March 2021 OFC Ranking (Oceania)

OFC Champions League – the KA Leagues & Club Rankings of Oceania set for the first quarter of 2021.

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OFC Champions League – the KA Leagues & Club Rankings of Oceania set for the first quarter of 2021. On 4 September 2020, the OFC announced that the knockout stage was cancelled. According to the KA Regulation season 2020 was completed in the 3rd quarter of 2020 (in fact, the OFC Champions League has not been played out since 7 March 2020). The ranking remained unchanged on the next quarter, and also for the following quarter because of lack of matches.

OFC Champions League – the KA Leagues Ranking

1Q 2021

  • Season 2020
  • Season 2019
  • Season 2018
  • Season 2017
March 31, 2021
 League (s) Clubs Ptsprev. pos.prev. ptsdiff.
1New ZealandNZL🇳🇿world leagues ranking66,000166,000
2New CaledoniaNCL🇳🇨world leagues ranking39,500239,500
3Solomon IslandsSOL🇸🇧world leagues ranking34,000334,000
4TahitiTAH🇵🇫world leagues ranking30,500430,500
5FijiFIJ🇫🇯world leagues ranking25,000525,000
6VanuatuVAN🇻🇺world leagues ranking24,000624,000
7Papua New GuineaPNG🇵🇬world leagues ranking21,500721,500
8Cook IslandsCOK🇨🇰world leagues ranking15,289815,289
9SamoaSAM🇼🇸world leagues ranking13,780913,780
10TongaTGA🇹🇴world leagues ranking2,992102,992
11American SamoaASA🇦🇸world leagues ranking0,500110,500

OFC Champions League – the KA Club Ranking 

1Q 2021

  • Season 2020
  • Season 2019
  • Season 2018
  • Season 2017
March 31, 2021
 ClubCountryCountryLeaguePtsIC3prev. pos.diff.
1Auckland CityNZL 🇳🇿world leagues rankingNZL58,6700,4701
2Team WellingtonNZL 🇳🇿world leagues rankingNZL46,6200,4672
3MagentaNCL 🇳🇨world leagues rankingNCL45,9200,4673
4Lae CityPNG 🇵🇬world leagues rankingPNG32,1700,4674
5Hienghène SportNCL 🇳🇨world leagues rankingNCL26,8000,4675
6Solomon WarriorsSOL 🇸🇧world leagues rankingSOL26,3800,4676
7BaFIJ 🇫🇯world leagues rankingFIJ23,0600,4677
8Henderson Eels F.C.SOL 🇸🇧world leagues rankingSOL23,0200,4678
9LautokaFIJ 🇫🇯world leagues rankingFIJ21,9700,4679
10Central SportTAH 🇵🇫world leagues rankingTAH20,0200,46710
11MaristSOL 🇸🇧world leagues rankingSOL18,2150,46711
12TefanaTAH 🇵🇫world leagues rankingTAH18,0200,46712
13Malampa RevivorsVAN 🇻🇺world leagues rankingVAN16,4750,46713
14Erakor Golden StarVAN 🇻🇺world leagues rankingVAN15,8800,46714
15VénusTAH 🇵🇫world leagues rankingTAH15,3000,46715
16Eastern SuburbsNZL 🇳🇿world leagues rankingNZL13,8850,46716
17NalkutanVAN 🇻🇺world leagues rankingVAN13,6200,46717
18DragonTAH 🇵🇫world leagues rankingTAH11,6500,46718
19ABM GalaxyVAN 🇻🇺world leagues rankingVAN10,2150,46719
20Lupe ole SoagaSAM 🇼🇸world leagues rankingSAM9,2390,46720
21Western UnitedSOL 🇸🇧world leagues rankingSOL7,8550,46721
22MadangPNG 🇵🇬world leagues rankingPNG7,3450,46722
23Tupapa MaraerengaCOK 🇨🇰world leagues rankingCOK7,1270,46723
24Hekari UnitedPNG 🇵🇬world leagues rankingPNG6,5850,46724
25Tiare TahitiTAH 🇵🇫world leagues rankingTAH6,0900,46725
26RewaFIJ 🇫🇯world leagues rankingFIJ5,1200,46726
27LössiNCL 🇳🇨world leagues rankingNCL5,0800,46727
28F.C. Morobe WawensPNG 🇵🇬world leagues rankingPNG3,4100,46728
29KiwiSAM 🇼🇸world leagues rankingSAM2,8180,46729
30PuaikuraCOK 🇨🇰world leagues rankingCOK2,7140,46730
31VeitongoTGA 🇹🇴world leagues rankingTGA1,6890,46731
32Pago YouthASA 🇦🇸world leagues rankingASA1,5300,46732
33Lotoha'apai UnitedTGA 🇹🇴world leagues rankingTGA0,6440,46733
34Utulei YouthASA 🇦🇸world leagues rankingASA0,5150,46734


IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) – the indicator based on continental ranking points, taking into account the coefficient of the continent (Power Index Federation), which is 50 % of a weight of the club coefficient within the KA Football Club Global Rating.