Red Bull knows the game and how to bring their projects forward and up

Red Bull knows the game and how to bring their projects forward and up, Bragantino to follow New York, Salzburg and Leipzig

The model of progress is basically the same as Red Bull continues to move their football projects forward with the best intentions and with a business model that makes them self made and brings them financial stability, fame and fortune. This time we will focus on the Brazilian Red Bull club, Bragantino.

Bragantino was formed back in 1928 in Sao Paulo and over the years been seen in lower leagues of Brazilian football and did not compete in the top tier before 1989. Since then experienced a bit of a rollercoaster ride between Serie A, B and C. Red Bull started their sponsorship in 2019 with the aim to get full controll in the next years to come. In 2020 they had achieved their goal and also managed to get into the top flight.

This year Red Bull Bragantino have reached the Copa Sudamericana Final, and will play Athletico Paranaense. This is the most prestige tournament after Copa Libartadores in South America, you can say it is similar to the UEFA Europa League. A great achievement for the club and for Red Bull. Their projects in football is based on a formula that makes it possible to move forward with balance and patience, but with the financial strength they reach goals often before their budgeted timeline.

Red Bull Football Group

Red Bull Football Group

Red Bull Players

Red Bull have in a way grown to become a force in football but still just seen as a stepping stone for players as they reach for the final goal which could be clubs in Premier League, Serie A or La Liga, places were you to date do not have football teams owned by Red Bull.

Erling Braut-Haaland, is today among the hottest prospects in World football. He was only two years in Red Bull Salzburg, but his time in Austria made him take the next important step to become a world-class player.

Key to the development is the eye for talent and bringing forward those players in a special way so that they can take their steps in the professional game with the safety given at Red Bull and one to watch in Artur Victor Guimarães. A young 23 year old impressing everyone at Bragantino at the moment and recently called up for full international duty.

Red Bull Coaches

Red Bull does not just bring forward great players, but their managers tends also to get a good ground to move upwards as we have seen with current Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann and Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl. Current RB Leipzig coach Jesse Marsch is also one to follow as he looks to take the same steps as his predecessors, and previously been in charge of RB in New York and Salzburg, as this is a grown example of how they bring forward players and coaches within the group.

As for the RB strategy itself – what is characteristic is that, they balance business goals with sports goals; there is no space to spend a huge amount of money.

The Copa Sudamerica Final 2021 will be played on Saturday the 20th of November and don’t miss out on this special event if you are able to watch the game. is a content partner of

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