Player representation by clubs – CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Statistic

Player representation by clubs on CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021

The table shows the number of players called up for Gold Cup 2021 representing specific clubs.

The most representative club is Qatari club Al-Sadd with 12 players. The most representative CONCACAF clubs on the Gold Cup 2021 are F.C. Motagua from Honduras and Alianza from El Salvador, both with 7 players.

Rosters valid on the date of the first match of the team are taking into consideration in the rankings.

Changes after the first team match that are not included:

  • Mexico: Hirving Lozano (until 21 July), Napoli, Serie A / Rodolfo Pizarro (since 21 July), Inter Miami, MLS
  • El Salvador: David Rugamas (until 20 July), Once Deportivo, Liga Mayor de Fútbol / Miguel Lemus (since 21 July), Chalatenango, Liga Mayor de Fútbol
  • USA: Walker Zimmerman (until 20 July), Nashville, MLS / Henry Kessler (from 24 July), New England Revolution, MLS
  • Canada: Ayo Akinola (until 20 July), Toronto FC, MLS / Tesho Akindele (since 24 July), Orlando City, MLS
  • Costa Rica: Patrick Sequeira (until 21 July), Real Unión, PD RFEF (ESP3) / Kevin Briceño (since 21 July), Cartaginés, Liga FPD
  • Honduras: Alberth Elis (until 19 July), Boavista, Primeira Liga / Kevin López (since 19 July), Motagua, Liga Nacional
  • Honduras: Carlos Fernández (until 21 July), Fénix, Uruguayan Primera División / Roger Rojas (from 21 July), Cartaginés, Liga FPD

Player representation by clubs – Gold Cup 2021

July 21, 2021
1QAT3AlAl-SaddAl-SaddQAT 🇶🇦world leagues ranking12★★★QATAFCQAT1
2QAT6LeAl-DuhailAl-DuhailQAT 🇶🇦world leagues ranking7★★★QATAFCQAT1
3HON1F.F.C. MotaguaF.C. MotaguaHON 🇭🇳world leagues ranking7⩤⩥HONCONCACAFHON1
4SLV3AlAlianzaAlianzaSLV 🇸🇻world leagues ranking7⩤⩥SLVCONCACAFSLV1
5UNA1FAUnattachedUnattachedUNA 🏁F/A7UNAFAUNA
6MTQ2GoGolden Lion FCGolden Lion FCMTQ 🇲🇶world leagues ranking6MTQCONCACAFMTQ1
7MTQ1ClClub FranciscainClub FranciscainMTQ 🇲🇶world leagues ranking6MTQCONCACAFMTQ1
8USA20ToToronto FCToronto FCCAN 🇨🇦world leagues ranking5★☆USACONCACAFUSA1
9CRC5SaSaprissaSaprissaCRC 🇨🇷world leagues ranking5★☆CRCCONCACAFCRC1
10USA24CoColumbus Crew SCColumbus Crew SCUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking5USACONCACAFUSA1
11CRC1AlAlajuelenseAlajuelenseCRC 🇨🇷world leagues ranking5CRCCONCACAFCRC1
12USA5HoHouston DynamoHouston DynamoUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking5USACONCACAFUSA1
13USA7LoLos Angeles GalaxyLos Angeles GalaxyUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking5USACONCACAFUSA1
14GUA2CoComunicacionesComunicacionesGUA 🇬🇹world leagues ranking5GUACONCACAFGUA1
15GUA1AnAntigua GuatemalaAntigua GuatemalaGUA 🇬🇹world leagues ranking5GUACONCACAFGUA1
16GUA8MuMunicipalMunicipalGUA 🇬🇹world leagues ranking5GUACONCACAFGUA1
17CRC4HeHeredianoHeredianoCRC 🇨🇷world leagues ranking4CRCCONCACAFCRC1
18HON5OlOlimpia TegucigalpaOlimpia TegucigalpaHON 🇭🇳world leagues ranking4⩤⩥HONCONCACAFHON1
19GUA3CoCobán Imperial Cobán Imperial GUA 🇬🇹world leagues ranking4GUACONCACAFGUA1
20TRI4DeDefence Force FC ChaguaramasDefence Force FC ChaguaramasTRI 🇹🇹world leagues ranking4TRICONCACAFTRI1
21GLP4SoSolidarité-ScolaireSolidarité-ScolaireGLP 🇬🇵world leagues ranking4GLPCONCACAFGLP1
22MEX6MoMonterreyMonterreyMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking3★★MEXCONCACAFMEX1
23MEX5LeLeónLeónMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking3★☆MEXCONCACAFMEX1
24USA2AtAtlanta United FCAtalanta UnitedUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking3★☆USACONCACAFUSA1
25USA21PhPhiladelphia UnionPhiladelphia UnionUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking3USACONCACAFUSA1
26USA18CoColorado RapidsColorado RapidsUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking3USACONCACAFUSA1
27USA17VaVancouver WhitecapsVancouver WhitecapsCAN 🇨🇦world leagues ranking3USACONCACAFUSA1
28QAT1AlAl-GharafaAl-GharafaQAT 🇶🇦world leagues ranking3⩤⩥QATAFCQAT1
29USA9MoCF MontréalCF MontréalCAN 🇨🇦world leagues ranking3USACONCACAFUSA1
30USA48MiMiami FCMiami FCUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking3USACONCACAFUSA2
31HON7ReReal EspañaReal EspañaHON 🇭🇳world leagues ranking3HONCONCACAFHON1
32MTQ4SaAS SamaritaineAS SamaritaineMTQ 🇲🇶world leagues ranking3MTQCONCACAFMTQ1
33GRN1PaParadise FCParadise FCGRN 🇬🇩world leagues ranking3GRNCONCACAFGRN1
34MEX15UAUANL TigresUANL TigresMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking2★★★★MEXCONCACAFMEX1
35NED1AFAFC AjaxAFC AjaxNED 🇳🇱world leagues ranking2★★★★NEDUEFANED1
36MEX16UNPumas UNAMPumas UNAMMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking2★☆MEXCONCACAFMEX1
37ENG29FuFulhamFulhamENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿world leagues ranking2★☆ENGUEFAENG2
38USA15SeSeattle Sounders FCSeattle Sounders FCUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2★☆USACONCACAFUSA1
39MEX18GuGuadalajaraGuadalajaraMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking2★☆MEXCONCACAFMEX1
40USA16SpSporting Kansas CitySporting Kansas CityUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA1
41MEX8PaPachucaPachucaMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking2MEXCONCACAFMEX1
42USA19NeNew York City FCNew York City FCUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA1
43CRC2ADAD San CarlosAD San CarlosCRC 🇨🇷world leagues ranking2CRCCONCACAFCRC1
44SCO11RoRoss CountyRoss CountySCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿world leagues ranking2SCOUEFASCO1
45POR16BoBoavistaBoavistaPOR 🇵🇹world leagues ranking2PORUEFAPOR1
46USA42NaNashville SCNashville SCUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA1
47USA22NeNew England RevolutionNew England RevolutionUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA1
48USA36FCFC CincinnatiFC CincinnatiUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA1
49FRA33AuAuxerreAuxerreFRA 🇫🇷world leagues ranking2FRAUEFAFRA2
50FRA27AmAmiens S.C.Amiens S.C.FRA 🇫🇷world leagues ranking2FRAUEFAFRA2
51USA3D.D.C. UnitedD.C. UnitedUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA1
52ENG57ShShrewsbury TownShrewsbury TownENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿world leagues ranking2ENGUEFAENG3
53FRA3EAEA GuingampEA GuingampFRA 🇫🇷world leagues ranking2FRAUEFAFRA2
54FRA41OrUS OrléansUS OrléansFRA 🇫🇷world leagues ranking2FRAUEFAFRA3
55NED29AlAlmere City FCAlmere City FCNED 🇳🇱world leagues ranking2NEDUEFANED2
56USA50BiBirmingham LegionBirmingham LegionUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA2
57USA27PiPittsburgh RiverhoundsPittsburgh RiverhoundsUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking2USACONCACAFUSA2
58URU7FéFénixFénixURU 🇺🇾world leagues ranking2URUCONMEBOLURU1
59SLV6IsIsidro MetapánIsidro MetapánSLV 🇸🇻world leagues ranking2SLVCONCACAFSLV1
60SLV11ChA.D. ChalatenangoA.D. ChalatenangoSLV 🇸🇻world leagues ranking2SLVCONCACAFSLV1
61SLV10OnOnce Deportivo de AhuachapanOnce Deportivo de AhuachapanSLV 🇸🇻world leagues ranking2SLVCONCACAFSLV1
62HAI11ViVioletteVioletteHAI 🇭🇹world leagues ranking2HAICONCACAFHAI1
63TRI8W La Horquetta RangersLa Horquetta RangersTRI 🇹🇹world leagues ranking2TRICONCACAFTRI1
64SUR2InInter MoengotapoeInter MoengotapoeSUR 🇸🇷world leagues ranking2SURCONCACAFSUR1
65MTQ6AlAiglon du LamentinAiglon du LamentinMTQ 🇲🇶world leagues ranking2MTQCONCACAFMTQ1
66GLP5PhPhare Petit-CanalPhare Petit-CanalGLP 🇬🇵world leagues ranking2GLPCONCACAFGLP1
67GLP2LaLa GauloiseLa GauloiseGLP 🇬🇵world leagues ranking2GLPCONCACAFGLP1
68GLP1CSCS MoulienCS MoulienGLP 🇬🇵world leagues ranking2GLPCONCACAFGLP1
69GRN2QPQueens Park Rangers GrenadaQueens Park Rangers GrenadaGRN 🇬🇩world leagues ranking2GRNCONCACAFGRN1
70ESP2ClClub Atlético de MadridClub Atlético de MadridESP 🇪🇸world leagues ranking1★★★★★★ESPUEFAESP1
71POR7FCFC PortoFC PortoPOR 🇵🇹world leagues ranking1★★★★★PORUEFAPOR1
72ITA7SSSSC NapoliSSC NapoliITA 🇮🇹world leagues ranking1★★★★ITAUEFAITA1
73GER3BaBayer 04 LeverkusenBayer 04 LeverkusenGER 🇩🇪world leagues ranking1★★★GERUEFAGER2
74TUR3BeBeşiktaş JKBeşiktaş JKTUR 🇹🇷world leagues ranking1★★★TURUEFATUR1
75NED13PSPSV EindhovenPSV EindhovenNED 🇳🇱world leagues ranking1★★★NEDUEFANED1
76NED6FeFeyenoordFeyenoordNED 🇳🇱world leagues ranking1★★★NEDUEFANED1
77TUR7GaGalatasaray AŞGalatasaray AŞTUR 🇹🇷world leagues ranking1★★★TURUEFATUR1
78ENG37WoWolverhamptonWolverhamptonENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿world leagues ranking1★★★ENGUEFAENG1
79GER8FCFC Schalke 04FC Schalke 04GER 🇩🇪world leagues ranking1★★★GERUEFAGER2
80BEL8RSRSC AnderlechtRSC AnderlechtBEL 🇧🇪world leagues ranking1★★BELUEFABEL1
81GER27UnUnion BerlinUnion BerlinGER 🇩🇪world leagues ranking1★☆GERUEFAGER1
82ESP6RCRC Celta de VigoRC Celta de VigoESP 🇪🇸world leagues ranking1★☆ESPUEFAESP1
83MEX4CrCruz AzulCruz AzulMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking1★☆MEXCONCACAFMEX1
84BEL6R.R. Charleroi SCR. Charleroi SCBEL 🇧🇪world leagues ranking1★☆BELUEFABEL1
85ESP4LeLevante UDLevante UDESP 🇪🇸world leagues ranking1★☆ESPUEFAESP1
86POR6FCFC Paços de FerreiraFC Paços de FerreiraPOR 🇵🇹world leagues ranking1★☆PORUEFAPOR1
87KOR6SuSuwon Samsung BluewingsSuwon Samsung BluewingsKOR 🇰🇷world leagues ranking1★☆KORAFCKOR1
88MEX11SaSantos LagunaSantos LagunaMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking1MEXCONCACAFMEX1
89ITA22CrCrotoneCrotoneITA 🇮🇹world leagues ranking1ITAUEFAITA2
90FRA23NiNimesNimesFRA 🇫🇷world leagues ranking1FRAUEFAFRA2
91USA23OrOrlando City SCOrlando City SCUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking1USACONCACAFUSA1
92USA11PoPortland TimbersPortland TimbersUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking1USACONCACAFUSA1
93USA4FCFC DallasFC DallasUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking1USACONCACAFUSA1
94MEX13TiTijuanaTijuanaMEX 🇲🇽world leagues ranking1MEXCONCACAFMEX1
95USA8MiMinnesota UnitedMinnesota UnitedUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking1USACONCACAFUSA1
96USA6LoLos Angeles FCLos Angeles FCUSA 🇺🇸world leagues ranking1USACONCACAFUSA1
97CYP6ApApollon Limassol FCApollon Limassol FCCYP 🇨🇾world leagues ranking1CYPUEFACYP1
98USA14SaSan Jose EarthquakesSan Jose EarthquakesUSA 🇺🇸