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The KA Continental Rankings are an integral part of the KA Global Ratings, determining the performance of football clubs based on their international match results, primarily from continental competitions. The rankings are established separately for every federation on each continent, resulting in six individual components that are then combined to contribute to both the KA Football Leagues Global Rating and the KA Football Club Global Rating.

The IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) is assigned to each club as the fundamental outcome of the continental club ranking. Similarly, the ICLP (Inter-Continental League Points) is assigned to a particular league as the primary result of the continental leagues ranking.

Both IC3 and ICLP rely upon the continental ranking points and consider the continent index (Power Index Federation) as an additional factor. 

The IC3 and ICLP collectively make up 50% of the global coefficient in the KA Football Club Global Rating or the KA Football Leagues Global Rating.

The global rankings incorporate additional factors, in addition to the inter-continental indexes. These factors concern the position of the club in the national league and the league’s rating value for club ranking, while AIF and NFRI factors are used for league ranking.

Find out additional information regarding global rankings and their coefficients on the global rating pages (leagues / clubs) or on the-KA Logs Menu Tab.

the KA Continental Rankings  are determined using the ELO method.

Details about the CPF procedure (the KA Continental Performance Factors – Elo Ranking) can be located at the bottom of the webpage (pdf file).

According to the ELO method, the points value of clubs and leagues is established by all official international matches played during continental or inter-continental competitions, which include the likes of the Champions League or other continental cups. Each continental ranking covers international matches organized or recognized by FIFA or its continental federations (confederations).


Intercontinental Competitions/Tournaments

FIFA Club World Cup  (cat. II)

Arab Club Champions Cup (cat. II)

UEFA–CONMEBOL Club Challenge (cat. II)

AFC Competitions/Tournaments

AFC Champions League (cat. I)

AFC Cup (cat. II)

CAF Competitions/Tournaments

CAF Champions League (cat. I)

CAF Confederation Cup (cat. II)

CAF Super Cup (cat. I)

African Football League (cat. III)

CONCACAF Competitions/Tournaments

CONCACAF Chanpions League (cat. I)

CONCACAF Central American Cup (cat. II)

CONCACAF Caribbean Cup (cat. II)

CONCACAF Caribbean Shield (cat. III)

Leagues Cup (cat. II)

Campeones Cup (cat. II)

CONMEBOL Competitions/Tournaments

COPA Libertadores (cat. I)

COPA Sudamericana (cat. II)

Recopa Sudamericana (cat. I)

OFC Competitions/Tournaments

OFC Champions League (cat. I)

UEFA Competitions/Tournaments

UEFA Champions League (cat. I)

UEFA Europa League (cat. II)

UEFA Europa Conference League (cat. III)

UEFA Super Cup (cat. I)

Livonia Cup (cat. IV)

AFC / Asia

AFC Champions League & AFC Club Competitions

CAF / Africa

CAF Champions League & CAF Club Competitions

CONCACAF / North & Central America

CONCACAF Champions League & CONCACAF Club Competitions

CONMEBOL / South America

Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana & Recopa Sudamericana

OFC / Oceania

OFC Champions League

UEFA / Europe

UEFA Champions League & European/UEFA Club Competitions

ELO Ranking - PDF

CPF procedure

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