1Q 2023 UEFA Ranking

Europe – the KA Leagues & Club Ranking – 1st quarter 2023.

UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League & UEFA Europa Conference League

the KA Leagues & Club Rankings, set for March 16, 2023

the KA Leagues Ranking

3Q 2023 Performance Ranking of European leagues in international matches – derived ELO method

March 16, 2023 (revised)
League (s)ClubsClubsPtsRPSex pos.diff.Zone/Region

60,8041 331,842+1Europe South

56,2721 232,571-1Europe - British Isles and Nordics

46,7761 024,574+1Europe South

37,170814,163-1Europe West

31,513690,255Europe South

24,013525,986Europe West

22,600495,037Europe West

13,667299,368Europe Central and East

13,398293,479Europe West

12,213267,5110Euro-Asian UEFA

11,551253,0112+1Europe Central and East

11,440250,5813+1Europe West

11,320247,9517+4Europe South

9,830215,3111-3Euro-Asian UEFA
15Czech RepublicCZE🇨🇿

9,719212,8814-1Europe Central and East

9,205201,6219+3Europe - British Isles and Nordics

8,994197,0015-2Europe South

8,606188,5016-2Euro-Asian UEFA

8,149178,4918-1Europe - British Isles and Nordics

7,007153,4820Europe South

5,073111,1221Europe Central and East

4,41896,7722Europe South

3,86184,5723Euro-Asian UEFA

3,83283,9428+4Europe Central and East

3,78982,9924-1Europe - British Isles and Nordics

3,63879,6925-1Euro-Asian UEFA

3,49776,6027Europe Central and East

3,16369,2826-2Europe - British Isles and Nordics

2,20148,2129Europe Central and East

2,10346,0630Europe Central and East

0,92620,2831Euro-Asian UEFA

0,88719,4332Europe South

0,74416,3033Europe - British Isles and Nordics

0,64114,0434Europe Central and East

0,51311,2435Euro-Asian UEFA

0,3647,9738+2Europe - British Isles and Nordics

0,3257,1242+5Europe West
38Republic of IrelandIRL🇮🇪🇬🇧

0,3166,9236-2Europe - British Isles and Nordics
39Bosnia and HerzegovinaBIH🇧🇦

0,3046,6640+1Europe South

0,2986,5341+1Europe South
41Faroe IslandsFRO🇫🇴

0,2204,8243+2Europe - British Isles and Nordics

0,2134,6745+3Europe South

0,1944,2537-6Europe Central and East

0,1904,1639-5Europe Central and East

0,1763,8644-1Europe Central and East

0,0891,9546Europe - British Isles and Nordics
47North MacedoniaMKD🇲🇰

0,0821,8049+2Europe South
48Northern IrelandNIR🇬🇧

0,0811,7747-1Europe - British Isles and Nordics

0,0711,5648-1Europe South

0,0330,7250Euro-Asian UEFA

0,0260,5751Europe South
52San MarinoSMR🇸🇲

0,0130,2953+1Europe South

0,0110,2452-1Europe South

0,0030,0754Europe South

Club Ranking ↓

ELO UEFA – International Matches Leagues & Clubs Performance Rankings
Every club receives the points for match outcomes according to the ELO method scheme. Points are determined by the relative strength of the two opponents where the factor of an expected outcome is calculated and with using the factors related to completed match: importance match factor, the outcome factor and the difference goals factor. Club points are used to make an order of the club ranking. Points for clubs are converted to leagues scores, in the next step.

Since the ELO Method become applied, all international matches arranged or recognized by FIFA or the continental federation are covered by rankings. For Europe, this includes mostly the Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, Super Cup as well as the FIFA Club World Cup.
Meaning of the continental ranking versus global ranking
The continental ranking has a technical nature because it shows a position of a league or club only from the perspective of international cups like Champions League. If you want to find more accurate ranking with relation to actual football strength and quality you must look at the KA Football Leagues Global Rating or the KA Football Club Global Rating. The global leagues ranking consider also world-wide attraction and reputability of the league, as well as of the country of league. In the case of the global club ranking we can see difference to an even greater extent. The global club ranking refers since also to a position of a club in the domestic games, as well as takes into consideration a position of the league in the word. It means that clubs playing games in high rated leagues, but rarely participate in the continental competitions they also appear in that global ranking, sometimes on decent spots.
Multinational Leagues
Some countries have more than one flag displayed. This means that clubs from other countries can participate in the league systems of these countries, although only those countries where foreign clubs are usually present in the first or second division are marked in this way.
Great Britain & Ireland
Parts of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a separate membership in UEFA / FIFA and have their own leagues. 

Despite the Welsh Premier League – Swansea City and Cardiff City play in the English Premier League or EFL Championship. Newport County is a professional club in Newport, South Wales. The team competes in EFL League Two, the fourth tier of the English football league system. Wrexham AFC based in Wrexham competes in the National League, the fifth tier of the English football league system. Other Welsh club Merthyr Town, currently playing in the Southern League – Premier South, in the seventh tier of the English system.

There are also other cases on the very lower level, when clubs form Wales, Scotland and England play in the leagues of the system belonging to other country in the UK. There are also some examples dealing with border issues e.g. the New Saints F.C. is a club representing Oswestry in England and at the same time Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain in Wales plays in Welsh Premier League.

Derry City F.C. based in Northern Ireland, plays in the league of Ireland Premier Division.

British Crown Dependencies: Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man have separate leagues and national teams and they are not member of UEFA / FIFA. Some of clubs from these countries participate in the lower divisions of English league system (Jersey Bulls F.C., Guernsey F.C., F.C. Isle of Man). The Priaulx League (Guernsey), the Jersey Football Combination (a league of Jersey) and the Isle of Man Football League are affiliated with the English FA, but they do not form a part of the English football league system. The Isle of Man is also a member of the FA, as county football assocciation. People born in the Isle of Man are eligible to play for official UK national teams.

Following British overseas territories have separate membership in FIFA and/or continental federations: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, and Turks & Caicos Islands.
France & Monaco
Monaco is not a member of UEFA/FIFA and does not have a professional league. AS Monaco FC plays in the French football league system.

Following French overseas territories have separate a membership in FIFA and/or continental federation: French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Martin and Tahiti (French Polynesia).
Following Dutch overseas territories have separate a membership in FIFA and/or CONCACAF: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.
Liechtenstein / Switzerland
Liechtenstein has a membership of UEFA/FIFA but all clubs in Liechtenstein play in the Swiss football league system. FC Büsingen is a German club based in the exclave of Büsingen that competes in the Swiss league system.
Spain & Andorra
FC Andorra is a club based in Encamp, Andorra. Although based in Andorra, they compete in the Spanish football league system (in lower divisions), not in the Andorran Primera Divisió.
The Faroe Islands, autonomous territory within Denmark are a full member of UEFA and FIFA. They have Faroe Islands Premier League and national team. Other autonomous territory Greenland has no international recognition (according to FIFA rules), but Football Association of Greenland is a member of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations.
the Ranking Points, RPS and IC3
Ranking points (ELO points) are calculated according to the ELO method. In terms of leagues, these points are derived from the values obtained by clubs.

The tables also show values labeled RPS and IC3.

RPS (Relative Point Score) is a value that results from the fact that the ELO points obtained in a ranking are converted according to the same formula used throughout the KA system, which allows values from different continental rankings to be compared and combined to determine global rankings.

IC3 (Inter-Continental Club Coefficient) is an indicator dedicated only for clubs and it is based on the continental ranking points, taking into account the index of the continent (Power Index Federation), as well as AIF value. It is very important indicator for the KA Football Club Global Rating.
UEFA Members
As a general principle the ranking includes all UEFA members, without Liechtenstein that does not provide league games (54).

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the KA Club Ranking

1Q 2023 Performance Ranking of European clubs in international matches – ELO method

March 16, 2023 (revised)
1FC Bayern MünchenGER 🇩🇪

GER77,7352,421UEFA Central Western Europe
2Real Madrid CFESP 🇪🇸

ESP74,8612,336+1UEFA Iberian Zone
3Manchester City FCENG 🇬🇧

ENG72,8302,282+1UEFA British Isles
4Liverpool FCENG 🇬🇧

ENG70,2712,189-2UEFA British Isles
5Chelsea FCENG 🇬🇧

ENG65,5992,052UEFA British Isles
6FC BarcelonaESP 🇪🇸

ESP56,5111,768+1UEFA Iberian Zone
7Paris Saint-GermainFRA 🇫🇷

FRA56,3511,766-1UEFA Western Continental Europe
8SL BenficaPOR 🇵🇹

POR51,8101,611+3UEFA Iberian Zone
9Manchester United FCENG 🇬🇧

ENG51,4501,612+1UEFA British Isles
10JuventusITA 🇮🇹

ITA49,9501,568-1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
11RB LeipzigGER 🇩🇪

GER48,2721,502+1UEFA Central Western Europe
12FC PortoPOR 🇵🇹

POR48,2151,496-4UEFA Iberian Zone
13Borussia DortmundGER 🇩🇪

GER47,0601,470+2UEFA Central Western Europe
14Club Atlético de MadridESP 🇪🇸

ESP46,8011,470-1UEFA Iberian Zone
15SSC NapoliITA 🇮🇹

ITA45,4171,414+1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
16TottenhamENG 🇬🇧

ENG44,3581,391-2UEFA British Isles
17AS RomaITA 🇮🇹

ITA43,4851,348UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
18Sevilla FCESP 🇪🇸

ESP40,5201,267UEFA Iberian Zone
19FC Internazionale MilanoITA 🇮🇹

ITA40,0131,253+1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
20Villarreal CFESP 🇪🇸

ESP38,3141,190-1UEFA Iberian Zone
21AFC AjaxNED 🇳🇱

NED35,6051,112UEFA Western Continental Europe
22RB SalzburgAUT 🇦🇹

AUT34,8321,079+2UEFA Central Europe
23AC MilanITA 🇮🇹

ITA34,0401,062+3UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
24FC Shakhtar DonetskUKR 🇺🇦

UKR33,2081,028-1UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
25Atalanta BCITA 🇮🇹

ITA31,1020,974-3UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
26Dinamo ZagrebCRO 🇭🇷

CRO29,8090,926+1UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
27Club BruggeBEL 🇧🇪

BEL29,3360,911-2UEFA Western Continental Europe
28Bayer 04 LeverkusenGER 🇩🇪

GER28,2080,881+2UEFA Central Western Europe
29Sporting Clube de PortugalPOR 🇵🇹

POR27,9910,868+2UEFA Iberian Zone
30SS LazioITA 🇮🇹

ITA27,6010,856-1UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
31Olympique LyonnaisFRA 🇫🇷

FRA25,7380,803-3UEFA Western Continental Europe
32FK Crvena ZvezdaSRB 🇷🇸

SRB24,1750,746UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
33SK Slavia PrahaCZE 🇨🇿

CZE24,0280,745+1UEFA Central Europe
34PSV EindhovenNED 🇳🇱

NED23,9580,746+7UEFA Western Continental Europe
35Arsenal FCENG 🇬🇧

ENG23,0910,725-2UEFA British Isles
36Eintracht FrankfurtGER 🇩🇪

GER22,2360,696-1UEFA Central Western Europe
37BSC Young BoysSUI 🇨🇭

SUI21,7070,672-1UEFA Central Western Europe
38FC Basel 1893SUI 🇨🇭

SUI21,6840,669+2UEFA Central Western Europe
39FC KøbenhavnDEN 🇩🇰

DEN21,3880,664-1UEFA Nordic Zone
40SC BragaPOR 🇵🇹

POR20,8290,643-3UEFA Iberian Zone
41AZ AlkmaarNED 🇳🇱

NED19,0160,633+5UEFA Western Continental Europe
42Olympique de MarseilleFRA 🇫🇷

FRA18,7690,629+1UEFA Western Continental Europe
43Celtic FCSCO 🇬🇧

SCO18,6610,622-1UEFA British Isles
44ZenitRUS 🇷🇺

RUS18,5860,615-5UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
45FeyenoordNED 🇳🇱

NED18,3440,607+5UEFA Western Continental Europe
46Rangers FCSCO 🇬🇧

SCO17,8780,602-2UEFA British Isles
47Real Sociedad de FútbolESP 🇪🇸

ESP17,0630,591-2UEFA Iberian Zone
48Viktoria PlzeňCZE 🇨🇿

CZE16,5100,584-1UEFA Central Europe
49RennesFRA 🇫🇷

FRA15,7310,585+4UEFA Western Continental Europe
50FC Dynamo KyivUKR 🇺🇦

UKR15,3120,575-1UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
51Olympiacos FCGRE 🇬🇷

GRE15,1930,568UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
52Fenerbahçe SKTUR 🇹🇷

TUR15,1500,559+22UEFA Asian Middle East
53FC SheriffMDA 🇲🇩

MDA14,7910,551-5UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
54Real Betis BalompiéESP 🇪🇸

ESP13,7160,554+2UEFA Iberian Zone
55Maccabi Tel-Aviv FCISR 🇮🇱

ISR13,4560,537-1UEFA Asian Middle East
56AS Monaco FCMON 🇲🇨

FRA13,2680,540+6UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
57West Ham United FCENG 🇬🇧

ENG13,1930,534+3UEFA British Isles
58FC MidtjyllandDEN 🇩🇰

DEN12,8010,517+15UEFA Nordic Zone
59Qarabağ FKAZE 🇦🇿

AZE12,4510,511+7UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
60PFC Ludogorets 1945BUL 🇧🇬

BUL12,4010,504-2UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
61Lokomotiv MoskvaRUS 🇷🇺

RUS12,3320,497-9UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
62KAA GentBEL 🇧🇪

BEL11,6630,493+6UEFA Western Continental Europe
63LOSC LilleFRA 🇫🇷

FRA11,5520,488-8UEFA Western Continental Europe
64Leicester City FCENG 🇬🇧

ENG11,3670,488-5UEFA British Isles
65FK PartizanSRB 🇷🇸

SRB10,9410,470+7UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
66CFR 1907 ClujROU 🇷🇴

ROU10,9140,464+14UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
67Ferencvárosi TCHUN 🇭🇺

HUN10,9090,460+8UEFA Central Europe
68SK Rapid WienAUT 🇦🇹

AUT10,7240,450-1UEFA Central Europe

GRE10,7180,446-6UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
70LASK LinzAUT 🇦🇹

AUT10,7160,437-13UEFA Central Europe
71RSC AnderlechtBEL 🇧🇪

BEL10,7080,432+21UEFA Western Continental Europe
72Maccabi Haifa FCISR 🇮🇱

ISR10,5610,423-8UEFA Asian Middle East
73Malmö FFSWE 🇸🇪

SWE10,4660,417-3UEFA Nordic Zone
74Valencia CFESP 🇪🇸

ESP9,9250,416-13UEFA Iberian Zone
75İstanbul BaşakşehirTUR 🇹🇷

TUR9,7760,410-4UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
76Beşiktaş JKTUR 🇹🇷

TUR9,6350,415-11UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
77Galatasaray AŞTUR 🇹🇷

TUR9,1020,414-8UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
78ACF FiorentinaITA 🇮🇹

ITA8,9890,419+23UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
79CSKA MoskvaRUS 🇷🇺

RUS7,7900,410-3UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
80TSG 1899 HoffenheimGER 🇩🇪

GER7,2520,416-3UEFA Central Western Europe
81Molde FKNOR 🇳🇴

NOR6,9840,410+3UEFA Nordic Zone
82Borussia MönchengladbachGER 🇩🇪

GER6,9250,422-4UEFA Central Western Europe
83Spartak MoskvaRUS 🇷🇺

RUS6,8850,413-4UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
84Royal Antwerp F.C.BEL 🇧🇪

BEL6,4560,412-1UEFA Western Continental Europe
85Union St. GilloiseBEL 🇧🇪

BEL6,1430,410+14UEFA Western Continental Europe
86ŠK Slovan BratislavaSVK 🇸🇰

SVK6,0980,410+5UEFA Central Europe
87NantesFRA 🇫🇷

FRA5,9600,412+29UEFA Western Continental Europe
88Union BerlinGER 🇩🇪

GER5,8190,412+9UEFA Central Western Europe
89Hapoel Beer-Sheva FCISR 🇮🇱

ISR5,7690,410-3UEFA Asian Middle East
90Lech PoznańPOL 🇵🇱

POL5,5470,410+18UEFA Central Europe
91AEK Larnaca FCCYP 🇨🇾

CYP5,4310,410+21UEFA Asian Middle East
92VfL WolfsburgGER 🇩🇪

GER5,0350,416-11UEFA Central Western Europe

CYP5,0020,410-6UEFA Asian Middle East
94KRC GenkBEL 🇧🇪

BEL4,9700,416-12UEFA Western Continental Europe
95FK Bodø/GlimtNOR 🇳🇴

NOR4,7060,410-2UEFA Nordic Zone
96OGC NiceFRA 🇫🇷

FRA4,3950,413+10UEFA Western Continental Europe
97SC FreiburgGER 🇩🇪

GER4,1600,413+8UEFA Central Western Europe
98AC OmoniaCYP 🇨🇾

CYP4,0520,412-2UEFA Asian Middle East
99FC Zorya LuhanskUKR 🇺🇦

UKR3,5400,410-9UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
100Schalke 04GER 🇩🇪

GER3,4270,413-15UEFA Central Western Europe
101Apollon Limassol FCCYP 🇨🇾

CYP3,2080,410+3UEFA Asian Middle East
102FC KrasnodarRUS 🇷🇺

RUS3,0300,413-14UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
103VitesseNED 🇳🇱

NED3,0190,410-14UEFA Western Continental Europe
104CSKA SofiaBUL 🇧🇬

BUL2,8910,410-2UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
105SK Sturm GrazAUT 🇦🇹

AUT2,7850,410+2UEFA Central Europe
106Trabzonspor AŞTUR 🇹🇷

TUR2,7270,410+7UEFA Asian Middle East
107Djurgårdens IFSWE 🇸🇪

SWE2,5830,410-9UEFA Nordic Zone
108FC AstanaKAZ 🇰🇿

KAZ2,5340,410-13UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
109SivassporTUR 🇹🇷

TUR2,5290,410+8UEFA Asian Middle East
110NK MariborSVN 🇸🇮

SVN2,4900,410UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
111FC ZürichSUI 🇨🇭

SUI1,9530,410+9UEFA Central Western Europe
112AEK Athens FCGRE 🇬🇷

GRE1,9480,413-18UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
113MOL Fehérvár FCHUN 🇭🇺

HUN1,7050,410+5UEFA Central Europe
114Wolfsberger ACAUT 🇦🇹

AUT1,7040,410-5UEFA Central Europe

ROU1,7010,410+9UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
116Sparta PrahaCZE 🇨🇿

CZE1,6110,410-13UEFA Central Europe
117Žalgiris VilniusLTU 🇱🇹

LTU1,4580,410+10UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
118HJK HelsinkiFIN 🇫🇮

FIN1,4270,410+11UEFA Nordic Zone
1191. FC KölnGER 🇩🇪

GER1,3710,410+6UEFA Central Western Europe
120R. Standard de LiègeBEL 🇧🇪

BEL1,2880,413-20UEFA Western Continental Europe
121Silkeborg IFDEN 🇩🇰

DEN1,2240,410+9UEFA Nordic Zone
122PyunikARM 🇦🇲

ARM1,1430,410+12UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
123S.C. Dnipro-1UKR 🇺🇦

UKR1,1240,410+5UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
124Víkingur ReykjavíkISL 🇮🇸

ISL1,0320,410+8UEFA Nordic Zone
125HNK RijekaCRO 🇭🇷

CRO1,0250,410-11UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
126Raków CzęstochowaPOL 🇵🇱

POL0,9670,410+5UEFA Central Europe
127Zrinjski MostarBIH 🇧🇦

BIH0,8520,410+9UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
128Vitória SCPOR 🇵🇹

POR0,8250,410-2UEFA Iberian Zone
129SlováckoCZE 🇨🇿

CZE0,8160,410+14UEFA Central Europe
130F91 DudelangeLUX 🇱🇺

LUX0,7750,410+9UEFA Western Continental Europe
131Shamrock Rovers FCIRL 🇮🇪

IRL0,7190,410+17UEFA British Isles
132Legia WarszawaPOL 🇵🇱

POL0,6810,412-21UEFA Central Europe
133BallkaniKVX 🇽🇰

KVX0,6410,410+20UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
134FC BATE BorisovBLR 🇧🇾

BLR0,6400,410-11UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
135Universitatea CraiovaROU 🇷🇴

ROU0,6330,410+5UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
136Rosenborg BKNOR 🇳🇴

NOR0,5110,410-21UEFA Nordic Zone
137Flora TallinnEST 🇪🇪

EST0,5100,410+5UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
138Ħamrun SpartansMLT 🇲🇹

MLT0,5100,410+17UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
139Riga FCLVA 🇱🇻

LVA0,4990,410+10UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
140MuraSVN 🇸🇮

SVN0,4960,410-3UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
141Brøndby IFDEN 🇩🇰

DEN0,4930,410-3UEFA Nordic Zone
142KÍ KlaksvíkFRO 🇫🇴

FRO0,4920,410+8UEFA Nordic Zone
143FC VaduzLIE 🇱🇮

SUI0,4440,410+18UEFA Central Western Europe
144WolverhamptonENG 🇬🇧

ENG0,4240,420-25UEFA British Isles
145Viborg FFDEN 🇩🇰

DEN0,3950,410+11UEFA Nordic Zone
146FC Spartak TrnavaSVK 🇸🇰

SVK0,3950,410-1UEFA Central Europe
147FC TwenteNED 🇳🇱

NED0,3890,410-1UEFA Western Continental Europe
148DAC Dunajská StredaSVK 🇸🇰

SVK0,3670,410+10UEFA Central Europe
149Gil VicentePOR 🇵🇹

POR0,3630,410-2UEFA Iberian Zone
150VikingNOR 🇳🇴

NOR0,3380,410+10UEFA Nordic Zone
151GranadaESP 🇪🇸

ESP0,3350,410-30UEFA Iberian Zone
152FK JablonecCZE 🇨🇿

CZE0,3300,410-30UEFA Central Europe
153KonyasporTUR 🇹🇷

TUR0,3260,410-1UEFA Asian Middle East
154Tobyl FKKAZ 🇰🇿

KAZ0,3130,410+8UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
155KuPSFIN 🇫🇮

FIN0,3070,410+8UEFA Nordic Zone
156Hajduk SplitCRO 🇭🇷

CRO0,2650,410+1UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
157Sligo Rovers FCIRL 🇮🇪

IRL0,2450,410+9UEFA British Isles
158FC Kairat AlmatyKAZ 🇰🇿

KAZ0,2370,410-14UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
159Heart of Midlothian FCSCO 🇬🇧

SCO0,2270,412+12UEFA British Isles
160ShkëndijaMKD 🇲🇰

MKD0,1860,410+12UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
161FC LuganoSUI 🇨🇭

SUI0,1780,410-10UEFA Central Western Europe
162Kisvárda FCHUN 🇭🇺

HUN0,1760,410+2UEFA Central Europe
163ArisCYP 🇨🇾

CYP0,1660,411+2UEFA Asian Middle East
164The New Saints FCWAL 🇬🇧

WAL0,1510,410+3UEFA British Isles
165Levski SofiaBUL 🇧🇬

BUL0,1500,410+3UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
166Neftçi PFKAZE 🇦🇿

AZE0,1260,410+4UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
167KyzylzharKAZ 🇰🇿

KAZ0,1240,410+6UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
168Lincoln FCGIB 🇬🇮

GIB0,1200,410+6UEFA Iberian Zone
169FK Austria WienAUT 🇦🇹

AUT0,1190,410+17UEFA Central Europe
170Linfield FCNIR 🇬🇧

NIR0,1180,410+17UEFA British Isles
171GetafeESP 🇪🇸

ESP0,1110,410-38UEFA Iberian Zone
172Saint Patrick's AthleticIRL 🇮🇪

IRL0,1080,410+3UEFA British Isles
173EspanyolESP 🇪🇸

ESP0,0970,410-38UEFA Iberian Zone
174Petrocub HînceștiMDA 🇲🇩

MDA0,0950,410+14UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
175RFSLVA 🇱🇻

LVA0,0870,410+22UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
176AIKSWE 🇸🇪

SWE0,0740,410+19UEFA Nordic Zone
177NK Olimpija LjubljanaSVN 🇸🇮

SVN0,0740,410+3UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
178Crusaders FCNIR 🇬🇧

NIR0,0700,410+6UEFA British Isles
179Gżira UnitedMLT 🇲🇹

MLT0,0660,410+17UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
180Lechia GdańskPOL 🇵🇱

POL0,0650,410+5UEFA Central Europe
181Athletic ClubESP 🇪🇸

ESP0,0550,412-40UEFA Iberian Zone
182Budućnost PodgoricaMNE 🇲🇪

MNE0,0550,410+8UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
183Saburtalo TbilisiGEO 🇬🇪

GEO0,0540,410+8UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
184Lillestrøm SK NOR 🇳🇴

NOR0,0530,410+8UEFA Nordic Zone
185Alashkert FCARM 🇦🇲

ARM0,0530,410-9UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
186DritaKVX 🇽🇰

KVX0,0520,410+7UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
187Hibernians FCMLT 🇲🇹

MLT0,0480,410+12UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
188NK OsijekCRO 🇭🇷

CRO0,0440,410-10UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
189Dundee United FCSCO 🇬🇧

SCO0,0350,410-8UEFA British Isles
190SūduvaLTU 🇱🇹

LTU0,0350,410-8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
191Aris SalonikiGRE 🇬🇷

GRE0,0340,410-8UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
192BreiðablikISL 🇮🇸

ISL0,0330,410+17UEFA Nordic Zone
193Paide LinnameeskondEST 🇪🇪

EST0,0280,410+24UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
194Shakhtyor SoligorskBLR 🇧🇾

BLR0,0260,410+8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
195Tuzla CityBIH 🇧🇦

BIH0,0240,410+8UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
196Dundalk FCIRL 🇮🇪

IRL0,0230,410-42UEFA British Isles
197FK LiepājaLVA 🇱🇻

LVA0,0230,410+8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
198Sepsi OSKROU 🇷🇴

ROU0,0220,410+8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
199Dinamo BatumiGEO 🇬🇪

GEO0,0220,410+12UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
200Tre FioriSMR 🇸🇲

SMR0,0220,410+10UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
201B36 TórshavnFRO 🇫🇴

FRO0,0200,410+18UEFA Nordic Zone
202Inter Club d'EscaldesAND 🇦🇩

AND0,0190,410+13UEFA Iberian Zone
203Borac Banja LukaBIH 🇧🇦

BIH0,0160,410-5UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
204Maccabi Netanya FCISR 🇮🇱

ISR0,0140,410-3UEFA Asian Middle East
205Levadia TallinnEST 🇪🇪

EST0,0140,410+8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
206Anorthosis Famagusta FCCYP 🇨🇾

CYP0,0120,410-47UEFA Asian Middle East
207Zirä FKAZE 🇦🇿

AZE0,0110,410-3UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
208FK ČukaričkiSRB 🇷🇸

SRB0,0100,410+13UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
209Botev PlovdivBUL 🇧🇬

BUL0,0100,410+3UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
210Gabala SCAZE 🇦🇿

AZE0,0100,410-3UEFA Central / North Asia and Caucasia
211FC KoperSVN 🇸🇮

SVN0,0100,410-3UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
212FC Vorskla PoltavaUKR 🇺🇦

UKR0,0090,410+2UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
213Milsami OrheiMDA 🇲🇩

MDA0,0070,410+10UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
214Sutjeska NikšićMNE 🇲🇪

MNE0,0060,410+13UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
215Dinamo MinskBLR 🇧🇾

BLR0,0050,410+14UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics
216Makedonija Gjorče PetrovMKD 🇲🇰

MKD0,0040,410+8UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
217Panathinaikos FCGRE 🇬🇷

GRE0,0030,410+11UEFA Central / East Mediterranean Europe
218KR ReykjavíkISL 🇮🇸

ISL0,0030,410+8UEFA Nordic Zone
219VllazniaALB 🇦🇱

ALB0,0030,410+6UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
220LaçiALB 🇦🇱

ALB0,0030,410+11UEFA South Slavic / Balkan Zone
221Puskás AkadémiaHUN 🇭🇺

HUN0,0020,410+9UEFA Central Europe
222Pogoń SzczecinPOL 🇵🇱

POL0,0020,410+12UEFA Central Europe
223Randers FCDEN 🇩🇰

DEN0,0010,410-54UEFA Nordic Zone
224FK GomelBLR 🇧🇾

BLR0,0010,410+8UEFA Eastern Europe and the Baltics

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