1,5770,410-8CAF Central Africa
67Royal AMRSA 🇿🇦

RSA1,4160,410+6CAF Southern Africa
68ASC KaraTOG 🇹🇬

TOG1,3660,410+6CAF West Africa
69La Passe FCSEY 🇸🇨

SEY1,3550,410+6CAF Southern Africa
70Royal LeopardsSWZ 🇸🇿

SWZ1,2450,410+9CAF Southern Africa
71Flambeau du CentreBDI 🇧🇮

BDI1,0770,410+9CAF East Africa
72Horseed FCSOM 🇸🇴

SOM0,9710,410+87CAF East Africa
73Kwara UnitedNGA 🇳🇬

NGA0,9330,410+5CAF West Africa
74Cape Town City F.C.RSA 🇿🇦

RSA0,9100,410+9CAF Southern Africa
75Enugu RangersNGA 🇳🇬

NGA0,8730,410-12CAF West Africa

UGA0,8280,410-12CAF East Africa
77GagnoaCIV 🇨🇮

CIV0,8120,410+9CAF West Africa
78TeunguethSEN 🇸🇳

SEN0,6760,410-11CAF West Africa

RWA0,6260,410-3CAF East Africa
80Red ArrowsZAM 🇿🇲

ZAM0,5850,410-3CAF Southern Africa
81AS ArtaDJI 🇩🇯

DJI0,5680,410+41CAF East Africa
82Paradou ACALG 🇩🇿

ALG0,5340,410-13CAF North Africa
83AS KigaliRWA 🇷🇼

RWA0,4770,410+6CAF East Africa
84Stade MalienMLI 🇲🇱

MLI0,4290,410-13CAF West Africa
85ASKO KaraTOG 🇹🇬

TOG0,3960,410-17CAF West Africa
86Asante KotokoGHA 🇬🇭

GHA0,3760,410-2CAF West Africa
87St Michel UnitedSEY 🇸🇨

SEY0,2750,410+6CAF Southern Africa
88Fasil KenemaETH 🇪🇹

ETH0,2040,410+11CAF East Africa
89AzamTAN 🇹🇿

TAN0,1950,410+3CAF East Africa
90Ferroviário da BeiraMOZ 🇲🇿

MOZ0,1730,410+17CAF Southern Africa
91Difaâ El JadidiMAR 🇲🇦

MAR0,1380,410-10CAF North Africa
92União Desportiva do SongoMOZ 🇲🇿

MOZ0,1360,410-10CAF Southern Africa
93Hilal AlsahilSDN 🇸🇩

SDN0,1300,410+20CAF East Africa
94Saint George S.ETH 🇪🇹

ETH0,1240,410+1CAF East Africa
95Gaborone UnitedBOT 🇧🇼

BOT0,1030,410+3CAF Southern Africa
96Casa SportsSEN 🇸🇳

SEN0,0930,410+7CAF West Africa
97Watanga FCLBR 🇱🇷

LBR0,0910,410+7CAF West Africa
98Rayon SportsRWA 🇷🇼

RWA0,0810,410-13CAF East Africa
99Geita Gold FCTAN 🇹🇿

TAN0,0770,410+10CAF East Africa
100Deportivo MongomoEQG 🇬🇶

EQG0,0690,410+12CAF Central Africa
101Remo StarsNGA 🇳🇬

NGA0,0590,410+13CAF West Africa
102Kipanga FCZAN 🇹🇿

ZAN0,0550,410+21CAF East Africa
103Nouakchott KingsMTN 🇲🇷

MTN0,0530,410+12CAF West Africa
104Salitas FCBFA 🇧🇫

BFA0,0510,410-17CAF West Africa
105BumamuruBDI 🇧🇮

BDI0,0490,410+12CAF East Africa
106Academie SOARGUI 🇬🇳

GUI0,0470,410+12CAF West Africa
107Al Ahli KhartoumSDN 🇸🇩

SDN0,0460,410+13CAF East Africa
108Al-Ahly BenghaziLBY 🇱🇾

LBY0,0440,410-20CAF North Africa
109NA Hussein Dey ALG 🇩🇿

ALG0,0340,410-19CAF North Africa
110MiloGUI 🇬🇳

GUI0,0270,410+16CAF West Africa
111FC San-PédroCIV 🇨🇮

CIV0,0220,410-20CAF West Africa
112Bo RangersSLE 🇸🇱

SLE0,0220,410+16CAF West Africa
113Douanes NiameyNIG 🇳🇪

NIG0,0180,410+18CAF West Africa
114BUL JinjaUGA 🇺🇬

UGA0,0140,410+18CAF East Africa
115Mbabane HighlandersSWZ 🇸🇿

SWZ0,0110,410+19CAF Southern Africa
116ASAS Djibouti TélécomDJI 🇩🇯

DJI0,0080,410+21CAF East Africa
117Lobi StarsNGA 🇳🇬

NGA0,0070,410-23CAF West Africa
118Douanes OuagadougouBFA 🇧🇫

BFA0,0060,410+29CAF West Africa
119AS Stade MandjiGAB 🇬🇦

GAB0,0060,410+25CAF Central Africa

LBR0,0050,410+29CAF West Africa
121PWD BamendaCMR 🇨🇲

CMR0,0040,410+29CAF Central Africa
122Black BullsMOZ 🇲🇿

MOZ0,0040,410+29CAF Southern Africa
123US Ben GuerdaneTUN 🇹🇳

TUN0,0030,410-26CAF North Africa
124WilliamsvilleCIV 🇨🇮

CIV0,0030,410-28CAF West Africa
125Security Systems FCBOT 🇧🇼

BOT0,0010,410+27CAF Southern Africa
126Coton Sport BeninBEN 🇧🇯

BEN0,0010,410+30CAF West Africa

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