Opening Year 2021

January, 2021 - Global Ranking of Leagues

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World Club Ranking
North Central America the KA the Kick Algorithms

N&C America

CONCACAF 5 Leagues


AFC 10 Leagues

CAF Africa the KA the Kick Algorithms


CAF 10 Leagues

CONMEBOL the KA the Kick Algorithms

South America

CONMEBOL 8 Leagues

Global World Football Leagues Ranking


UEFA 39 Leagues

Global Leagues Ranking

the Chamber

47 Leagues

Ocenia Football Ranking


Oceania/OFC 1 League

World Football Ranking

the AnteChamber

26 Leagues

Season 2020/2021
Leagues Global Rating

January 30, 2021

Pos.League CountryClubs CountryPtsLeague+/- Placeup/down ClassCont RankFIFA NT RankPlayers FWCPlayers Cont ChLeague Name (eng/fra/lat trans)ClassClass Star MarkConf/Fed ContinentFed Rankthe KA Rate CodeClubsDivision LevelZone/RegionCountry Cluster
1ENGworld leagues ranking1 177,177Premier League14105/129153/2461 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.546_20+England1Europe: British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
2ESPworld leagues ranking756,669La Liga2680/8171/941 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.504_20+Spain1Europe: South and BalkansRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
3ITAworld leagues ranking638,680Serie A3105885/941 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.462_20+Italy1Europe: South and BalkansRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
4GERworld leagues ranking596,876Bundesliga41362/6784/1021 World Ultimate★★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRU_1.420_18+Germany1Europe: WestDACH Countries
5FRA488,980Ligue 15247/4982/1302 World Top★★★★★UEFA / Europe1WRT_1.378_17+France-Monaco1Europe: WestFrance / overseas territories
6RUSworld leagues ranking258,960Российская Премьер-Лига7393638/40Russian Premier League3 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.336_6+Russia1Euro-Asian UEFAformer Soviet Union Area (excl.)
7PORworld leagues ranking252,034Primeira Liga651838/463 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.294_6+Portugal1Europe: South and BalkansRomance Languages Europe (excl. FRA)
8BELworld leagues ranking201,940First Division A Pro League10116/1734/373 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.252_4+Belgium1Europe: WestBenelux / NED overseas / Taalunie
9NEDworld leagues ranking196,197Eredivisie+18141526/353 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.210_4+Netherlands1Europe: WestBenelux / NED overseas / Taalunie
10TURworld leagues ranking193,458Süper Lig-1143221/2273/793 Upper Continental★★★★UEFA / Europe1CTU_1.168_5+Turkey1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (excl.)
11MEXworld leagues ranking187,872Liga MX1922/2346/483 Upper Continental★★★★CONCACAF / North Central America4CTU_1.126_4+Mexico1America: NorthLatin America
12BRAworld leagues ranking152,865Campeonato Brasileiro Série A139143 Upper Continental★★★★CONMEBOL / South America2CTU_1.084_4+Brazil1America: SouthLatin America
13SCOworld leagues ranking152,137Scottish Premiership12487204 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_1.042_3+Scotland1Europe: British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
14ARGworld leagues ranking146,825Liga Profesional de Fútbol / SAF27916/174 Prime Continental★★★CONMEBOL / South America2CTP_1.000_4+Argentina1America: SouthLatin America
15AUTworld leagues ranking144,378Fußball-Bundesliga923274 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_0.959_3+Austria1Europe: Central and EastDACH Countries
16UKRworld leagues ranking141,353Українська Прем’єр-Лі́га+11124321Ukrainian Premier League4 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_0.918_3+Ukraine1Europe: Central and Eastformer Soviet Union Area (excl.)
17USA136,264Major League Soccer-12221982/1104 Prime Continental★★★CONCACAF / North Central America4CTP_0.877_4+United States-Canada1America: NorthUSA / overseas territories
18SUI122,525Super League+11816420/234 Prime Continental★★★UEFA / Europe1CTP_0.836_3+Switzerland-Liechtenstein1Europe: WestDACH Countries
19DENworld leagues ranking120,985Superligaen-1⬇︎20127/8125 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.795_2+Denmark1Europe: British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / DEN overseas
20CROworld leagues ranking119,379Prva Liga19113125 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.754_2+Croatia1Europe: South and BalkansSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
21GREworld leagues ranking114,609Ελληνική Σούπερ Λίγκα+11653516/19Greek Super League5 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.713_2+Greece1Europe: South and BalkansGreek Language Countries
22ENG113,401EFL Championship-11423/12960/2465 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.672_7+England-Wales2Europe: British Isles and NordicsUK / overseas territories
23SRBworld leagues ranking105,781Суперлига Србије+3133033Serbian SuperLiga5 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.631_2+Serbia1Europe: South and BalkansSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
24SWEworld leagues ranking105,542Allsvenskan-12320315/225 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.590_2+Sweden1Europe: British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / DEN overseas
25CZEworld leagues ranking103,6031. Česká Fotbalová Liga-11742016/175 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.549_2+Czech Republic1Europe: Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
26CYPworld leagues ranking96,249Παγκύπριο Πρωτάθλημα Α΄ Κατηγορίας-11510005Cypriot Championship A Class5 Lower Continental★★UEFA / Europe1CTL_0.508_2+Cyprus1Euro-Asian UEFAGreek Language Countries
27KSAworld leagues ranking92,984دوري المحترفين السعودي1673046/55Saudi Professional League6 Upper Inter-Zone★☆AFC / Asia3IZU_0.467_2+Saudi Arabia1Asian Greater Middle East (AFC)Arab World
28NORworld leagues ranking89,840Eliteserien+5⬆︎224414/76 Upper Inter-Zone★☆UEFA / Europe1IZU_0.467_2+Norway1Europe: British Isles and NordicsScandinavia / DEN overseas
29ISRworld leagues ranking86,611ליגת העל+2⬆︎218724/5Super League6 Upper Inter-Zone★☆UEFA / Europe1IZU_0.467_2+Israel1Euro-Asian UEFANon Arabian Middle East (excl.)
30CHNworld leagues ranking85,498中国足球协会超级联赛-1375833/34Chinese Football Association Super League6 Upper Inter-Zone★☆AFC / Asia3IZU_0.467_2China1Asia-PacificChinese Area
31POLworld leagues ranking81,666Ekstraklasa-33219415/166 Upper Inter-Zone★☆UEFA / Europe1IZU_0.467_2Poland1Europe: Central and EastSlavic Countries (excl. former Soviet Union)
32JPNworld leagues ranking78,810J1リーグ⬆︎2271530/36J1 League6 Upper Inter-Zone★☆AFC / Asia3IZU_0.467_2Japan1Asia-PacificFar East and Himalayas (excl.)
33COLworld leagues ranking76,479Categoría Primera A-3415666 Upper Inter-Zone★☆CONMEBOL / South America2IZU_0.467_2Colombia1America: SouthLatin America