Yard Table – the KA Football Leagues Global Rating – January 2020

Yard Table is a side table to the main table of the KA Football Leagues Global Rating.

The Yard Table contains Elementary Class countries and leagues. The Elementary Class consists of 3 subclasses: Major Spot, Minor Spot and Organic Spot. 

In the Yard Table you’ll find the top-level league divisions of countries that show noticeable international presence (e.g. Canadian Premier League, Veikkausliiga, Ghana Premier League, Syrian Premier League) and some of the lower-level divisions (e.g. USL Championship, EFL League One, Segunda División B) – placed in Major Spot or Minor Spot.

Because leagues included in Elementary Class provide not enough relevant & important data – they are grouped by continents, and only this way can they be comparable.

Leagues of other countries and all lower level divisions (except those that have been qualified to the upper classes) are consolidated in subclass Organic Spot.

 * Subclasses will become renamed in the future to National Grade, Union Grade, and Local Grade.

Yard Table January, 2020

the KA Football Leagues Global Rating


January 19, 2020
pos.LeaguePts YardClubsExDiffSub-class
79VIE6,409🇻🇳80+1MAJOR SPOT
80LIB5,928🇱🇧81+1MAJOR SPOT
81UZB5,875🇺🇿79-2MAJOR SPOT
82BHR5,261🇧🇭82MAJOR SPOT
83PRK5,123🇰🇵84+1MAJOR SPOT
84SYR5,031🇸🇾83-1MAJOR SPOT
85THA4,568🇹🇭85MAJOR SPOT
86TKM4,454🇹🇲86MAJOR SPOT
87SIN4,449🇸🇬 🇯🇵 🇧🇳87MAJOR SPOT
88OMA4,221🇴🇲88MAJOR SPOT
89MAS3,821🇲🇾89MAJOR SPOT
90TJK3,389🇹🇯90MAJOR SPOT
91KGZ3,001🇰🇬92+1MAJOR SPOT
92HKG2,977🇭🇰 🇨🇳91-1MAJOR SPOT
93PLE2,810🇵🇸93MAJOR SPOT
94MYA2,630🇲🇲94MAJOR SPOT
95IDN2,288🇮🇩95MAJOR SPOT
96BAN2,163🇧🇩98+2Minor Spot
97MDV2,162🇲🇻96-1Minor Spot
98JPN22,152🇯🇵97-1Minor Spot
99KSA21,808🇸🇦100+1Minor Spot
100KUW1,740🇰🇼99-1Minor Spot
101MAC1,362🇲🇴102+1Minor Spot
102CAM1,362🇰🇭101-1Minor Spot
103CHN21,182🇨🇳103Minor Spot
104YEM0,850🇾🇪105+1Minor Spot
105TPE0,795🇹🇼104-1Minor Spot
106NEP0,698🇳🇵106Minor Spot
107AFG0,652🇦🇫108+1Minor Spot
108LAO0,617🇱🇦107-1Minor Spot
109BHU0,482🇧🇹109Minor Spot
110MNG0,371🇲🇳110Minor Spot
111PAK0,269🇵🇰112+1Minor Spot
112SRI0,242🇱🇰111-1Minor Spot


January 19, 2020
pos.LeaguePts YardClubsExDiffSub-class
79UGA2,180🇺🇬81+2MAJOR SPOT
80GHA2,159🇬🇭79-1MAJOR SPOT
81CIV2,154🇨🇮80-1MAJOR SPOT
82SEN1,892🇸🇳83+1MAJOR SPOT
83LBY1,877🇱🇾84+1MAJOR SPOT
84TAN1,825🇹🇿82-2MAJOR SPOT
85MLI1,703🇲🇱87+2MAJOR SPOT
86KEN1,630🇰🇪88+2MAJOR SPOT
87CMR1,622🇨🇲85-2MAJOR SPOT
88SDN1,615🇸🇩86-2MAJOR SPOT
89ZIM1,611🇿🇼92+3MAJOR SPOT
90BFA1,545🇧🇫89-1MAJOR SPOT
91MOZ1,522🇲🇿90-1MAJOR SPOT
92CGO1,430🇨🇬91-1Minor Spot
93MAD1,393🇲🇬94+1Minor Spot
94GAB1,370🇬🇦93-1Minor Spot
95RWA1,285🇷🇼95Minor Spot
96BEN1,223🇧🇯98+2Minor Spot
97ETH1,195🇪🇹96-1Minor Spot
98TOG1,183🇹🇬97-1Minor Spot
99MTN1,103🇲🇷100+1Minor Spot
100SWZ0,975🇸🇿99-1Minor Spot
101NAM0,887🇳🇦103+2Minor Spot
102NIG0,852🇳🇪101-1Minor Spot
103CTA0,843🇨🇫104+1Minor Spot
104BOT0,811🇧🇼102-2Minor Spot
105MWI0,752🇲🇼108+3Minor Spot
106GNB0,734🇬🇼109+3Minor Spot
107LES0,721🇱🇸105-2Minor Spot
108SLE0,706🇸🇱106-2Minor Spot
109COM0,702🇰🇲112+3Minor Spot
110BDI0,690🇧🇮107-3Minor Spot
111EQG0,674🇬🇶110-1Minor Spot
112LBR0,670🇱🇷111-1Minor Spot
113GAM0,593🇬🇲113Minor Spot
114MRI0,502🇲🇺114Minor Spot
115CHA0,410🇹🇩115Minor Spot
116REU0,383🇷🇪116Minor Spot
117SSD0,354🇸🇸117Minor Spot
118DJI0,232🇩🇯120+2Minor Spot
119ZAN0,226🇹🇿118-1Minor Spot
120SEY0,151🇸🇨119-1Minor Spot
121SOM0,124🇸🇴NEWMinor Spot

CONCACAF/North&Central America

January 19, 2020
pos.LeaguePts YardClubsExDiffSub-class
79SLV7,704🇸🇻79MAJOR SPOT
80JAM6,167🇯🇲81+1MAJOR SPOT
81TRI6,154🇹🇹80-1MAJOR SPOT
82GUA5,807🇬🇹82MAJOR SPOT
83USA25,029🇺🇸 🇨🇦83MAJOR SPOT
84DOM4,446🇩🇴85+1MAJOR SPOT
85HAI4,303🇭🇹84-1MAJOR SPOT
86NCA3,485🇳🇮86MAJOR SPOT
87MEX22,357🇲🇽87MAJOR SPOT
88BLZ1,998🇧🇿88Minor Spot
89CAN1,921🇨🇦91+2Minor Spot
90SUR1,854🇸🇷90Minor Spot
91CUW1,494🇨🇼92+1Minor Spot
92MTQ1,487🇲🇶93+1Minor Spot
93ATG1,460🇦🇬89-4Minor Spot
94BER0,914🇧🇲95+1Minor Spot
95GLP0,855🇬🇵94-1Minor Spot
96GUY0,711🇬🇾96Minor Spot
97CUB0,623🇨🇺97Minor Spot
98VIN0,576🇻🇨98Minor Spot
99BAH0,213🇧🇸99Minor Spot
100VIR0,120🇻🇮100Minor Spot

CONMEBOL/South America

January 19, 2020
pos.LeaguePts YardClubsExDiffSub-class
79BRA21,374BRA🇧🇷79Minor Spot
80ARG21,233ARG🇦🇷80Minor Spot
81COL21,068COL🇨🇴81Minor Spot


January 19, 2020
pos.LeaguePts YardClubsExDiffSub-class
79PNG4,925🇵🇬79MAJOR SPOT
80NCL3,972🇳🇨80MAJOR SPOT
81TAH3,508🇵🇫81MAJOR SPOT
82VAN3,260🇻🇺82MAJOR SPOT
83SOL2,975🇸🇧83MAJOR SPOT
84FIJ2,618🇫🇯84MAJOR SPOT
85SAM0,886🇼🇸85Minor Spot
86COK0,318🇨🇰86Minor Spot
87ASA0,228🇦🇸87Minor Spot
88TGA0,145🇹🇴88Minor Spot


January 19, 2020
pos.LeaguePts YardClubsExDiffSub-class
79LUX8,168🇱🇺87+8MAJOR SPOT
80ARM7,871🇦🇲84+4MAJOR SPOT
81IRL7,836🇮🇪 🇬🇧81MAJOR SPOT
82LTU7,714🇱🇹85+3MAJOR SPOT
83MKD7,624🇲🇰80-3MAJOR SPOT
84ALB7,619🇦🇱79-5MAJOR SPOT
85FIN7,376🇫🇮83-2MAJOR SPOT
86BIH7,252🇧🇦82-4MAJOR SPOT
87LVA6,885🇱🇻88+1MAJOR SPOT
88ENG36,358🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿91+3MAJOR SPOT
89ISL6,326🇮🇸86-3MAJOR SPOT
90GEO6,206🇬🇪93+3MAJOR SPOT
91MDA6,201🇲🇩89-2MAJOR SPOT
92NIR5,832🇬🇧95+3MAJOR SPOT
93WAL5,751🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿90-3MAJOR SPOT
94MLT5,478🇲🇹92-2MAJOR SPOT
95NED25,223🇳🇱99+4MAJOR SPOT
96FRA35,052🇫🇷97+1MAJOR SPOT
97MNE4,976🇲🇪94-3MAJOR SPOT
98BEL24,845🇧🇪98MAJOR SPOT
99EST4,716🇪🇪96-3MAJOR SPOT
100FRO4,278🇫🇴100MAJOR SPOT
101GIB4,010🇬🇮101MAJOR SPOT
102KVX3,694🇽🇰102MAJOR SPOT
103DEN23,360🇩🇰103Minor Spot
104ENG43,107🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿104Minor Spot
105AND2,916🇦🇩105Minor Spot
106SUI22,847🇨🇭🇱🇮106Minor Spot
107ESP32,563🇪🇸107Minor Spot
108CRO22,191🇭🇷108Minor Spot
109UKR22,043🇺🇦109Minor Spot
110AUT21,887🇦🇹110Minor Spot
111SCO21,757🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿111Minor Spot
112SMR0,763🇸🇲112Minor Spot