Opening of the Year 2022

February, 2022 - Global Ranking of Leagues

Season 2021/2022
Leagues Global Rating

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February 12, 2022
PosCountryClubsPTSLEAGUE+/- Place+/- ClassCont RankFIFA RankPlayers FWCPlayers ContChClass MarkClassFED RankFEDLeague Name (trans)the KA Rate CodeClubsDivision LevelZone/RegionCountry Cluster

1 349,589Premier League15105/129180/258★★★★★★1 World Ultimate1UEFAWRU_1.610_20+England1Europe – British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories

845,862La Liga3780/8178/108★★★★★★1 World Ultimate1UEFAWRU_1.549_20+Spain1Europe SouthRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

821,151Serie A2658116/133★★★★★★1 World Ultimate1UEFAWRU_1.488_20+Italy1Europe SouthRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

700,516Bundesliga⬇︎41162/67109/129★★★★★2 World Top Class1UEFAWRT_1.427_17+Germany1Europe WestDACH Countries

545,292Ligue 15347/4997/167★★★★★2 World Top Class1UEFAWRT_1.366_14+France-Monaco1Europe WestFrance / overseas territories

289,336Primeira Liga+1681840/50★★★★3 Upper Continental1UEFACTU_1.305_5+Portugal1Europe SouthRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

268,260Eredivisie+17101541/50★★★★3 Upper Continental1UEFACTU_1.244_5+Netherlands1Europe WestBenelux / NED Taalunie

252,780Российская Премьер-Лига-28353643★★★★3 Upper Continental1UEFARussian Premier LeagueCTU_1.183_4+Russia1Euro-Asian UEFACIS (USRB / Central Asia)

203,727Liga MX⬇︎11222/2339/40★★★4 Prime Continental4CONCACAFCTP_1.122_3+Mexico1America NorthLatin America

193,935First Division A Pro League⬇︎10116/1747/49★★★4 Prime Continental1UEFACTP_1.061_3+Belgium1Europe WestBenelux / NED Taalunie

171,266Süper Lig⬇︎163921/2245/50★★★4 Prime Continental1UEFACTP_1.000_3+Turkey1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (Sui Generis)

157,841Major League Soccer+22131994/118★★★4 Prime Continental4CONCACAFCTP_0.940_4+United States-Canada1America NorthUSA / overseas territories

155,509Campeonato Brasileiro Série A-1⬇︎12918/19★★★4 Prime Continental2CONMEBOLCTP_0.880_3+Brazil1America SouthLatin America

143,913Liga Profesional de Fútbol+124919/20★★★4 Prime Continental2CONMEBOLCTP_0.820_3+Argentina1America SouthLatin America

142,844Українська Прем’єр-Лі́га-2⬇︎1127319★★5 Lower Continental1UEFAUkrainian Premier LeagueCTL_0.760_2+Ukraine1Europe Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

133,519Fußball-Bundesliga+1⬇︎93027★★5 Lower Continental1UEFACTL_0.700_2+Austria1Europe Central and EastDACH Countries

120,744Scottish Premiership-1⬇︎1540721/23★★5 Lower Continental1UEFACTL_0.640_2+Scotland1Europe – British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories

119,930EFL Championship+61523/12958/258★★5 Lower Continental1UEFACTL_0.580_6+England-Wales2Europe – British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories

114,948Prva Liga-11315317/18★★5 Lower Continental1UEFACTL_0.520_2Croatia1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

108,562Super League+21214417/23★★5 Lower Continental1UEFACTL_0.460_2Switzerland1Europe WestDACH Countries

103,560دوري المحترفين السعودي+62533043/46★☆6 Upper Inter-Zone3AFCSaudi Professional LeagueIZU_0.400_2Saudi Arabia1AFC Middle EastArab World

101,6011. Česká Fotbalová Liga-2⬇︎⬇︎14310187 Middle Inter-Zone1UEFAIZM_0.400_1Czech Republic1Europe Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

97,271Superligaen-4⬇︎⬇︎2097/815/197 Middle Inter-Zone1UEFAIZM_0.400_1Denmark1Europe – British Isles and NordicsScandinavian Countries

94,195Ελληνική Σούπερ Λίγκα-3⬇︎⬇︎1755512/167 Middle Inter-Zone1UEFAGreek Super LeagueIZM_0.400_1Greece1Europe SouthGreek Language Countries

89,199中国足球协会超级联赛+4⬇︎5758337 Middle Inter-Zone3AFCChinese Football Association Super LeagueIZM_0.400_1China1Asia-PacificChinese Area

84,701J1リーグ+4⬇︎4231518/227 Middle Inter-Zone3AFCJ1 LeagueIZM_0.400_1Japan1Asia-PacificFar East and Himalayas (Sui Generis)

78,042Суперлига Србије-4⬇︎⬇︎1825347 Middle Inter-Zone1UEFASerbian SuperLigaIZM_0.400_1Serbia1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

70,517Categoría Primera A+4519687 Middle Inter-Zone2CONMEBOLIZM_0.400_1Colombia1America SouthLatin America

70,120K리그-클래식+1512911/138/118 Lower Inter-Zone3AFCK-League ClassicIZL_0.400_1Korea Republic1Asia-PacificKorean Area

67,7132. Bundesliga+8⬇︎4115/6716/1298 Lower Inter-Zone1UEFAIZL_0.400_0+Germany2Europe WestDACH Countries

66,947Παγκύπριο Πρωτάθλημα Α΄ Κατηγορίας-5⬇︎⬇︎!19105021/238 Lower Inter-Zone1UEFACypriot Championship A ClassIZL_0.400_1Cyprus1Euro-Asian UEFAGreek Language Countries

66,471Allsvenskan-7⬇︎⬇︎!2317313/208 Lower Inter-Zone1UEFAIZL_0.400_1Sweden1Europe – British Isles and NordicsScandinavian Countries

65,743Ligue 2+7532/4936/1678 Lower Inter-Zone1UEFAIZL_0.400_0+France2Europe WestFrance / overseas territories

64,969LaLiga2+8371/8117/1088 Lower Inter-Zone1UEFAIZL_0.400_0+Spain2Europe SouthRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

63,020Serie B+8260/5814/1338 Lower Inter-Zone1UEFAIZL_0.400_0+Italy2Europe SouthRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

58,252یگ برتر خلیج فارس+123219138 Lower Inter-Zone3AFCGulf Premier LeagueIZL_0.400_1Iran1AFC Middle EastNon Arabian Middle East (Sui Generis)

57,000Eliteserien-9⬇︎⬇︎224514/88 Lower Inter-Zone1UEFAIZL_0,400_1Norway1Europe – British Isles and NordicsScandinavian Countries

56,000Liga FPD+3⬇︎442719⩤⩥9 Intermediate4CONCACAFDMI_0,400_0Costa Rica1America Central and CaribbeanLatin America

52,661Liga Nacional+8⬇︎378116⩤⩥9 Intermediate4CONCACAFDMI_0,400_0Honduras1America Central and CaribbeanLatin America

48,789الدوري المصري الممتاز+91341034⩤⩥9 Intermediate5CAFEgyptian Premier LeagueDMI_0,400_0Egypt1Africa NorthArab World

45,806الرابطة المحترفة الأولى لكرة القدم+10236613⩤⩥9 Intermediate5CAFPremière Ligue de Football Professionnel (fra)DMI_0,400_0Tunisia1Africa NorthArab World

33,053ליגת העל-11⬇︎⬇︎217725⩤⩥9 Intermediate1UEFASuper LeagueDMI_0,400_0Israel1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (Sui Generis)

32,318División de Honor-7⬇︎⬇︎350110⩤⩥9 Intermediate2CONMEBOLDMI_0,400_0Paraguay1America SouthLatin America

32,109دوري نجوم قطر-7⬇︎⬇︎652270/77⩤⩥9 Intermediate3AFCQatar Stars LeagueDMI_0,400_0Qatar1AFC Middle EastArab World

31,820Първа Лига-11⬇︎⬇︎247125⩤⩥9 Intermediate1UEFAFirst Professional Football LeagueDMI_0,400_0Bulgaria1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

31,517Liga I-7⬇︎⬇︎264713⩤⩥9 Intermediate1UEFADMI_0,400_0Romania1Europe Central and EastRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

31,211Nemzeti Bajnokság-14⬇︎⬇︎2741022/23⩤⩥9 Intermediate1UEFADMI_0,400_0Hungary1Europe Central and EastFinno-Ugric / Baltic Countries

30,892Қазақстан Премьер Лигасы-2⬇︎2912002⩤⩥9 Intermediate1UEFAQazaqstan Premier Ligasy (kaz – lat char)DMI_0,400_0Kazakhstan1Euro-Asian UEFACIS (USRB / Central Asia)

30,562Superliga-4⬇︎314615⩤⩥9 Intermediate1UEFADMI_0,400_0Slovakia1Europe Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

30,209Ekstraklasa-15⬇︎⬇︎3428410/11⩤⩥9 Intermediate1UEFADMI_0,400_0Poland1Europe Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

29,513Campeonato Uruguayo+461627⌘ 10 Secondary2CONMEBOLDMS_0,400_0Uruguay1America SouthLatin America

27,595دوري المحترفين الإماراتي-2⬇︎769230/31⌘ 10 Secondary3AFCUAE Pro LeagueDMS_0,400_0UAE1AFC Middle EastArab World

26,261Primera División de Chile+3726212/13⌘ 10 Secondary2CONMEBOLDMS_0,400_0Chile1America SouthLatin America

23,809Botola Pro 1 / البطولة+3324211⌘ 10 Secondary5CAFBotola ( mar-arab-lat char) / Championnat National Marocain (fra)DMS_0,400_0Morocco1Africa NorthArab World

20,281Divizia Națională+252518103⌘ 10 Secondary1UEFADMS_0,400_0Moldova-Transnistria1Europe Central and EastRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

20,078Premier Soccer League+2668110/19⌘ 10 Secondary5CAFDMS_0,400_0South Africa1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa

19,782Premyer Liqası-4⬇︎2812104⌘ 10 Secondary1UEFADMS_0,400_0Azerbaijan1Euro-Asian UEFACaucasian Countries

19,680الرابطة الجزائرية المحترفة الأولى لكرة القدم+144301⌘ 10 Secondary5CAFAlgérie Première Ligue de Football Professionnel (fra)DMS_0,400_0Algeria1Africa NorthArab World

19,446Вышэйшая Ліга-5⬇︎309401⌘ 10 Secondary1UEFATop LeagueDMS_0,400_0Belarus1Europe Central and EastCIS (USRB / Central Asia)

18,915Linafoot+156604⌘ 10 Secondary5CAFDMS_0,400_0Congo DR1Africa Sub-SaharanFrancophone Africa

16,908Nigerian Professional Football League+1103212⌘ 10 Secondary5CAFDMS_0,400_0Nigeria1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa

16,326Guinée Championnat National+178117⌘ 10 Secondary5CAFDMS_0,400_0Guinea1Africa Sub-SaharanFrancophone Africa

14,421Liga Portugal 2+2680/186/50⌘ 10 Secondary1UEFADMS_0,400_0Portugal2Europe SouthRomance-Speaking Europe (excl. French)

13,871Serie A de Ecuador+5444010⌘ 10 Secondary2CONMEBOLDMS_0,400_0Ecuador1America SouthLatin America

13,836PrvaLiga-13⬇︎326401/2⌘ 10 Secondary1UEFADMS_0,400_0Slovenia1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. CIS)

13,800Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara1213205⌘ 10 Secondary5CAFDMS_0,400_0Tanzania1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa
67E🌎<13,800All other Leagues in the worldElementaryDME_0,400_0

February 18, 2022

Pos.League CountryClubs CountryPtsLeague+/- Placeup/down ClassCont RankFIFA NT RankPlayers FWCPlayers Cont ChLeague Name (eng/fra/lat trans)ClassClass Star MarkConf/Fed ContinentFed Rankthe KA Rate CodeClubsDivision LevelZone/RegionCountry Cluster
1ENG🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿1 349,589Premier League15105/129180/2581 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.610_20+England1Europe – British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
2ESP🇪🇸845,862La Liga3780/8178/1081 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.549_20+Spain1Europe SouthRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
3ITA🇮🇹821,151Serie A2658116/1331 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.488_20+Italy1Europe SouthRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
4GER🇩🇪700,516Bundesliga⬇︎41162/67109/1292 World Top★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRT_1.427_17+Germany1Europe WestDACH Countries
5FRA🇫🇷🇲🇨545,292Ligue 15347/4997/1672 World Top★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRT_1.366_14+France-Monaco1Europe WestFrance / overseas territories
6POR🇵🇹289,336Primeira Liga+1681840/503 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.305_5+Portugal1Europe SouthRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
7NED🇳🇱268,260Eredivisie+17101541/503 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.244_5+Netherlands1Europe WestBenelux / NED overseas / Taalunie
8RUS🇷🇺252,780Российская Премьер-Лига-28353643Russian Premier League3 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.183_4+Russia1Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl.)
9MEX🇲🇽203,727Liga MX⬇︎11222/2339/404 Prime Continental★★★CONCACAF / North Central America4CTP_1.122_3+Mexico1America NorthLatin America
10BEL🇧🇪193,935First Division A Pro League⬇︎10116/1747/494 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_1.061_3+Belgium1Europe WestBenelux / NED overseas / Taalunie
11TUR🇹🇷171,266Süper Lig⬇︎163921/2245/504 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_1.000_3+Turkey1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (excl.)
12USA🇺🇸🇨🇦157,841Major League Soccer+22131994/1184 Prime Continental★★★CONCACAF / North Central America4CTP_0.940_4+United States-Canada1America NorthUSA / overseas territories
13BRA🇧🇷155,509Campeonato Brasileiro Série A-1⬇︎12918/194 Prime Continental★★★CONMEBOL / South America2CTP_0.880_3+Brazil1America SouthLatin America
14ARG🇦🇷143,913Liga Profesional de Fútbol / SAF+124919/204 Prime Continental★★★CONMEBOL / South America2CTP_0.820_3+Argentina1America SouthLatin America
15UKR🇺🇦142,844Українська Прем’єр-Лі́га-2⬇︎1127319Ukrainian Premier League5 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.760_2+Ukraine1Europe Central and Eastformer Soviet Union Area (excl.)
16AUT🇦🇹133,519Fußball-Bundesliga+1⬇︎930275 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.700_2+Austria1Europe Central and EastDACH Countries
17SCO🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿120,744Scottish Premiership-1⬇︎1540721/235 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.640_2+Scotland1Europe – British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
18ENG🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿119,930EFL Championship+61523/12958/2585 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.580_6+England-Wales2Europe – British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
19CRO🇭🇷114,948Prva Liga-11315317/185 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.520_2Croatia1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
20SUI🇨🇭108,562Super League+21214417/235 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.460_2Switzerland-Liechtenstein1Europe WestDACH Countries
21KSA🇸🇦103,560دوري المحترفين السعودي+62533043/46Saudi Professional League6 Upper Inter-Zone★☆AFC / Asia3IZU_0.400_2Saudi Arabia1AFC Middle EastArab World
22CZE🇨🇿101,6011. Česká Fotbalová Liga-2⬇︎⬇︎14310187 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.400_1Czech Republic1Europe Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
23DEN🇩🇰97,271Superligaen-4⬇︎⬇︎2097/815/197 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.400_1Denmark1Europe – British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / DEN overseas
24GRE🇬🇷94,195Ελληνική Σούπερ Λίγκα-3⬇︎⬇︎1755512/16Greek Super League7 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.400_1Greece1Europe SouthGreek Language Countries
25CHN🇨🇳89,199中国足球协会超级联赛+4⬇︎575833Chinese Football Association Super League7 Middle Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZM_0.400_1China1Asia-PacificChinese Area
26JPN🇯🇵84,701J1リーグ+4⬇︎4231518/22J1 League7 Middle Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZM_0.400_1Japan1Asia-PacificFar East and Himalayas (excl.)
27SRB🇷🇸78,042Суперлига Србије-4⬇︎⬇︎182534Serbian SuperLiga7 Middle Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZM_0.400_1Serbia1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
28COL🇨🇴70,517Categoría Primera A+4519687 Middle Inter-ZoneCONMEBOL / South America2IZM_0.400_1Colombia1America SouthLatin America
29KOR🇰🇷70,120K리그-클래식+1512911/138/11K-League Classic8 Lower Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZL_0.400_1Korea Republic1Asia-PacificKorean Area
30GER🇩🇪67,7132. Bundesliga+8⬇︎4115/6716/1298 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.400_0+Germany2Europe WestDACH Countries
31CYP🇨🇾66,947Παγκύπριο Πρωτάθλημα Α΄ Κατηγορίας-5⬇︎⬇︎!19105021/23Cypriot Championship A Class8 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.400_1Cyprus1Euro-Asian UEFAGreek Language Countries
32SWE🇸🇪66,471Allsvenskan-7⬇︎⬇︎!2317313/208 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.400_1Sweden1Europe – British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / DEN overseas
33FRA🇫🇷65,743Ligue 2+7532/4936/1678 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.400_0+France2Europe WestFrance / overseas territories
34ESP🇪🇸64,969LaLiga2+8371/8117/1088 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.400_0+Spain2Europe SouthRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
35ITA🇮🇹63,020Serie B+8260/5814/1338 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0.400_0+Italy2Europe SouthRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
36IRN🇮🇷58,252یگ برتر خلیج فارس+12321913Gulf Premier League8 Lower Inter-ZoneAFC / Asia3IZL_0.400_1Iran1AFC Middle EastNon Arabian Middle East (excl.)
37NOR🇳🇴57,000Eliteserien-9⬇︎⬇︎224514/88 Lower Inter-ZoneUEFA / Europe1IZL_0,400_1Norway1Europe – British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / DEN overseas
38CRC🇨🇷56,000Liga FPD+3⬇︎4427199 Intermediate⩤⩥CONCACAF / North Central America4DMI_0,400_0Costa Rica1America Central and CaribbeanLatin America
39HON🇭🇳52,661Liga Nacional+8⬇︎3781169 Intermediate⩤⩥CONCACAF / North Central America4DMI_0,400_0Honduras1America Central and CaribbeanLatin America
40EGY🇪🇬48,789الدوري المصري الممتاز+91341034Egyptian Premier League9 Intermediate⩤⩥CAF / Africa5DMI_0,400_0Egypt1Africa NorthArab World
41TUN🇹🇳45,806الرابطة المحترفة الأولى لكرة القدم+10236613Première Ligue de Football Professionnel (fra)9 Intermediate⩤⩥CAF / Africa5DMI_0,400_0Tunisia1Africa NorthArab World
42ISR🇮🇱33,053ליגת העל-11⬇︎⬇︎217725Super League9 Intermediate⩤⩥UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,400_0Israel1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (excl.)
43PAR🇵🇾32,318División de Honor-7⬇︎⬇︎3501109 Intermediate⩤⩥CONMEBOL / South America2DMI_0,400_0Paraguay1America SouthLatin America
44QAT🇶🇦32,109دوري نجوم قطر-7⬇︎⬇︎652270/77Qatar Stars League9 Intermediate⩤⩥AFC / Asia3DMI_0,400_0Qatar1AFC Middle EastArab World
45BUL🇧🇬31,820Първа Лига-11⬇︎⬇︎247125First Professional Football League9 Intermediate⩤⩥UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,400_0Bulgaria1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
46ROU🇷🇴31,517Liga I-7⬇︎⬇︎2647139 Intermediate⩤⩥UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,400_0Romania1Europe Central and EastRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
47HUN🇭🇺31,211Nemzeti Bajnokság-14⬇︎⬇︎2741022/239 Intermediate⩤⩥UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,400_0Hungary1Europe Central and EastFinno-Ugric / Baltic Countries
48KAZ🇰🇿30,892Қазақстан Премьер Лигасы-2⬇︎2912002Qazaqstan Premier Ligasy (kaz – lat char)9 Intermediate⩤⩥UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,400_0Kazakhstan1Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl.)
49SVK🇸🇰30,562Superliga-4⬇︎3146159 Intermediate⩤⩥UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,400_0Slovakia1Europe Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
50POL🇵🇱30,209Ekstraklasa-15⬇︎⬇︎3428410/119 Intermediate⩤⩥UEFA / Europe1DMI_0,400_0Poland1Europe Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
51URU🇺🇾29,513Campeonato Uruguayo+46162710 SecondaryCONMEBOL / South America2DMS_0,400_0Uruguay1America SouthLatin America
52UAE🇦🇪27,595دوري المحترفين الإماراتي-2⬇︎769230/31UAE Pro League10 SecondaryAFC / Asia3DMS_0,400_0UAE1AFC Middle EastArab World
53CHI🇨🇱26,261Primera División de Chile+3726212/1310 SecondaryCONMEBOL / South America2DMS_0,400_0Chile1America SouthLatin America
54MAR🇲🇦23,809Botola Pro 1 / البطولة+3324211Botola ( mar-arab-lat char) / Championnat National Marocain (fra)10 SecondaryCAF / Africa5DMS_0,400_0Morocco1Africa NorthArab World
55MDA🇲🇩20,281Divizia Națională+25251810310 SecondaryUEFA / Europe1DMS_0,400_0Moldova-Transnistria1Europe Central and EastRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
56RSA🇿🇦20,078Premier Soccer League+2668110/1910 SecondaryCAF / Africa5DMS_0,400_0South Africa1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa
57AZE🇦🇿19,782Premyer Liqası-4⬇︎281210410 SecondaryUEFA / Europe1DMS_0,400_0Azerbaijan1Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl.)
58ALG🇩🇿19,680الرابطة الجزائرية المحترفة الأولى لكرة القدم+144301Algérie Première Ligue de Football Professionnel (fra)10 SecondaryCAF / Africa5DMS_0,400_0Algeria1Africa NorthArab World
59BLR🇧🇾19,446Вышэйшая Ліга-5⬇︎309401Top League10 SecondaryUEFA / Europe1DMS_0,400_0Belarus1Europe Central and Eastformer Soviet Union Area (excl.)
60COD🇨🇩18,915Linafoot+15660410 SecondaryCAF / Africa5DMS_0,400_0Congo DR1Africa Sub-SaharanFrancophone Africa
61NGA🇳🇬16,908Nigerian Professional Football League+110321210 SecondaryCAF / Africa5DMS_0,400_0Nigeria1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa
62GUI🇬🇳16,326Guinée Championnat National+17811710 SecondaryCAF / Africa5DMS_0,400_0Guinea1Africa Sub-SaharanFrancophone Africa
63POR🇵🇹14,421Liga Portugal 2+2680/186/5010 SecondaryUEFA / Europe1DMS_0,400_0Portugal2Europe SouthRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
64ECU🇪🇨13,871Serie A de Ecuador+544401010 SecondaryCONMEBOL / South America2DMS_0,400_0Ecuador1America SouthLatin America
65SVN🇸🇮13,836PrvaLiga-13⬇︎326401/210 SecondaryUEFA / Europe1DMS_0,400_0Slovenia1Europe SouthSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
66TAN🇹🇿13,800Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara121320510 SecondaryCAF / Africa5DMS_0,400_0Tanzania1Africa Sub-SaharanAnglophone Africa
67E< 13,800All other Leagues in the worldElementaryDME_0,400_0

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Traffic statistics in the Ranking Table

Classes Up


Classes Down


Classes - No Change


Positions Up


Positions Down


Positions - No Change


New entries to the Top Table


Moved to the Elementary Class


Retained places in the Top Table




Continental Federations
the KA Leagues Zones
the KA Country Clusters
the KA Club Zones
Leagues Rating 2020/21


The ranking is based on three factors:
  • Inter-Continental League Points (ICLP) which measures clubs performance in the international club competitions (and transpose and switch the score to leagues where clubs play games according to AIF Procedure);
  • Flow Impact Index (FI2) which measures players performance in the key international national team competitions (and transposes and switch the score to leagues where footballers play games according to CPF Procedure);
  • Nations Football Reputability Index (NFRI) shows the position of the country in the football world, from the perspective of its overall recognition, reputation, prestige and quality of players (and transposes and switch the index score to leagues managing by the rated country).
Additional details find on the Procedure Tab.

Explanations of Columns

The table has 21 columns and contains 66 leagues (first or second level) that met the criteria for classifying them as Chamber or AnteChamber classes. The first column contains the number denoting the position held.


The columns provide names of countries carrying out the football / soccer leagues. By “countries” should understand “football countries”, and therefore not only independent states. In some items in the “Clubs Country” column, more than one flag may appear. It means that a specific league also has clubs from other countries.

Country - special status of clubs

England/Wales:  Swansea City and Cardiff City play usually in the Premier League or EFL Championship. For the moment of preparing the ranking, both clubs play in the English second division. Welsh league on the day of the ranking is in the last Elementary Class.

France/Monaco: Monaco does not have a professional league. AS Monaco FC plays in the French football league system.

Switzerland/Liechtenstein: all clubs in Liechtenstein play in the Swiss football league system. No clubs from Liechtenstein play games in the first level league of Switzerland on the day of the ranking.

USA/Canada: Major League Soccer (MLS) is based in the USA, but both the American and Canadian soccer teams play there. Canada has a new professional league, which started in 2019. This league on the day of the ranking is in the last Elementary Class.

The last column lists the name of the country or countries from which clubs in the league presently come from.


In this column you can compare the position of the country (league) with the position of the national team. The number indicates the place held by the country in the the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking at the date of  February 10, 2022.

In the case of second level leagues listed in the KA Rating – this number is the same like for the highest league.

Players FWC

This column shows number of players representing the league who participated in the last FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

The first number represents the amount of players from a specific league participating in FWC 2018. The second number means the amount of all players from all leagues (divisions) from a certain country attending to the tournament. If it is only one number that means all the players were from the 1st level league.

The players are ordered to the league (club) as at the start of the tournament.

Clubs promoted to upper divisions at the end of the season are considered as “upper division clubs” and conseqently clubs relegated to lower divisions at the end of the season are treated as “lower division clubs”.

FWC statistic with numbers of players assigned to certain clubs and leagues one can find there:


Class & Class Star Mark

There are 4 (four) Tiers: World, Continental, Inter-Zone & Domestic. Each of the Tier is divided into Classes. 

The highest Tier has two Classes: World Ultimate & World Top. The others have 3 Classes. Continental Tier is divided to: Upper, Prime & Lower, but Inter-Zone Tier is divided to: Upper, Middle & Lower.

Classes, with the exception of the Classes assigned to the lowest Tier, are marked with asterisks, from 6 to 0.5 asterisk (white star). They are called “the Chamber”.

The 9th (Intermediate) and the 10th class (Secondary) are also called “the AnteChamber”.

The 11th class (Elementary Class) has separate table: the Yard Table.

Learn more on THE-KA LOGS tab or on the Leagues Rating Home Page.

Tiers, Classes & Ranges

Fed & Fed Rank

Data in columns present the name of continental Federation/Confederation to which the country belongs, as well as the place held by the mother continental Federation/Confederation in the KA Federation Ranking.

The KA Federation Ranking, calculated on the basis of AIF and NFRI, is supporting ranking for the KA System, where important and necessary coefficients & converters are determined.

Division Level

General rule of the ranking implies to show the highest divisions. However some of lower divisions have better strength, attractiveness and renown then many of the first level leagues. Therefore the KA System provides also positioning of lower level leagues and in the ranking one can find some of the second level divisions. In the Yard Table (lower rated table) also can be find the third level leagues or even lower level divisions.

Country Clusters

Country Cluster – a group of countries designated on the basis of political or ethnic criteria, and sometimes having a sub- or inter-regional character. This division allows you to look at the world of football from a different perspective than based on regional-zonal allocation. Grouping by clusters is not a balanced division. The assignment of all football countries to clusters can be seen by studying the Nations Football Reputability Index table.


The column provides names of leagues (divisions).

in the 12th column “League Name (eng / fra / lat trans)” the name of the league is transliterated into the Latin alphabet if the country using an alphabet other than the Latin alphabet. The name is given mainly in English, but also in French or other phonetic record – accordingly and appropriately to the country.

Points (Pts)

Points (the KA League Points) obtained by single league according the KA Algorithms System.

Learn more on THE-KA LOGS tab or on the Procedure Tab.

+/- Place & Up/Down Class

Columns show difference in relation to the position held in the previous season and difference in relation to the class assigned in the previous season.

The league can change position and the class does not change at the same time. It is also possible to reverse situations, and even those in which the direction of change is different in relation to the position and the class.

Two arrows ⬆︎⬆︎ indicate promotion / degradation by two classes, but two arrows and an exclamation mark ⬆︎⬆︎ – promotion / degradation by more than two classes. Teardrop (spoked asterisk) ✻  means the new entry.

Continental Ranking (Cont Rank)

The place held by the country in the KA Continental Leagues Ranking (at the date of the last quarterly ranking in 2021) in which it is determined Continental Performance Factors (CPF), of which the most important is ICLP.

The CPF used to calculated on the basis of the results of the clubs performance in the continental club competitions organized or recognized by Federations – members of FIFA for the last 4/5 seasons. 

In the last six months, we started using the ELO method. This method changed the global ranking picture. The ranking stretched and the spread between the best leagues and other leagues widened. Therefore, many leagues have moved to lower classes in the current ranking.

Competitions taken into account: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, CAF Champions League, CAF Confederation Cup, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, CONCACAF League, CFU Club Champions’ Cup, Leagues Cup, OFC Champions League, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

Differences (sometimes significant) may be observed between the position of the country in the Continental Ranking and the position on the continent measured by the Global Ranking. This is due to the fact that Continental Rankings are based only on the results of matches played in continental club competitions (like some kind of Champions League), while in the Global Ranking other factors are also taken into account.

Because of the KA Continental Rankings deal with countries (league systems) but not to specified divisions, in the case of second level leagues listed in the KA Rating – this number is the same like for the highest league.

The Continental Competitions Leagues Rankings can be found by clicking here.

Players ContCh

This column shows number of players representing the league who participated in the last continental national team championships: OFC Nations Cup 2016, AFC Asian Cup 2019UEFA Euro 2020, Copa América 2021CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 and Africa Cup of Nations 2021.

The first number represents the amount of players from a specific league participating in the last all continental championships. The second number means the amount of all players from all leagues (divisions) from a certain country attending to those tournaments. If it is only one number that means all the players were from the 1st level league.

The players are ordered to the league (club) as at the start of the tournaments.

Clubs promoted to upper divisions at the end of the season are considered as “upper division clubs” and consequently clubs relegated to lower divisions at the end of the season are treated as “lower division clubs”.

Because of Qatar attending to the AFC Asian Cup 2019, as well as the Gold Cup 2021, and because of all the Qatari players were from domestic league – the Qatari league figures are not fully comparatively.

Full list of players with club and league assignment one can find there:

Continental championships’ statistic with numbers of players assigned to certain clubs and leagues one can find there:


the KA Rate Code

The KA Rate Code contains three data: class name (abbreviation), the KA League Coefficient and the League Threshold.

Every league in the the KA Global Football Leagues Rating is assigned a league ratio (the KA League Coefficient), alongside the KA League Points. While the KA League Points decide on the place held in the rating list, the KA League Coefficient is determined in relation to the place that the league has on the rating list. The KA League Coefficient is extremely important for determining the KA Club Coefficient (weight 33%).

The League Treshold index determines the number of teams from the single league, which qualify for the KA Football Club Global Rating in accordance with the „national algorithm” (one of two used qualification algorithms).

Learn more on THE-KA LOGS tab or on the Club Rating Home Page.

Continental, Leagues & Club Zones

(a) also clubs from leagues zone “Euro-Asian UEFA” (East Thrace), as well as from Corsica and Monaco 
(b) also clubs from leagues zone “Euro-Asian UEFA” (European Russia & Kazakhstan
(c) the Euro-Asian UEFA is subdivided into the Asian UEFA Club Area consisting of two directly assigned club zones, and European part where clubs belong to the Eastern Europe, as well as to the Central / East Mediterranean Europe zone.
(d) continental & leagues zone
(e) actual club zone “Caribbean and the Guianas” belonging to CONCACAF
(f) leagues & club zone
(g) two continental zones
(h) OFC Area is not recognized as a parent zone of any leagues zones or club zones; it is regarded as part of a club zone and itself as continental zone
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