3Q September 2022 CONMEBOL Ranking

CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores & Copa Sudamericana – the KA Leagues & Club Rankings, set for September 2022

CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores & Copa Sudamericana

the KA Leagues & Club Rankings, set for September 30, 2022

the KA Leagues Ranking

3Q 2022 Performance Ranking of South American leagues in international matches – derived ELO method

September 30, 2022
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Club Ranking ↓

Meaning of the continental ranking versus global ranking
The continental ranking has a technical nature because it shows a position of a league or club only from the perspective of international cups. If you want to find more accurate ranking with relation to actual football strength and quality you must look at the KA Football Leagues Global Rating or the KA Football Club Global Rating. The global leagues ranking consider also world-wide attraction and reputability of the league, as well as of the country of league. In the case of the global club ranking we can see difference to an even greater extent. The global club ranking refers since also to a position of a club in the domestic games, as well as takes into consideration a position of the league in the word. It means that clubs playing games in high rated leagues, but rarely participate in the continental competitions they also appear in that global ranking, sometimes on decent spots.
ELO CONMEBOL – International Matches Leagues & Clubs Performance Rankings
Every club receives the points for match outcomes according to the ELO method scheme.
The points are determined by the relative strength of the two opponents where the factor of an expected outcome is calculated and with using the factors related to completed match: importance match factor, the outcome factor and the difference goals factor.

Each of the continental rankings covers international matches arranged or recognized by FIFA or the continental federation. For South America, this includes the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa as well as the FIFA Club World Cup.
South American countries – not CONMEBOL members
French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana do not belong to CONMEBOL. The are members of CONCACAF.
Islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (dependent territories of Netherlands) as well as Trinidad and Tobago, lies on the continental shelf of South America and the are members of CONCACAF, but they usually don’t recognized as South America’s countries.

the Ranking Points, RPS and IC3
The Ranking Points are calculated according to the ELO Method. As regards of leagues these points are a derivative of the values obtained by clubs.

RPS (Relative Point Score) is the value that arises from that the ELO points obtained in the ranking are converted into the common formula used in the KA system, which allows you to compare values from different continental rankings and combine these values to determine global rankings. As regards of clubs the RPS not only takes into consideration the results of matches in continental competitions, but also takes into account the global Attraction and Impact Factor (AIF). Under the AIF procedure most influential clubs are selected, which had the biggest impact on results of last completed FIFA World Cup and continental championship of national teams. The influence of the AIF is not significant and, as a rule, it does not change the order of the ranking.

IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) is an indicator based on the continental ranking points, taking into account the index of the continent (Power Index Federation). The IC3 is 50 % of a weight of the club coefficient within the KA Football Club Global Rating. The IC3 is taking into consideration the AIF to a small extent, too.

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the KA Club Ranking

3Q 2022 Performance Ranking of South American clubs in international matches – ELO method

September 30, 2022
1PalmeirasBRA 🇧🇷

BRA70,741421,1941,583CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
2FlamengoBRA 🇧🇷

BRA59,687355,6401,338CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
3River PlateARG 🇦🇷

ARG52,908315,6161,190CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
4Atlético ParanaenseBRA 🇧🇷

BRA49,128292,2311,097CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
5Boca JuniorsARG 🇦🇷

ARG44,199263,1120,989CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
6LibertadPAR 🇵🇾

PAR41,520246,9760,927+1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
7GrêmioBRA 🇧🇷

BRA39,730236,3290,887-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
8RacingARG 🇦🇷

ARG35,880213,4270,801CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
9LDU QuitoECU 🇪🇨

ECU34,974208,0380,781+1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
10Nacional MontevideoURU 🇺🇾

URU34,293203,9870,765-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
11FluminenseBRA 🇧🇷

BRA33,802201,0670,754+2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
12Cerro PorteñoPAR 🇵🇾

PAR33,770201,1760,757CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
13SantosBRA 🇧🇷

BRA33,607199,9070,750-2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
14Atlético MineiroBRA 🇧🇷

BRA33,110197,3510,743+4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
15CorinthiansBRA 🇧🇷

BRA32,958196,0460,736CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
16Internacional Porto AlegreBRA 🇧🇷

BRA32,835195,3150,733-2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
17OlimpiaPAR 🇵🇾

PAR28,828171,4800,643-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
18IndependienteARG 🇦🇷

ARG28,739170,9500,641-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
19JuniorCOL 🇨🇴

COL27,864165,7450,622CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
20PeñarolURU 🇺🇾

URU26,995160,5760,603CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
21Independiente del ValleECU 🇪🇨

ECU26,633158,4230,594+2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
22Vélez SársfieldARG 🇦🇷

ARG26,331156,6270,588-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
23EmelecECU 🇪🇨

ECU24,591146,2760,549-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
24São PauloBRA 🇧🇷

BRA24,283144,4440,548CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
25EstudiantesARG 🇦🇷

ARG23,972142,5940,548+3CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
26Defensa y JusticiaARG 🇦🇷

ARG22,842135,8730,548-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
27Barcelona GuayaquilECU 🇪🇨

ECU21,061125,2790,548+5CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
28CaracasVEN 🇻🇪

VEN19,895118,3430,548-2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
29Universidad CatólicaCHI 🇨🇱

CHI19,712117,2540,548+4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
30The StrongestBOL 🇧🇴

BOL19,638116,8140,548CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
31Deportivo CaliCOL 🇨🇴

COL18,733111,4310,548-4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
32CruzeiroBRA 🇧🇷

BRA18,623110,7760,548-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
33ColónARG 🇦🇷

ARG18,239108,4920,548-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
34Colo-ColoCHI 🇨🇱

CHI17,726105,4410,548+2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
35Atlético NacionalCOL 🇨🇴

COL17,024101,2650,545CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
36Jorge WilstermannBOL 🇧🇴

BOL16,76899,7420,538+1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
37Deportes TolimaCOL 🇨🇴

COL16,36997,3690,531-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
38Sporting CristalPER 🇵🇪

PER15,40291,6170,525+3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
39LanúsARG 🇦🇷

ARG15,39791,5870,518+5CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
40TalleresARG 🇦🇷

ARG15,27990,8850,512+6CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
41BolívarBOL 🇧🇴

BOL14,53186,6360,507+2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
42GuaraníPAR 🇵🇾

PAR14,27284,8950,498-2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
43MelgarPER 🇵🇪

PER14,26185,0300,494+5CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
44San LorenzoARG 🇦🇷

ARG13,80282,0990,485-6CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
45Argentinos JuniorsARG 🇦🇷

ARG13,74381,7480,479-6CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
46Atlético GoianienseBRA 🇧🇷

BRA13,46480,0890,472+15CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
47Red Bull BragantinoBRA 🇧🇷

BRA13,27778,9760,465+2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
48Ceará SCBRA 🇧🇷

BRA12,92276,8650,459+5CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
49Delfin S.C.ECU 🇪🇨

ECU12,76975,9550,452-2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
50BahiaBRA 🇧🇷

BRA12,60174,9550,446-5CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
51Deportivo TáchiraVEN 🇻🇪

VEN12,38473,6650,439-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
52Always ReadyBOL 🇧🇴

BOL11,04965,7240,432-10CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
53La EquidadCOL 🇨🇴

COL10,61163,1180,426-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
54Unión La CaleraCHI 🇨🇱

CHI10,44362,1190,419+5CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
55Santa FeCOL 🇨🇴

COL10,13560,2870,413-4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
56Atlético TucumánARG 🇦🇷

ARG9,65457,4260,406-2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
57América de CaliCOL 🇨🇴

COL9,52656,6640,406-2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
58FortalezaBRA 🇧🇷

BRA9,18954,6600,406+2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
59Universidad Católica del EcuadorECU 🇪🇨

ECU9,01153,6010,406+4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
60Godoy CruzARG 🇦🇷

ARG8,97353,3750,406-2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
61Rosario CentralARG 🇦🇷

ARG8,96253,3090,406-5CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
62BotafogoBRA 🇧🇷

BRA8,95353,2560,406-5CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
63Deportivo LaraVEN 🇻🇪

VEN7,94547,2600,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
64América MGBRA 🇧🇷

BRA7,73746,0230,406+3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
65Alianza LimaPER 🇵🇪

PER7,70545,8320,406CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
66UniónARG 🇦🇷

ARG7,42144,1430,406+2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
67Montevideo WanderersURU 🇺🇾

URU7,37943,8930,406+2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
68MillonariosCOL 🇨🇴

COL7,27843,2920,406-4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
69Independiente MedellínCOL 🇨🇴

COL7,27543,2740,406+1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
70Vasco da GamaBRA 🇧🇷

BRA6,38737,9920,406-4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
71River Plate MontevideoURU 🇺🇾

URU5,80634,5360,406+5CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
72PalestinoCHI 🇨🇱

CHI5,75934,2570,406-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
73ZuliaVEN 🇻🇪

VEN5,23331,1280,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
74Montevideo City TorqueURU 🇺🇾

URU5,10130,3430,406CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
75Arsenal de SarandíARG 🇦🇷

ARG4,97029,5630,406-2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
76Universidad de ChileCHI 🇨🇱

CHI4,70127,9630,406-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
77Independiente PetroleroBOL 🇧🇴

BOL4,59627,3390,406+9CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
78Guaireña F.C.PAR 🇵🇾

PAR4,51226,8390,406+9CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
79Everton de Viña del MarCHI 🇨🇱

CHI4,47926,6430,406+10CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
80Club Universitario de DeportesPER 🇵🇪

PER4,45826,8180,409-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
81BanfieldARG 🇦🇷

ARG4,31925,6910,406+7CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
82NacionalPAR 🇵🇾

PAR4,27225,4110,406CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
83River Plate AsunciónPAR 🇵🇾

PAR4,12924,5610,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
84Coquimbo UnidoCHI 🇨🇱

CHI4,12924,5610,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
85HuracánARG 🇦🇷

ARG4,12624,5430,406-7CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
86Real GarcilasoPER 🇵🇪

PER4,04324,0490,406-5CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
87HuachipatoCHI 🇨🇱

CHI3,90823,2460,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
88Newell's Old BoysARG 🇦🇷

ARG3,90623,2340,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
89Universidad de ConcepciónCHI 🇨🇱

CHI3,90523,2280,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
90Metropolitanos F.C.VEN 🇻🇪

VEN3,58721,3370,406+7CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
91Sport HuancayoPER 🇵🇪

PER3,44420,4860,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
92AntofagastaCHI 🇨🇱

CHI3,42720,3850,406+8CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
93Defensor SportingURU 🇺🇾

URU3,33219,8200,406-2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
94Estudiantes de MéridaVEN 🇻🇪

VEN3,11118,5050,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
95Deportivo La GuairaVEN 🇻🇪

VEN3,01317,9220,406+11CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
96RentistasURU 🇺🇾

URU2,98717,7680,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
97AucasECU 🇪🇨

ECU2,77916,5310,406-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
98ZamoraVEN 🇻🇪

VEN2,77916,5310,406-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
99San JoséBOL 🇧🇴

BOL2,76316,4350,406-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
100TigreARG 🇦🇷

ARG2,72216,1910,406-2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
101Sol de AméricaPAR 🇵🇾

PAR2,68115,9480,406+1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
102Oriente PetroleroBOL 🇧🇴

BOL2,67315,9000,406+8CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
10312 de Octubre FCPAR 🇵🇾

PAR2,62215,5970,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
104Liverpool MontevideoURU 🇺🇾

URU2,61715,5670,406-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
105MacaráECU 🇪🇨

ECU2,59915,4600,406-4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
106CuiabáBRA 🇧🇷

BRA2,50614,9070,406+5CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
107ChapecoenseBRA 🇧🇷

BRA2,40914,3300,406-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
108MonagasVEN 🇻🇪

VEN2,40514,3060,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
109BinacionalPER 🇵🇪

PER2,27513,5330,406-4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
110Club 9 de OctubreECU 🇪🇨

ECU2,18512,9970,406+7CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
111Royal PariBOL 🇧🇴

BOL2,17612,9440,406-2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
112FénixURU 🇺🇾

URU2,14812,7770,406-4CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
113General Caballero JLMPAR 🇵🇾

PAR2,09412,4560,406+6CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
114Unión EspañolaCHI 🇨🇱

CHI1,93911,5340,406-1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
115Guabirá BOL 🇧🇴

BOL1,93711,5220,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
116Deportivo CuencaECU 🇪🇨

ECU1,80910,7610,406-4CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
117Plaza ColoniaURU 🇺🇾

URU1,70610,1480,406+1CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
118El NacionalECU 🇪🇨

ECU1,5899,4520,406-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
119Ponte PretaBRA 🇧🇷

BRA1,5889,4460,406-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
120AyacuchoPER 🇵🇪

PER1,5849,4220,406+8CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
121Audax ItalianoCHI 🇨🇱

CHI1,5769,3750,406CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
122Cerro LargoURU 🇺🇾

URU1,4288,4940,406+2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
123GoiásBRA 🇧🇷

BRA1,4148,4110,406-3CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
124CerroURU 🇺🇾

URU1,3478,0120,406-2CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
125Sport RecifeBRA 🇧🇷

BRA1,3257,8820,406-2CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
126CoritibaBRA 🇧🇷

BRA1,2387,3640,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
127Nacional PotosíBOL 🇧🇴

BOL1,0576,2870,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
128Deportivo PastoCOL 🇨🇴

COL1,0446,2100,406-1CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
129Sportivo LuqueñoPAR 🇵🇾

PAR1,0116,0140,406CONMEBOL Southern Cone Countries
130AraguaVEN 🇻🇪

VEN0,9065,3890,406CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
131Mushuc RunaECU 🇪🇨

ECU0,8835,2520,406+7CONMEBOL North / Amazonia Zone
132Santa CruzBRA 🇧🇷