3Q September 2022 CONCACAF Ranking

North & Central America – the KA Leagues & Club Rankings – September 2022

CONCACAF Champions League & North Central America Club Competitions

the KA Leagues & Club Rankings, set for September 20, 2022

the KA Leagues Ranking

3Q 2022 Performance ranking of CONCACAF leagues in international matches – derived ELO method

September 20, 2022
League (s)ClubsClubsPtsRPSex pos.diff.Zone/Region

30,2062 695,351America North
2United StatesUSA🇺🇸🇨🇦

25,5772 282,302America North

16,5221 474,303America Central and Caribbean
4Costa RicaCRC🇨🇷

9,023805,144America Central and Caribbean

6,677595,805America Central and Caribbean

4,930439,927+1America North

4,922439,206-1America Central and Caribbean
8El SalvadorSLV🇸🇻

3,124278,768America Central and Caribbean

2,896258,429America Central and Caribbean
10Dominican RepublicDOM🇩🇴

1,909170,3510America Central and Caribbean
11Puerto RicoPUR🇵🇷

1,676149,5512+1America Central and Caribbean

1,378122,9611-1America Central and Caribbean

1,181105,3813America Central and Caribbean

1,122100,1214America South

0,57251,0415America Central and Caribbean
16Trinidad and TobagoTRI🇹🇹

0,16214,4618+2America Central and Caribbean
17Turks and Caicos IslandsTCA🇹🇨

0,1109,8216-1America Central and Caribbean

0,0807,1419+1America Central and Caribbean

Club Ranking ↓

Meaning of the continental ranking versus global ranking
The continental ranking has a technical nature because it shows a position of a league or club only from the perspective of international cups like Champions League. If you want to find more accurate ranking with relation to actual football strength and quality you must look at the KA Football Leagues Global Rating or the KA Football Club Global Rating. The global leagues ranking consider also world-wide attraction and reputability of the league, as well as of the country of league. In the case of the global club ranking we can see difference to an even greater extent. The global club ranking refers since also to a position of a club in the domestic games, as well as takes into consideration a position of the league in the word. It means that clubs playing games in high rated leagues, but rarely participate in the continental competitions they also appear in that global ranking, sometimes on decent spots.
ELO CONCACAF – Leagues & Clubs Performance Rankings
Every club receives the points for match results according to the ELO method scheme.
The points are determined by the relative strength of the two opponents where the factor of an expected outcome is calculated and with using the factors related to completed match: importance match factor, the outcome factor and the difference goals factor.

Since the ELO Method become applied, all international matches arranged or recognized by FIFA or the continental federation are covered by rankings. For North & Central America, this includes CONCACAF Champions League, CONCACAF League, the Leagues Cup, Campeones Cup, Caribbean Club Championship, Caribbean Club Shield as well as the FIFA Club World Cup.
The new national and professional Canadian Premier League started to play in April 2019 and 8 clubs participate in it. Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps and CF Montréal play in the highest tier of American league system, in the Major League Soccer (MLS). Other clubs play at various levels of American leagues or Canadian regional leagues.
CONCACAF members who didn’t score points
Some of CONCACAF’s member countries do not provide professional nationwide leagues (mainly applies to non-FIFA members). Some clubs from these countries do not compete in any international competitions at all, and some compete only in the Caribbean Club Shield – second tier of the Caribbean Club Championship for non-professional leagues.

However, due to the adopted method of “depreciation” within the ELO procedure, according to which the value assigned to a club not participating in a given ranking period in any match is reduced based on a special algorithm – some clubs in a given edition of the ranking may not appear because their sum result may be negative. This also means that the value of some leagues (derived from clubs score) may be reduced to zero, and such leagues will not appear in the ranking, and it mostly touching mentioned non-professional leagues.
the Ranking Points, RPS and IC3
The Ranking Points are calculated according to the ELO Method. As regards of leagues these points are a derivative of the values obtained by clubs.

RPS (Relative Point Score) is the value that arises from that the ELO points obtained in the ranking are converted into the common formula used in the KA system, which allows you to compare values from different continental rankings and combine these values to determine global rankings. As regards of clubs the RPS not only takes into consideration the results of matches in continental competitions, but also takes into account the global Attraction and Impact Factor (AIF). Under the AIF procedure most influential clubs are selected, which had the biggest impact on results of last completed FIFA World Cup and continental championship of national teams. The influence of the AIF is not significant and, as a rule, it does not change the order of the ranking.

IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) is an indicator based on the continental ranking points, taking into account the index of the continent (Power Index Federation). The IC3 is 50 % of a weight of the club coefficient within the KA Football Club Global Rating. The IC3 is taking into consideration the AIF to a small extent, too.

Leagues Ranking ↑

the KA Club Ranking

3Q 2022 Performance ranking of CONCACAF clubs in international matches – ELO method

September 20, 2022
1Seattle Sounders FCUSA 🇺🇸

USA31,758573,1371,566CONCACAF North America
2MonterreyMEX 🇲🇽

MEX29,260528,1791,444CONCACAF North America
3AméricaMEX 🇲🇽

MEX28,276510,0301,392CONCACAF North America
4UANL TigresMEX 🇲🇽

MEX25,713464,1001,268CONCACAF North America
5Cruz AzulMEX 🇲🇽

MEX25,027451,9261,237CONCACAF North America
6SaprissaCRC 🇨🇷

CRC21,522388,5041,062CONCACAF Central America
7Olimpia TegucigalpaHON 🇭🇳

HON20,358367,4081,004CONCACAF Central America
8New York City FCUSA 🇺🇸

USA18,751338,5220,926+5CONCACAF North America
9Atlanta UnitedUSA 🇺🇸

USA18,086326,6270,894-1CONCACAF North America
10New York Red BullsUSA 🇺🇸

USA17,468315,0800,860-1CONCACAF North America
11LeónMEX 🇲🇽

MEX17,440315,2750,865-1CONCACAF North America
12F.C. MotaguaHON 🇭🇳

HON17,052307,9760,843+2CONCACAF Central America
13ComunicacionesGUA 🇬🇹

GUA15,811285,1920,778-2CONCACAF Central America
14Toronto FCCAN 🇨🇦

USA15,328276,7800,757-2CONCACAF North America
15Pumas UNAMMEX 🇲🇽

MEX14,929269,2830,735CONCACAF North America
16CF MontréalCAN 🇨🇦

USA13,175237,8450,650CONCACAF North America
17C.D. MarathónHON 🇭🇳

HON11,895214,5570,585CONCACAF Central America
18Santos LagunaMEX 🇲🇽

MEX11,302204,2600,560+1CONCACAF North America
19Philadelphia UnionUSA 🇺🇸

USA10,663192,7340,529-1CONCACAF North America
20AlianzaSLV 🇸🇻

SLV10,147183,2270,501+1CONCACAF Central America
21HeredianoCRC 🇨🇷

CRC10,108182,6240,500-1CONCACAF Central America
22Sporting Kansas CityUSA 🇺🇸

USA9,657174,1890,475CONCACAF North America
23Independiente de la ChorreraPAN 🇵🇦

PAN8,443152,2910,416CONCACAF Central America
24GuadalajaraMEX 🇲🇽

MEX8,361150,8120,411CONCACAF North America
25Houston DynamoUSA 🇺🇸

USA8,209148,3700,409CONCACAF North America
26TauroPAN 🇵🇦

PAN7,743139,6650,406+4CONCACAF Central America
27TijuanaMEX 🇲🇽

MEX7,621137,4640,406-1CONCACAF North America
28Portland TimbersUSA 🇺🇸

USA7,081128,0240,409-1CONCACAF North America
29Forge FCCAN 🇨🇦

CAN7,055127,2550,406+2CONCACAF North America
30Los Angeles FCUSA 🇺🇸

USA6,808123,0000,408-2CONCACAF North America
31Columbus Crew SCUSA 🇺🇸

USA6,799123,0370,410-2CONCACAF North America
32GuastatoyaGUA 🇬🇹

GUA6,717121,1580,406CONCACAF Central America
33AlajuelenseCRC 🇨🇷

CRC6,213112,3670,409+6CONCACAF Central America
34New England RevolutionUSA 🇺🇸

USA4,76086,1590,409-1CONCACAF North America
35Santos de GuápilesCRC 🇨🇷

CRC4,62083,3330,406+2CONCACAF Central America
36FC DallasUSA 🇺🇸

USA4,42279,7620,406-2CONCACAF North America
37Atlético PantojaDOM 🇩🇴

DOM3,90970,5090,406-1CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
38Colorado RapidsUSA 🇺🇸

USA3,77768,4280,409CONCACAF North America
39Real EspañaHON 🇭🇳

HON3,74567,5510,406+44CONCACAF Central America
40Real EstelíNCA 🇳🇮

NCA3,37760,9130,406-5CONCACAF Central America
41Portmore UnitedJAM 🇯🇲

JAM3,26658,9110,406-1CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
42AtlasMEX 🇲🇽

MEX3,01354,3470,406+54CONCACAF North America
43Santa TeclaSLV 🇸🇻

SLV2,99654,0410,406-2CONCACAF Central America
44TolucaMEX 🇲🇽

MEX2,85151,4250,406-2CONCACAF North America
45CibaoDOM 🇩🇴

DOM2,67348,2140,406-2CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
46Cavaly ASHAI 🇭🇹

HAI2,24140,4220,406-2CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
47Árabe UnidoPAN 🇵🇦

PAN1,96135,3720,406-2CONCACAF Central America
48PachucaMEX 🇲🇽

MEX1,91334,9060,410CONCACAF North America
49Orlando City SCUSA 🇺🇸

USA1,91234,8880,410-3CONCACAF North America
50AD San CarlosCRC 🇨🇷

CRC1,90634,3800,406-3CONCACAF Central America
51Pacific FCCAN 🇨🇦

CAN1,90234,3070,406+45CONCACAF North America
52VioletteHAI 🇭🇹

HAI1,88433,9830,406-3CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
53MunicipalGUA 🇬🇹

GUA1,67030,1230,406+32CONCACAF Central America
54Vancouver WhitecapsCAN 🇨🇦

USA1,55928,3210,408-3CONCACAF North America
55Los Angeles GalaxyUSA 🇺🇸

USA1,55728,4840,410-5CONCACAF North America
56Inter MoengotapoeSUR 🇸🇷

SUR1,49326,9300,406-2CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
57BayamónPUR 🇵🇷

PUR1,47826,6590,406CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
58Club Deportivo UniversitarioPAN 🇵🇦

PAN1,20221,6810,406-5CONCACAF Central America
59Sporting San MiguelitoPAN 🇵🇦

PAN1,16521,0140,406+37CONCACAF Central America
60Chicago FireUSA 🇺🇸

USA1,02918,5610,406-4CONCACAF North America
61Real Salt LakeUSA 🇺🇸

USA1,02418,4700,406-6CONCACAF North America
62Arcahaie FCHAI 🇭🇹

HAI0,99717,9830,406-4CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
63Diriangén FCNCA 🇳🇮

NCA0,95717,2620,406+27CONCACAF Central America
64AS GosierGLP 🇬🇵

GLP0,91316,4680,406-3CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
65WaterhouseJAM 🇯🇲

JAM0,90316,2880,406-13CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
66Antigua GuatemalaGUA 🇬🇹

GUA0,69512,5360,406-7CONCACAF Central America
67Don BoscoHAI 🇭🇹

HAI0,61411,0750,406-7CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
68Alianza PanamaPAN 🇵🇦

PAN0,59910,8040,406+28CONCACAF Central America

SLV0,4868,7660,406-7CONCACAF Central America
70Managua F.C.NCA 🇳🇮

NCA0,4848,7300,406-6CONCACAF Central America
71CentralTRI 🇹🇹

TRI0,4808,6580,406-8CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
72Honduras ProgresoHON 🇭🇳

HON0,4738,5320,406-7CONCACAF Central America
73Plaza AmadorPAN 🇵🇦

PAN0,4347,8280,406-6CONCACAF Central America
74O&M FCDOM 🇩🇴

DOM0,4007,2150,406-6CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
75Santa LucíaGUA 🇬🇹

GUA0,3105,5920,406-5CONCACAF Central America
76ÁguilaSLV 🇸🇻

SLV0,2925,2670,406-7CONCACAF Central America
77MalacatecoGUA 🇬🇹

GUA0,2785,0140,406+19CONCACAF Central America
78CartaginésCRC 🇨🇷

CRC0,2584,6540,406+18CONCACAF Central America
79San Francisco F.C. de La ChorreraPAN 🇵🇦

PAN0,2103,7880,406-8CONCACAF Central America
80Platense ZacatecolucaSLV 🇸🇻

SLV0,1793,2290,406+16CONCACAF Central America
81SWA Sharks FCTCA 🇹🇨

TCA0,1753,1570,406-9CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
82Golden Lion FCMTQ 🇲🇶

MTQ0,1282,3090,406-9CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
83Delfines del EsteDOM 🇩🇴

DOM0,0230,4150,406-8CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
84ScherpenheuvelCUW 🇨🇼

CUW0,0230,4150,406-10CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas
85CavalierJAM 🇯🇲

JAM0,0070,1260,406-9CONCACAF Caribbean and the Guianas


DateCountry / CompetitionSeason / Year
September 15, 2022Campeones Cup2022

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