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July, 2020 - Global Leagues Ranking

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Leagues Global Rating

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July 15, 2020

Pos.League CountryClubs CountryPtsLeague+/- Placeup/down ClassCont RankFIFA NT RankPlayers FWCPlayers Cont ChLeague Name (eng/fra/lat trans)ClassClass Star MarkConf/Fed ContinentFed Rankthe KA Rate CodeClubsDivision LevelZone/RegionCountry Cluster
1ENG🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿1 197,918Premier League24105/129153/2461 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.546_20+England1Europe: British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
2ESP🇪🇸763,796La Liga1880/8171/941 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.504_20+Spain1Europe: South and BalkansEuropean Romance Languages States (excl. FRA)
3ITA🇮🇹638,262Serie A3135885/941 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.462_20+Italy1Europe: South and BalkansEuropean Romance Languages States (excl. FRA)
4GER🇩🇪590,629Bundesliga41562/6784/1021 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.420_18+Germany1Europe West ContinentalDACH Countries
5FRA🇫🇷🇲🇨503,341Ligue 15247/4982/1302 World Top★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRT_1.378_17+France-Monaco1Europe West ContinentalFrance / overseas territories
6RUS🇷🇺274,831Российская Премьер-Лига7383638/40Russian Premier League3 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.336_6+Russia1Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl. Baltics, MDA)
7POR🇵🇹245,535Primeira Liga671838/463 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.294_5+Portugal1Europe: South and BalkansEuropean Romance Languages States (excl. FRA)
8BEL🇧🇪212,452First Division A Pro League8116/1734/373 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.252_5+Belgium1Europe West ContinentalBenelux / overseas territories / Taalunie
9TUR🇹🇷209,801Süper Lig112921/2273/793 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.210_5+Turkey1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (excl. other clusters)
10NED🇳🇱195,870Eredivisie9141526/353 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.168_4+Netherlands1Europe West ContinentalBenelux / overseas territories / Taalunie
11MEX🇲🇽181,911Liga MX11122/2346/483 Upper Continental★★★★CONCACAF / North Central America4CTU_1.126_4+Mexico1America: NorthLatin America
12BRA🇧🇷150,001Campeonato Brasileiro Série A⬆︎139143 Upper Continental★★★★CONMEBOL / South America2CTU_1.084_4+Brazil1America: SouthLatin America
13SCO🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿147,965Scottish Premiership+213507204 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_1.042_3+Scotland1Europe: British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
14ARG🇦🇷141,386Liga Profesional de Fútbol / SAF29916/174 Prime Continental★★★CONMEBOL / South America2CTP_1.000_4+Argentina1America: SouthLatin America
15AUT🇦🇹139,978Fußball-Bundesliga+11026274 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_0.959_3+Austria1Europe: Central and EastDACH Countries
16USA🇺🇸🇨🇦138,969Major League Soccer+12221982/1104 Prime Continental★★★CONCACAF / North Central America4CTP_0.918_4+United States-Canada1America: NorthUSA / overseas territories
17UKR🇺🇦138,058Українська Прем’єр-Лі́га-41224321Ukrainian Premier League4 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_0.877_3+Ukraine1Europe: Central and Eastformer Soviet Union Area (excl. Baltics, MDA)
18DEN🇩🇰130,500Superligaen15167/8124 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_0.836_3+Denmark1Europe: British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / overseas territories
19SUI🇨🇭125,634Super League⬆︎1812420/234 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_0.795_3+Switzerland1Europe West ContinentalDACH Countries
20CRO🇭🇷120,261Prva Liga2063125 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.754_2+Croatia1Europe: South and BalkansSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
21ENG🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿114,720EFL Championship+22423/12960/2465 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.713_7+England-Wales2Europe: British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
22GRE🇬🇷113,719Ελληνική Σούπερ Λίγκα1754516/19Greek Super League5 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.672_2+Greece1Europe: South and BalkansGreek Language Countries
23SWE🇸🇪112,973Allsvenskan-22117315/225 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.631_2+Sweden1Europe: British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / overseas territories
24CZE🇨🇿101,4261. Česká Fotbalová Liga1945016/175 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.590_2+Czech Republic1Europe: Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
25CYP🇨🇾100,104Παγκύπριο Πρωτάθλημα Α΄ Κατηγορίας+1⬆︎149505Cypriot Championship A Class5 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.549_2+Cyprus1Euro-Asian UEFAGreek Language Countries
26SRB🇷🇸98,998Суперлига Србије-1⬆︎162933Serbian SuperLiga5 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.508_2+Serbia1Europe: South and BalkansSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
27KSA🇸🇦92,899دوري المحترفين السعودي1673046/55Saudi Professional League6 Upper Inter-Zone★☆AFC / Asia3IZU_0.467_2Saudi Arabia1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)Arab World
28POL🇵🇱85,294Ekstraklasa3119415/166 Upper Inter-Zone★☆UEFA / Europe1IZU_0.467_2Poland1Europe: Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
29CHN🇨🇳85,286中国足球协会超级联赛376833/34Chinese Football Association Super League6 Upper Inter-Zone★☆AFC / Asia3IZU_0.467_2China1Asia-PacificChinese Area
30COL🇨🇴82,534Categoría Primera A310666 Upper Inter-Zone★☆CONMEBOL / South America2IZU_0.467_2Colombia1America: SouthLatin America
31ISR🇮🇱80,282ליגת העל+2229324/5Super League7 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.467_1Israel1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (excl. other clusters)
32JPN🇯🇵78,833J1リーグ2281530/36J1 League7 Middle Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZM_0.467_1Japan1Asia-PacificFar East and Himalayas (excl. Cmlth / other clusters)
33NOR🇳🇴78,435Eliteserien-2⬇︎264414/77 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.467_1Norway1Europe: British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / overseas territories
34BUL🇧🇬78,056Първа Лига235925First Professional Football League7 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.467_1Bulgaria1Europe: South and BalkansSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
35ROU🇷🇴71,927Liga I+127371147 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.467_1Romania1Europe: Central and EastEuropean Romance Languages States (excl. FRA)
36QAT🇶🇦71,423دوري نجوم قطر-1755271/78Qatar Stars League7 Middle Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZM_0.467_1Qatar1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)Arab World
37PAR🇵🇾69,464División de Honor+14411107 Middle Inter-ZoneCONMEBOL / South America2IZM_0.467_1Paraguay1America: SouthLatin America
38GER🇩🇪68,7352. Bundesliga-14155/6713/1027 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.467_0+Germany2Europe West ContinentalDACH Countries
39FRA🇫🇷67,842Ligue 2⬇︎522/4928/1308 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.467_0+France2Europe West ContinentalFrance / overseas territories
40ESP🇪🇸66,750LaLiga2+1181/8115/948 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.467_1+Spain2Europe: South and BalkansEuropean Romance Languages States (excl. FRA)
41HUN🇭🇺66,453Nemzeti Bajnokság+13252012/138 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.467_1Hungary1Europe: Central and EastFinno-Ugric / Baltic Countries
42SVK🇸🇰64,986Superliga-22932178 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.467_1Slovakia1Europe: Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
43AZE🇦🇿63,154Premyer Liqası25114028 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.467_1Azerbaijan1Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl. Baltics, MDA)
44ITA🇮🇹62,610Serie B+13130/586/948 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.467_0+Italy2Europe: South and BalkansEuropean Romance Languages States (excl. FRA)
45KAZ🇰🇿61,379Қазақстан Премьер Лигасы-12411802Qazaqstan Premier Ligasy (kaz – lat char)8 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.467_1Kazakhstan1Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl. Baltics, MDA)
46KOR🇰🇷52,858K리그-클래식44011/137/10K-League Classic8 Lower Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZL_0.467_1Korea Republic1Asia-PacificKorean Area
47IRN🇮🇷52,111یگ برتر خلیج فارس533914Gulf Premier League8 Lower Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZL_0.467_1Iran1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)Non Arabian Middle East (excl. other clusters)
48CRC🇨🇷51,000Liga FPD346714/16Intermediate 9<>CONCACAF / North Central America4DMI_0,467_0Costa Rica1America: Central and CaribbeanLatin America
49HON🇭🇳44,285Liga Nacional+10⬆︎46218Intermediate 9<>CONCACAF / North Central America4DMI_0,467_0Honduras1America: Central and CaribbeanLatin America
50TUN🇹🇳37,042الرابطة المحترفة الأولى لكرة القدم+2227614/15Première Ligue de Football Professionnel (fra)Intermediate 9<>CAF / Africa5DMI_0,467_0Tunisia1Africa: NorthArab World
51EGY🇪🇬36,078الدوري المصري الممتاز+23511026Egyptian Premier LeagueIntermediate 9<>CAF / Africa5DMI_0,467_0Egypt1Africa: NorthArab World
52UAE🇦🇪34,538دوري الخليج العربي-21071227/28Arabian Gulf LeagueIntermediate 9<>AFC / Asia3DMI_0,467_0UAE1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)Arab World
53BLR🇧🇾32,704Вышэйшая Ліга-2288700Top LeagueIntermediate 9<>UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,467_0Belarus1Europe: Central and Eastformer Soviet Union Area (excl. Baltics, MDA)
54SVN🇸🇮31,076PrvaLiga306401/2Intermediate 9<>UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,467_0Slovenia1Europe: South and BalkansSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
55URU🇺🇾30,450Campeonato Uruguayo+16522Secondary 10CONMEBOL / South America2DMI_0,467_0Uruguay1America: SouthLatin America
56CHI🇨🇱28,173Primera División de Chile+1717210/12Secondary 10CONMEBOL / South America2DMS_0,467_0Chile1America: SouthLatin America
57AUS🇦🇺 🇳🇿25,513A-League+12042314/18Secondary 10AFC / Asia3DMS_0,467_0New Zealand-Australia1Asia-Pacificthe Commonwealth (excl. UK / Africa)
58PAN🇵🇦24,177Liga Panameña de Fútbol-9⬇︎58138Secondary 10CONCACAF / North Central America4DMS_0,467_0Panama1America: Central and CaribbeanLatin America
59IRQ🇮🇶20,002دوري الممتاز العراقي+1670015Iraqi Premier LeagueSecondary 10AFC / Asia3DMS_0,467_0Iraq1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)Arab World
60JOR🇯🇴18,979دوري الأردني للمحترفين+1997021Jordanian Professional LeagueSecondary 10AFC / Asia3DMS_0,467_0Jordan1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)Arab World
61RSA🇿🇦18,947Premier Soccer League+1671143/48Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0South Africa1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa
62MAR🇲🇦18,574Botola Pro 1 / البطولة-7⬇︎14326Botola ( mar-arab-lat char) / Championnat National Marocain (fra)Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0Morocco1Africa: NorthArab World
63ALG🇩🇿16,116الرابطة الجزائرية المحترفة الأولى لكرة القدم+143504/5Algérie Première Ligue de Football Professionnel (fra)Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0Algeria1Africa: NorthArab World
64PHI🇵🇭15,593Philippines Football League+18124014Secondary 10AFC / Asia3DMS_0,467_0Philippines1Asia-PacificFar East and Himalayas (excl. Cmlth / other clusters)
65COD🇨🇩15,195Linafoot+155608Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0Congo DR1Africa Sub-SaharanFrancophone Africa
66NGA🇳🇬14,987Nigerian Professional Football League+1103112Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0Nigeria1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa
67GUI🇬🇳14,237Guinée Championnat National+197410Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0Guinea1Africa Sub-SaharanFrancophone Africa
68RUS🇷🇺13,263Футбольная Национальная Лига+27380/362/40Football National LeagueSecondary 10UEFA / Europe1DMS_0,467_0Russia2Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl. Baltics, MDA)
69ZAM🇿🇲13,066Zambia Super League88808Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0Zambia1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa
70ANG🇦🇴12,150Girabola+17124013Secondary 10CAF / Africa5DMS_0,467_0Angola1Africa Sub-SaharanLusophone Africa / Asia (excl. MAC)
71POR🇵🇹12,134LigaPro+1670/186/46Secondary 10UEFA / Europe1DMS_0,467_0Portugal2Europe: South and BalkansEuropean Romance Languages States (excl. FRA)
72NZL🇳🇿11,539Premiership+1112202/6Secondary 10OFC / Oceania6DMS_0,467_0New Zealand1Asia-Pacificthe Commonwealth (excl. UK / Africa)
73ECU🇪🇨10,865Serie A de Ecuador+156309Secondary 10CONMEBOL / South America2DMS_0,467_0Ecuador1America: SouthLatin America
74BOL🇧🇴10,433Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano+1875023Secondary 10CONMEBOL / South America2DMS_0,467_0Bolivia1America: SouthLatin America
75PER🇵🇪10,000Primera División del Perú+2102167Secondary 10CONMEBOL / South America2DMS_0,467_0Peru1America: SouthLatin America
74E →🌎< 10,000All other Leagues in the WorldElementaryDME_0,467_0

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